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By Sean Greene Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 3:53pm
VIDEO: Sean Greene speaks with Cape Henlopen's Evelyn Shoop
A move to the beach is working out for one of Delaware's top lacrosse athletes in this week's Delaware SportsZone High School Athlete of the Week.

Evelyn Shoop's Severna Park-based family already spent their summers in Dewey Beach, but a professional move caused them to become full-time Delaware residents, meaning Shoop would be transferring to Cape Henlopen.

Transferring high schools midway through the journey could be difficult, but Shoop said its been the exact opposite.

"First, there was pressure, but the girls worked so hard to let me settle in, and they were so welcoming. Within a day, the pressure was all off."

Just a junior, Shoop has already committed to play lacrosse for second-ranked Florida. She said she chose the Gators because of their biology program, and a possible connection to veterinary science.

"I was like, 'Wow, this is really interesting.' It's crazy that I know what's going on in my body, I can help animals. It just felt like the perfect thing to do."

Speaking of perfect things to do, while the ocean water in Dewey is cooler than she's used to in the summer, Shoop said she felt right at home on the coast.

"I just feel so much happier when I'm walking on the beach."

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