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What, no golf yet this year?

Here it is April 13th, we've had numerous warm days, and I've yet to set foot on a golf course. I talked with one of my co-workers the other day and he said he had been out a dozen times so far. What's wrong with me?

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not a good golfer, although it's my understanding that the average golfer rarely breaks 100 so I'm better than the average golfer, although probably not by much.

But golf is one of the few sports, or pursuits, depending on how you look at it, you can be very bad at it and still want to play.

I bought a new set of clubs last year and immediately shot 8 strokes better than I ever had in a round before. And subsequent rounds were also better than in the past. So I have reason to want to get out and play.

Being in north Wilmington, it's tough to find a decent golf course within half an hour...Rock Manor and Brandywine CC. Slightly more than half an hour calls up White Clay Creek (too expensive but good), Chisel Creek, Chesapeake Bays two courses, Patriots Glen, Odessa National, Frog Hollow, Back Creek, Hartefeld (expensive when the public can get on), and a few others...all of which I have visited in the past but am a stranger to this year.

Where do you like to play? Any place to the north of Delaware that's worthwhile? Have you been out this year? I'm chomping at the bit.

Posted at 9:34am on April 13, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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