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Venezuela's Hugo Chavez could leave this world sooner rather than later

To the extent that the U.S. mass media offer coverage of world news, it's about Syria; Iran; and now the disastrous North Korean missile launch.

But, here in our OWN hemisphere, Hugo Chavez's end may be near. What replaces him could be worse, both for ordinary Venezuelans and for the United States. A power-struggle among drug barons has already begun in Venezuela. External actors - Russia, China, Cuba, and Iran - are part of the intrigue.

I just talked to Roger Noriega, a former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States, and a former Assistant Secretary of State in the George W. Bush Administration. He suspects Chavez may not even last through his country's election. Here's his analysis from FOREIGN POLICY on line...


Posted at 7:04am on April 13, 2012 by Allan Loudell

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Fri, Apr 13, 2012 7:42am
For a communist dictatorship, Venezuela has had relatively free religious expression, perhaps even more than we have here. It would be sad if the next leadership were to begin persecuting the church.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Apr 13, 2012 8:37am
Even though Chavez has been a dictator and not a good or nice person in many ways, I surely hope he gets on his knees in prayer and comes to Christ before its too late. I wouldn't wish "Hell" on anyone, and yes God can forgive even people like him of all their sins, just as he can for all of us. We've just celebrated Easter aka Resurrection Sunday it is timely to remember what Easter is about. It is God's desire that all be saved and why he went to the cross to die and then raise from the dead.

Now to the more earthly issues of Chavez and what his death may mean to us and the world. So consider what that could mean IF the drug cartels get control of OIL rich Venezuela. "Uncle Vidol" aka the mob, would then also be in the oil business. Somehow that doesn't sound like a good thing. Consider what the "new" Venezuela could do to help raise the price of gas/oil in their efforts to hurt the US, who's efforts in fighting a "drug war" has cost the mob probably Trillions over the years.

So sometimes it's better to put up with the "devil" you know than risk getting something worse. In this case, God has decided Mr. Chavez' time on earth is coming to an end rather than he being overthrown by a coup. So we're going to be getting a new devil, and there's a good chance he/she will be worse than Chavez.

Sometimes it's better to put up with the "devil" you know than risk getting something worse. I can't help but think of Iraq. Saddam was bad enough, but he seemed to be not bothering anyone else (other than his own citizens - maybe Desert Storm I under papa Bush taught him something).

For some reason Saddam didn't persecute the Christian Church as apparently the new leadership is NOW doing in the "new" Iraq the US helped to create with Desert Storm II under Bush Jr (papa Bush didn't agree with Jr in this effort and had apparently had some words with Jr. over what Jr wanted to do). Well done George W. Bush Jr., you're a real knucklehead, you should have listened to Pop.

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