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The Phillies...what we see is what we get?

I've raised this issue before and am more convinced than ever that we aren't going to see much change in the Phillies offense over the course of the season. What we now see is what we'll get.

Oh, there will be a few times when the offense breaks out. But the team batting average, currently at .249, 10th best of the 16 teams in the National League, is not likely to get appreciably better. It continues to go downhill.

Chase Utley is back but he has shown little of the Chase Utley of the past at the plate. I realize he had no spring training, but his 52 at-bats so far is the equivalent of a spring training...now he should begin to improve.

Jimmy Rollins, injured again, is hitting .267 but has just 18 RBI's...a far cry from what he was three or four years ago.

Ryan Howard has 47 RBI's and 12 home runs but his average is .243 and one third of his at-bats have been strikeouts. He can't do the power thing all by himself.

Did Rueben Amaro Junior over-estimate what these hitters had left? Is it possible they've all peaked and started a downhill slide all at the same time? It wouldn't seem likely, but the visual evidence right now tells a different story.

There is still time to come out of this but I've seen some bad Philies teams, and I've never seen an offense that gives me as little confidence as this one.

I would think Amaro would have to be thinking about making some deals over the summer to get more bats...but my suspicion is he has little leverage for that.

And yes, I know they are still in first place in the NL East and probably will still be there at the end of the year because of their pitching. But as far as a long post-season run...I think that's a longshot as things stand now.

Posted at 9:44am on June 8, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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Wed, Jun 8, 2011 10:41am
How much money do they have left to spend? i don't think they have much.

i guess we are just in the "hope chase and brown have a good season" mode.

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