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A postage stamp which can be scanned with your Smartphone: Golden Earring's "Radar Love"

For years, postal administrations have tried to create excitement and generate revenue with novelty postage stamps.

By the 1960's, several countries were issuing stamps in gold or silver foil; in unusual shapes; or in 3-D. Countries such as Tonga, Bhutan, and Sierra Leone acquired reputations in this regard. More "traditional" countries (not to mention collectors) spurned such stamps as tantamount to philatelic wallpaper.

But now, advanced technology meets something as low-tech as the postage stamp:

The Dutch postal company, Post NL, has issued a stamp for ordinary postal use which, nonetheless, you can scan with your Smartphone to play music by the Dutch band, Golden Earring. If you're above a certain age, remember "Radar Love" in 1973?

Sure, it's a novelty and a gimmick, but this is sure to be a must-purchase for anyone with a passion for both philately and 1970's European rock / pop!

Here's a link to the story from Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, the Dutch International Service. You can hear some Golden Earring and see the video too, on the occasion of the band's 50th anniversary!


Posted at 3:25pm on October 11, 2011 by Allan Loudell

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