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New college uniforms are hideous

Did anyone watch the Maryland-Miami football game Monday night? What did you think of the Maryland uniforms by UnderArmour?

The helmet had two parts of the Maryland flag on it...the uniform had the same pattern on the top of the shoulder pads. It looked like someone took two different helmets and two different uniform jerseys and glued them together.

How about the Georgia uniforms when they played Boise State over the weekend? They were all red with black sleeves with a helmet that was red down the middle and gray on the side with the Georgia G. They were made by Nike.

And of course, who can forget all the different looks of the Oregon uniforms, all made by Nike.

At the risk of sounding like an old man, I thought they were all hideous, with the worst being Maryland's. I think UnderArmour is trying to out-Nike Nike.

These modern college uniforms remind me of the USFL uniforms gone crazy.

I've heard the argument that the players love them (although I heard the Georgia players weren't all that excited about theirs) but we all really know its about the money...schools know they can sell replica jerseys of the new stuff and they, and the manufacturer, can make loads of money.

Give me Penn State, USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Texas...all the traditional uniforms that remind me of college football...not some clown suit that reminds me of failed professionel football leagues.

Posted at 11:39am on September 6, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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Wed, Sep 7, 2011 11:31am
I took a look at the uniforms after hearing so much negative commentary. They're using the Maryland flag as their inspiration, that's why the patterns and colors are a bit jarring. The design reminded me of racing silks, the helmet and shoes were loud, but not really off-putting.

The Washington Post had a photo gallery that included all the different variations of the new uniforms, the rest of them were not as creative, just solid color blocks of red, black, yellow, I did see an ombre effect on the jersey numbers that was actually pretty nice.

I can see how the younger players would like this look, who knows how it will go over with the fans and the alums.

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