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Charter's Binder - WDEL Male HS Athlete of the Week

By Sean Greene Thursday, November 3, 2011 - 5:42pm
VIDEO: Profile of Zach Binder
Wilmington Charter cross country runner Zach Binder is this week's WDEL Male High School Athlete of the Week.

Zach narrowly edged 3 teammates to win last week's Blue Hen Conference Championship. He says it was great to pull out a victory.

"It definitely felt good. We grouped up as a team pretty well. It was a matter of who had anything left in the end."

Zach credits his teammates for helping his 5K times decrease as the big meets approach.

"You only race once a week. It's the other 5 days that you're getting pushed by your teammates that makes the difference."

Zach says his running career ended when he realized another sport wasn't for him.

"I did soccer until 8th grade. I noticed I wasn't as good at kicking as I was at running, so I eventually switched over and loved it."

Training runs can take a long time, but Zach says he refuses to use an IPod on the trails.

"When you're trying to go fast and focus it gets in the way. I do a lot of runs at state parks and it's kind of nice to get away from everything and enjoy quiet.

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