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Eagles at a crossroads

Maybe its too early to declare the Eagles season dead in the water. They've come back from the dead in the past, and I think a few more weeks of miserable play like the last three are necessary before saying all hope is lost.

But the Eagles season, and Andy Reid's career with the Eagles, is certainly at a crossroads.

I don't recall a season that had more buildup with fewer results than this one. And I think much of it can be traced to decisions by Reid.

The decision to put a career offensive coach in charge of the defense was puzzling and so far, has been a failure (although Reid says its not Juan Castillo's fault).

The wealth of new talent on the defensive side of the ball seemed to indicate a defensive juggernaut. However, the lack of quality linebackers is glaring and the secondary hasn't covered nearly as well as they should have, and they can't tackle very well either. And the defensive line, while getting its share of sacks and putting pressure on the quarterback, has been abysmal against the run.

On the offensive side, Michael Vick has commited far too many turnovers and the play-calling, at the goal line and other places has been awful.

This week, the Eagles play at Buffalo...pre-season this looked like almost a guaranteed win...not so much now.

Andy Reid has been with the Eagles more than a dozen years. His presence on the sidelines has to be questioned if this team continues to flail along...I don't think its a stretch to say the Eagles could use a new voice in the locker room. Terry Francona and the Boston Red Sox knew when it was time for a change. I think the Eagles need to start thinking about that, too.

Posted at 8:36am on October 5, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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