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St. E's Pattons are "WDEL HS Athletes of the Week"

By Sean Greene Tuesday, August 25, 1012 - 5:03am
Video Feature on Andre & Eric Patton
St. Elizabeth football brothers Eric and Andre Patton are this week's WDEL High School Athletes of the Week.

Both Patton brothers scored touchdowns in St. E's 35-0 shutout of Archmere in the Division II championship game Friday Night.

Despite the lopsided result, the game was only 7-0 at halftime, and Eric said he was vocal in the locker room.

"Usually during halftime I don't say anything, but I was hyped and getting everyone into it and telling them it's over and we can do it."

Both brothers play offense and defense, in fact Eric scored his touchdown on an interception return, which meant more to Andre, the 35, or the 0?

"I take more pride in the zero because it shows how much our defense has improved through the season."

Eric and Andre say they've won three sports championships while playing on the same team. I asked Eric what the advantage is having a sibling on the field with him.

"That brother-brother relationship. We always know what we're going to do. It's just that much better playing alongside your brother, and your other brothers."

Brothers can be helpful, but they can also be rivals. Younger brother Andre says Eric does pick on him at times.

"He always tries to outmuscle me even though he can't. We all know that. He always tries to bully me, and I don't take that very lightly."

Both will return next season to help defend the state title. Eric will be a senior, while Andre will have junior status.

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