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Mt. Pleasant's Coopers - WDEL Female HS Athletes of the Week

By Sean Greene Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 11:22pm
VIDEO: Profile of Tia & Tyra Cooper
Mount Pleasant sprinters Tia and Tyra Cooper are this week's WDEL Female High School Athletes of the Week.

Tia won the 55 meters, and Tyra the 200 and 400 at the Delaware High School Invitational at UD's Field House Sunday.

The sisters, starting with Tyra, said their tight duel in the 400 makes them both better.

Tyra: When I just nipped her at the line, I was thinking ' Tia what are you doing here?'

Tia: I usually win the 400. It's fun when we can see what we can do.

Tyra says their running careers began at age 5, when they followed their mom to the local track.

"Tia and I were just running around the track alot. My mom recognized it and realized she needed to get us into track. The next thing you knew we were in our first track meet and it took off from there."

The sisters are going to run at Hampton University next year, and Tia says it's easier to race with her sister alongside.

"She gives me the encouragement to run. She helps me out and I feel comfortable that she's there with me so we can push each other through the race."

But Tyra responds that sometimes it is better when her sibling rival isn't in the same race.

"I think I depend too much on her when I run. When we go to kick I look at her to push me to kick. I think I run better when I'm on my own."

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