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Sanford's Duan named "WDEL HS Athlete of the Week"

By Sean Greene Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 11:03pm
Video Interview with Cindy Duan
Sanford tennis player Cindy Duan is this week's WDEL High School Athlete of the Week.

Cindy is marching her way to the state tournament, where she hopes to become the first girls' tennis player in Delaware to win 5 state championships. Duan talked about how her game has changed during her high school career.

"When I was in 8th grade I was definitely not as strong, a little weaker. I had to play a much more defensive game. Over the years I've definitely become a little bit more aggressive, and taking the shots in my control."

Duan has lost a total of 15 games in 12 sets so far this season as the No. 1 singles player for the Warriors. Just what is keeping her motivated?

"It's my last year and I really want to do my best to give my best effort so that the team can pull it off (win a state title) this year."

Cindy is a quick learner, she didn't pick up tennis until she was 11, and even then the decision to play was more of a compromise with her piano teacher.

"I was playing basketball at the time, and she didn't want me to jam my finger, so she wanted me to pick up a different sport. We found tennis and stuck with it ever since."
While tennis and piano might might not seem similar, Cindy says she talks some parts of piano training onto the court.

"Piano if you mess once you can't go back and fix it. I think both of them (bring) a good mental challenge."

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