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End of year thoughts

The year is quickly drawing to a close and here are some random thoughts about the local sports scene.

The Eagles are starting to look like the team many thought they would be after the off-season re-make of the team. Can they continue it and sneak into the playoffs? The scenario is certainly do-able, winning their last two games against Dallas and Washington and having the Giants lose to the Jets and beat Dallas. It should be an interesting two weeks to end the season.

The Flyers looked like they were going to have a blockbuster season but with the season-ending injury to Chris Pronger and the current concussion situation of Claude Giroux, who knows? Giroux, hopefully will be back soon and my suspicion is they'll have a very fine season but, again, no Stanley Cup.

The Sixers will start play the day after Christmas and for most people, it won't even register on their radar. The Sixers will be a solid team but no threat to win a championship...and after all, it is the NBA.

Many people can't wait for baseball season to start because of the Phillies unfulfilled expectations from last year. But the fans hopes need to be tempered...this is an aging team with excellent pitching but an offense that will only get more inconsistent. Ryan Howard won't be ready to start the season, Jimmy Rollins, signed for three more years probably won't be having a youthful comeback and Chase Utley...who knows what to think about him anymore? Was last year's disaster all injury related or is suffering a swift decline for other reasons?

Elena Delle Donne is doing what we all knew she could do for the Blue Hen women's basketball team. I predict at least one win in the NCAA tournament and maybe a Sweet 16 appearance.

The Delaware men's basketball team is getting better...how much better remains to be seen.

K.C. Keeler's football team did OK but was not very exciting and is losing fans at an alarming rate. Something needs to be done to get fannies back in the seats.

A new year starts soon...let's hope for exciting sports, fewer scandals in the college ranks, and a return to good sportsmanship at all levels.

Posted at 10:31am on December 19, 2011 by Big Don Voltz

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Tue, Dec 20, 2011 7:25pm
Thank you Big Don for this forum, and thank you for your outstanding local sports coverage this year.

If the Eagles win out, and all of the above circumstances play out, the sports media will jump back on the Birds' bandwagon. Same media that predicted a "Dream Team" before the season. Same media that lambasted Coach Andy for not fulfilling the media's grandiose predictions.

Sorry to say the Giants are far more likely to beat the Jets than they are to beat Dallas a second time. In other words, the Eagles will likely win out, with the Cowboys going to the playoffs as NFC East champions.

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