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Great Radio Hobbyists' Conference March 5th--6th about an hour from here!

If you have a special fascination for any aspect of radio as a hobby (shortwave, A.M. medium-wave, F.M., and TV DX'ing; scanning; pirates; global satellite TV; Q.S.L. collecting; to a lesser extent, amateur and C.B. radio) - or perhaps you'd like to revive memories of listening to the classic shortwave stations of the past - check out this link for the Winter SWL Fest in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, the first weekend of March...


Radio hobby enthusiasts drive and fly in from all over the United States and Canada; some even fly in from Latin America, Europe, and Japan. But from most of northern Delaware, you're talking about a drive of one hour and a few minutes.

Register now and save a few bucks. Reduced costs if you do without the meals. If you don't care to drive in both mornings, you can also stay up there.

We always see a few other folks from Delaware. It's a relaxing weekend.


Now to the future of international broadcasting on shortwave:

One of my favorite international stations - Radio Prague - managed to avoid a cut-off of its shortwave broadcasting, at least for 2010. Longtime listeners bombarded the station with letters and emails noting the utility and convenience of shortwave.

Ironically, Radio Prague in January put together an in-depth report on international broadcasting...


Posted at 2:39pm on February 2, 2010 by Allan Loudell

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Tue, Feb 2, 2010 5:44pm
This is very interesting information here. I wish I had found this first before I signed up for the other one. This is much better!

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