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Invasion of Red Admiral butterflies; U.S. Postal Service to issue 64-cent Monarch stamp

The dramatically colored, medium-sized, Red Admiral butterflies are prone to population explosions, migrating north in great numbers.

2010 is turning out to be one of those years.

Driving Saturday on Route 40 across New Castle and Cecil counties, I observed literally dozens - if not hundreds - of Red Admirals flying across the highway.

(At rest, Red Admirals cannot be confused with any other butterfly: Dark brown, red & black above. A complicated & cryptic brown below, but with patriotic red, white & blue in the upper corner! In flight, their rapid, erratic, kamikaze-like movement is diagnostic.)

Sunday, driving through south Jersey, I again saw dozens of Red Admirals. They were the dominant butterfly on one sandy road in northern Cape May County; Red-banded Hairstreaks came in second.


I have yet to see a Monarch butterfly this year, but the U.S. Postal Service today is issuing a 64-cent Monarch stamp intended for over-sized & odd-sized cards and other mailings.

In fact, many manufacturers of greetings cards will print a silhouette image of a butterfly on any over-sized envelopes. The idea: People will eventually learn the new butterfly stamp - or equivalent postage - is needed to send that over-sized card.

A downstate Delawarean is credited with the design, but he values his privacy and declines requests for interviews.

Posted at 7:18am on May 17, 2010 by Allan Loudell

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Mike Young
Sun, May 30, 2010 7:20am

The arrival of table games in Delaware has created great consternation and despair for enthusiasts of the ECLECTIC HOBBY of Poker.

Lack of education has led to the common misconception that poker is "gambling" and that poker players somehow enjoy gambling with their hard-earned money. In truth, the vast majority of poker players enjoy PLAYING THE GAME, the same way that people enjoy playing checkers, Scrabble or backgammon ---and the idea of risking money is completely anathema.

In places like Atlanta, there are hundreds of FREE poker games played in bars seven days a week. Poker enthusiasts play for the love of the game, cultivating friendships, and challenging their minds intellectually. No money is won or lost in free bar poker.

Unfortunately, in Delaware, we see the growing infestation of gambling, poisoning the pure game of poker and reinforcing ugly stereotypes that connect poker to gambling.

Governor Jack (Jack the Spender) and other spineless politicians see gambling as a quick, easy fix to support their addictions to spending. Thus, we saw the addition of table games (including poker) at Harrington Raceway this week, with Dover Downs and Delaware Park soon to follow.

Other than exploiting poor people to balance the budget, feeding the gambling and substance abuse addictions of the most vulnerable Delawareans, Jack The Spender is also put a dagger into the heart of Delaware charities.

Until now, the only legal cash poker games in Delaware benefited Delaware charities. The games at the Poker Room on Limestone Road, Dover, Milford and Rehoboth raised money for valuable charities like the Veterans of Foreign War, the ASPCA, Meals on Wheels and a wide variety of non-profit groups that helped Delawareans.

When the table games are fully operational at all three Delaware casinos, you will see the slow and agonizing death of the poker rooms that raised money for charities. Instead of money going to the Food Bank and homeless shelters....the money will be diverted to Delaware casinos and for Governor Jack to pay off his cronies and special interest groups.

He's hurt Delaware charities, he's balanced the budget on the backs of the poorest Delawareans, and he continues to expand state government to pay off his political henchmen.

Congratulations, Jack. Hope you can sleep at night.

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