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Thirsty Thursday at 3:33 ver 01.07.10

Rick's Beer-Lovin' Foamy Friends included Laurie, Frank, listener Mike and listener Carol who stopped by to share some beers.
Special Guest listener Mike Eller educated us about the Kirkland Brand of beers. It's the Costco store brand brewed by the New Yorker Brewing Co. in Utica, NY, which is really the Saranac Brewery, which does brew some pretty tasty beers.
Overall everyone pretty much agreed that the Hefeweisen was a bit too watery yet aromas of light citrus and a smooth finish that left no discernable aftertaste. It's like some sort of smoother-than-normal lager... okay, watery lager. Not bad for a hot summer afternoon. At $18 a case and still better than Bud, Miller, Natty Lite, etc.
Kirkland German Style Lager. Weak, though the hops aroma is so full we wonder if they're using real whole flower hops instead of pellets. It pours a golden amber color and isn't "bad." Nothing really special because, again, this beer seems a bit watery. Light mouthfeel.
Amber Ale: Here we go! A little more heft & gravity in this amber and... yes! We all tasted malt! Here's a beer we all enjoyed, at least by comparison.
None of these beers offered exceptional notes or flavors.
Saranac brews some really good beers. If you can buy 'em for $18 a case or less, try them. Rick prefers the Black Forest black Bavarian beer, Adirondack Lager (more flavor) and Brown Ale.
Listener Carol stopped by with a New Year gift of.... BEER! We'll taste those Next Week!
"Stay thirsty, my friend," said the hairy Dos Equiis dude.

Posted at 4:42pm on January 7, 2010 by Rick Jensen

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