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CAA in the post-season

So just as I suspected, Drexel got robbed of a spot in the NCAA basketball tournament and VCU was underseeded, getting a 12 seed. And also as I suspected, both teams are proving the NCAA basketball committee wrong.

Drexel turned its snub into a first round rout of Central Florida in the NIT.

And VCU, a 12 seed, knocked off 5 seed Wichita State, one of the trendy picks to go far in the tournament. It ended up being just a three point win, but the Rams led by as many as 13 with their hyper-defensive pressure causing the Wichita State offense all kinds of problems.

To me, the committee isn't doing its' duty by not taking into account how well the conference has done in recent years and by using conference RPI as virtually the only crietria for seeding VCU and keeping Drexel out. Apparently the numbers they run don't tell the whole story about the CAA. Maybe its time the committee took another look at how they make these decisions...if they did, the CAA would get a fairer break.

Posted at 11:56am on March 16, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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