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BCS gets it wrong again

The BCS championship game is set and we get to see LSU and Alabama for a second time. While I admit, it might be an attractive matchup, Oklahoma State and LSU would be an equally attractive matchup, with two teams with contrasting styles...great offense against great defense.

However, the two human polls gave the nod to Alabama while the computer rankings favored Oklahoma State...but not enough to overcome the SEC bias of the voters.

Yes, that's what it is. An SEC bias. The SEC, and the media, have pounded it into our collective heads that the SEC is the greatest conference since the NFC and the AFC...and it is. But Alabama had an opportunity to beat LSU on its home field in the regular season and didn't do it...now it should be Oklahoma State's chance.

I heard that the Cowboys beat 7 BCS teams with winning records...Alabama beat 3.

Now LSU has to beat an Alabama team for a second time to win a championship....didn't we remember when Nebraska, which didn't even play for the Big 12 championship several years ago, still got voted into the title game and was routed by Miami? I thought they decided (at least unofficially) you had to win your conference championship or you didn't get a shot at the title? I guess that doesn't count when the SEC is involved.

In the other great injustice in the bowl selections, Kansas State and Boise State both got passed over for Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl...all because the Hokies travel well. Both Kansas State and Boise were far more deserving than a team that got pounded in its conference championship and didn't beat a single team ranked in the top 25.

Its all about the money...sadly.

Posted at 9:09am on December 6, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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Wed, Dec 7, 2011 11:56am

And all of this is testament to the need for a college football playoff system, a debate in which we have been engaged in for at least 30 years. Remember, the greed of the college bowl sponsors always trumps common sense and what is best for the game!

Imagine for a moment if NCAA basketball had the same system as NCAA football? Get rid of the NCAA basketball tournament. No more March Madness.

Instead, we'll have a computer select two teams to play for the NCAA basketball championship.

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