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Time for Reid to go

I know it won't happen but it's time for Andy Reid to go. The longtime Eagles coach has gone as far as he can with this franchise, which wasn't far enough.

He has had the unwavering support of owner Jeffrey Lurie, who has the misguided idea that Reid is the best coach in the business. But this year should prove otherwise, in a number of areas.

The Eagles have underperformed in so many areas its hard to know where to start. The heralded secondary is starting to play better (although now saddled with injuries) but it took so long that it contributed to several early losses.

Michael Vick has been abysmal at times, after showering him with a huge contract in the off-season.

DeSean Jackson has been a distraction, playing half-heartedly at times because of his contract situation.

The all-star coaching staff he assembled came apart because of his stupid decision to make Juan Castillo, an offensive line coach throughout his Eagles career, the defensive coordinator, with no defensive experience on his resume.

In addition, Reid continues with the worn-out mantra of "I have to put the guys in position to make plays...and it's my responsibility..." ad nauseum. So if it is his responsibility, and the team isn't getting better, but instead is getting worse, why should he stay. Thanks for 13 years Andy, but new blood is needed.

Posted at 8:34am on November 29, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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Tue, Nov 29, 2011 11:26am
Signing Vick was when i started saying they were done. Vick has a glass body and has been hurt most of his career BEFORE he went to jail for 4 years. He had the Scott Mitchell syndrome. Win some good games and you are now Joe Montana. Vick was a great wing-t quarterback, that's it. The biggest issue that shows Reid's lack of leadership is the completely undisciplined play on the field. You lose games by stupid penalties and the eagles have lost 4 that way. a good coach with a team that respects him would not be making bone-headed plays. Very few teams win super bowls being a highly penalized team. Reid needs to go and a complete re-build needs to take place. They need quality players who are also quality men who can stand up and play strong and not be concerned with anything off the field.

Wed, Nov 30, 2011 5:47pm

Sorry to disagree, but this is very unfair to Coach Reid.

He actually is the most successful coach in Eagles history, winning more than 60% of his games, winning the NFC East seven times (or thereabouts), making the playoffs virtually every year, and taking his team to the NFC championship game multiple times.

Ask a Cincinnati Bengals fan, or a Detroit Lions fan whether they would trade their team's winning percentage with Andy Reid's winning percentage from the past 13 years.

Is it fair to dump the best coach in Eagles history because he had one bad year?

Big Don
Fri, Dec 2, 2011 8:59am
Yes, its fair. Did you watch the game last night? There was no way that team was prepared to play. Reid is the one who installed Juan Castillo as his defensive coordinator...did you see that sorry display of tackling?

Reid has been there 13 years. If you look at the regular season, all well and good for the most part. But Jeffrey Lurie constantly says its his goal to win a Super Bowl. If you look at the trend the last few years, this is a team that is going nowhere. Two years ago, they lose to Arizona in the NFC championship. Last year, they go out in the first round (although it was close and to the Super Bowl champs). This year, with all of those off-season signings, they were abysmal.

Do you really think they have a chance to win anything under Andy Reid right now? Sometimes you are in the same place too long. That\'s the case with Reid. The team needs to hear a new voice. I think Reid has been good for the franchise...but I really believe he has goten stale and, as so often happens in sports, its time for a change. Just ask Terry Francona.

Fri, Dec 2, 2011 12:56pm

What's really unfair is that Coach Reid is being punished for grand expectations built up by the sports media.

True, Vince Young made the proclamation that the Eagles are a "Dream Team," but Coach Reid himself did not make any grandiose predictions before the season. It was the sports columnists and pundits who put the Eagles in the Super Bowl...and the same sports columnists and pundits who try to punish Andy when their grandiose predictions don't come true.

It would be more fair to fire all the sports pundits who fanned the Dream Team hype...not Coach Reid.

Fri, Dec 2, 2011 8:45pm

The other part about dumping a long-time coach for having a bad season... is you could end up with a new coach who is far worse.

The Eagles thought it was a great idea to dump Coach Buddy Ryan after all he did...and the Birds ended up with Coach Rich Kotite. That was a brilliant decision!

Sat, Dec 10, 2011 2:59am
Fire the walrus!

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