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Is this a Phillies town or an Eagles town?

The question was raised on an ESPN "Outside the Lines" episode on Monday, August 1st. The show was about the major moves both teams were making in recent days, and several local experts were on, including Sal Palantonio and Chris Wheeler.

The general consensus, even from Wheeler, was that the Eagles are still number one even though the Phillies have made giant strides in the past half dozen years.

Now I will admit to being biased but I think it may be a dead heat right now. Never in history have the Phillies been more popular as witnessed by the number of people wearing Phillies gear, not just at the ballpark but in every day settings.

I don't know if the Eagles have lost any popularity, but I am sure their fan base, especially those who think the sun rises and sets on the NFL, and baseball is worthless, are getting tired of the Phillies success and the Eagles inability to get any closer to a Super Bowl title.

The panelists felt that if the Eagles were to ever win a Super Bowl, the ensuing parade would dwarf that of the Phillies. I'm not so sure...remember the Eagles parade would be in February, not October as it was for the Phillies, who had a 65 degree day and sunshine for their celebration. But I truly think the Phillies have caught up to the Eagles and there is little difference in popularity between the two now.

So my answer to the question of "Is this a Phillies town or an Eagles town?" is yes.

Posted at 10:45am on August 2, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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