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Crazy start to college football

What's happening in the Football Championship Subdivision (1-AA)? The start to the season has been a bit crazy.

In the first three weeks, the last two national champions have both started out 0-3. Villanova, the 2009 champ, has lost to both Towson and Monmouth. They appear to have a talent deficiency. And Eastern Washington, which was the pre-season number one, after losing a close game to Washington, has been dumped two more times and may not make the post-season.

In addition, William and Mary is 2-1 but had close scrapes against VMI and Division 2 New Haven.

All of this is good for Delaware. The Blue Hens are not a star-studded team this year...but it looks like the FCS subdivision in general, and the CAA in particular, are both down this year meaning everything is wide open. It doesn't look like there is a really good team out there...and that bodes well for the Blue Hens, who could be one of the better teams by year's end.

And how about the latest seismic activity in conference realignment at the FBS level? Pittsburgh and Syracuse are making a hasty departure (or at least trying to) from the Big East to the ACC. UConn and Rutgers both want out, either to the ACC or the Big Ten.

TCU, which announced it was leaving the Mountain West next year to become a geographically challenged member of the Big East next year, is rethinking that decision.

And Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State may be on the move from the Big 12 to the Pac 12 (which would become the Pac 16). It does appear as if we are bound for 4 16-team super BCS conferences, with the smaller FBS conferences becoming more and more of an afterthought.

If all this happens, what will become of FCS football? Will it survive...or will there be some merging of the remaining FBS conferences (MAC, C-USA, Sun Belt, etc) with the FCS conferences?

And what will that mean for Delaware, many of whose fans want to see the school move up in spite of an administration that has resisted that for decades.

Stay tuned.

Posted at 9:12am on September 19, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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