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All-Star game...it ain't what it used to be

Major league baseball wants us to believe the All-Star game means something....because the winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series.

Everyone knows that's pretty much a non-issue. The World Series has gone to 7 games only once in the past decade or so.

But it's still a fairly entertaining exhibition game...except that there are too many players on each roster.

And the managers seem to be obligated to get as many players in the game as possible...meaning pitchers, except for the starter, pitch no more than an inning. Position player starters are out of the game after three innings, many times. And even with all of the extra players added, there still seem to be players left off that are worthy while others make the roster.

Still, I think it is the most entertaining of the All-Star games in the professional leagues because it is still the most like a regular season game (although becoming less and less so).

What do you think? I don't think there is much question that the NFL, NHL and NBA games are ridiculous...but is there a way to make the Mid-summer classic better? I know one thing....the home run derby has definitely jumped the shark.

Posted at 11:12am on July 6, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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