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Reaction to Joe Paterno's death

My wife was on Facebook last night and I was shocked to hear some of the comments about Joe Paterno's death...some from people I know (and a reason I shun Facebook).

Many of those people had no concern or campassion for the Paterno family...the gist of their remarks was let's not grieve for Paterno's death, let's remember the victims. Of course let's remember the victims...but are people's minds that made up that they fail to remember that the Paternos, Joe and family, constantly reminded people to remember and pray for the victimns...constantly. And the other gist was that if anyone grieves for the loss of the icnonic coach, it would indicate we have forgotten about the victims. Are you kidding me? How does anyone come to that conclusion?

Those people that took that stance are the same ones that would reduce Joe Paterno's life to one event....an event that was failure to act rather than something he actually did. In fact, we really don't know the whole truth on this matter, and maybe never will, as far as Paterno is concerned. Remember, the man was 85...he was old-fashioned...he lived in a cloistered world. He told the Washington Post he might not have understood what his Grad assistant was telling him, even if in detail, because a male raping another male was entirely unknown and foreign to him. That would not surprise me one bit. As a result, Paterno probably did what he thought he should do. On hind- sight, he says he should have done more. Agreed. But his accusers have somehow placed him in the same category as Jerry Sandusky and that is absoultely wrong.

For those who would judge his entire career and life at Penn State by the one solitary thing he did NOT do, I would ask them this...when you pass on, please leave us the one thing in your life that you are least proud of...the one thing you wish you had never done, or wish you had done...and let us put that on your epitaph.

Joe Paterno deserves better...he did far more good for his university, players and students of the school than his detractors are willing to admit.

Posted at 8:32am on January 23, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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Mon, Jan 23, 2012 11:28am
the way i see it, the day someone dies you look at his life throw the rosiest pair of rose colored glasses you have

if you still can't find something nice to say, then just say nothing for that day... you can get back to the other things tommorrow

Mon, Jan 23, 2012 8:23pm
I say if they're concerned about the victims, and they should be, they should throw the stones at Mr. Sandusky - the pervert that did it.

I've written to senators Casey and Toomey and asked them to reinstate Joe's nomination for presidential medal of freedom, which was hastily withdrawn amid all the chaos of early November. Let's restore Joe Paterno's honor!

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