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Playoffs are what's good and bad about hockey

At least this year, the NHL playoffs embody all that is good...and bad...about hockey.

Perhaps more than any sport, the NHL playoffs are the best of any sport, because the intensity is so great and the players bring it every minute of the game.

While the Flyers-Penguins series has been crazy with all the goals, it has certainly displayed playoff intensity. And therein lies the problem, at least this year.

While bringing playoff intensity to the games this year, too many players have gone well past that to downright ugly, dirty play. We've seen that several times in the Flyers series (amazingly, mostly from the Penguins), but also in the Phoenix-Chicago series and others.

Players leaving the ice to lay a hit on an opponent...going for the head...crosschecking well away from the puck....these have been far too prevalent. And as a result some injuries and near injuries.

It has been good to see some fairly substantial suspensions as a result. Hopefully the players, and teams, can continue to bring playoff intensity, which makes the NHL playoffs a great event, and lay off the dirty play, which is detrimental to the game and dangerous to the players.

Posted at 10:45am on April 19, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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