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Tiger Woods ain't what he used to be

I know some commentators think Tiger Woods is thiiiiis close to being back. I don't think so and, frankly, I hope I'm right.

I've never been able to figure out why so many people want Tiger Woods to win all the time. I found that terribly boring, although I did enjoy watching his game, since he was the best of his era (at the very least).

But even before his indiscretions came to light, I was never a fan. I had a problem rooting for someone who seemed to take so little joy out of playing the world's greatest courses and making a ton of money while doing it. It always seemed like a chore to him. I was also not a fan of his churlish on-course behavior.

So when his infidelity came to light, that gave me that much more reason to not root for him.

As for where his game is now, he seems to be treading water...walking in place, so to speak. He doesn't seem to scare the young golfers around him...or maybe they're just good enough to have no fear. In fact, Tiger can probably blame himself for that...I think the current generation of young golfers grew up watching him destroy the field and thought they could be the next Tiger Woods.

Watching Tiger for the last year plus shows an entirely different golfer from what he was. His drives are less accurate, his iron shots not nearly as precise and his putting is not nearly as good as it was...perhaps that's his biggest difference.

It used to be you would think he would pull off the impossible shot or drain the 30 foot putt...now he misses three footers when he has a chance to catch the leader.

He may win a few more majors...and he'll win some more tournaments...but he's 35, has had physical problems and surgeries, and I don't think he'll catch Nicklaus' 18 major victories. The PGA tour now belongs to the young guns.

Posted at 11:20am on April 19, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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Mike from Delaware
Thu, May 12, 2011 12:36pm
Big Don, you said it well.

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