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Thoughts on the NCAA tournament

I know I have been wrong on this before but I don't see any way Kentucky loses this weekend or Monday night. They have too many horses, way too talented, and one of these years Calipari is going to win the big one...even though I don't want him to.

My preference would be to see Kansas win...or Ohio State. Not a fan of either Calipari or Rick Pitino.

Once again, we see the problem of being a mid-major that has success in the NCAA tournament...a good chance you'll lose your coach to a big school.

That happened to my alma mater, Ohio (University, not to be confused with Ohio State, which is NOT Ohio). It is being reported today that John Groce has been hired away by Illinois, for a salary that is somehwre around 4 to 5 times what he was being paid at Ohio...and 2 and a half to three times what Ohio was apparently offering to get him to stay.

The sad Ohio fans are upset that he's leaving, because he really seemed to like the school, the players, the town, everything....but how do you turn down a contract of at least six years at $1.5 million per year? In a conference that all you need to do is finish among the top 7 or 8 teams and you get to the Big Dance, whereas in the Mid-American Conference, you almost always, need to win your conference tournament or it's the NIT, at best.

The only good thing for Ohio is all their players come back from a Sweet 16 team so they should be able to attract a pretty good candidate, but they need to up their salary.

The other thing is it's apparent the talent level in the NCAA tournament (and college basketball in general) is dropping because of the one and dones to the NBA. Kentucky specializes in them....other teams are seeing them increase as well, like Duke, which bids good-bye to its point guard after one season for the second straight year.

My wish is for a baseball-type rule....if you don't go after high school (into the draft), you have to wait until after your junior year.

And once the final is played, it's on to baseball...what a great time of the year.

Posted at 11:43am on March 29, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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Mon, Apr 2, 2012 10:43am
In what other profession other than sports is a college student prohibited from entering based on something as arbitrary as his or her age? Let me start with the one-and-done rule. If a high school graduate is talented enough to play in the NBA, why should he have to go to college for a year? He doesn't want to be there, and everyone complains about the harm to college basketball. If they don't want him at the pro level, the NBA should put the kid in a developmental league, paying his bills and honing his skills. But that would cost money, and the NBA would rather the NCAA schools take on that burden. So then everyone complains when these kids leave after a year, although if given the chance they never would have been there in the first place.

By the way, this is not really the case at most colleges. Most mid-majors have four-year players. The basketball in most cases in competitive and fun, with players growing as a team over a span of several seasons. The NCAA could stop this nonsense by telling the NBA that it won't be its farm system any longer.

And let's face it, some of these one-year players are intelligent, studious types who happen to be good basketball talents, but others couldn't get into college with a GPS. Yet everyone is forced to live the sham of them being serious students, while you may never see them in a class between November and April.

As for baseball, what is the point of the rule? To help the player? Hardly. Major League Baseball doesn't want these guys going into the draft every season, waiting for the best draft position. They are not trying to help the players, only themselves.

We don't make plumbers, musicians, actors, writers, or almost every other profession on earth go to college or stop them from leaving when they have an opportunity to "turn pro," just athletes. It makes no sense.

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