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The Wolverine retires

One of the all-time Philadelphia Eagle fan favorites is calling it a career. Brian Dawkins, who spent 13 great seasons with the Eagles before his last 3 in Denver, announced this week that he will hang up his shoulder pads.

Dawkins was a fan favorite in Philadelphia because of his physical, yet clean, approach to the game. He never gave less than 100 per cent and he identified with Eagles fans in their long-suffering over lack of an Eagles Super Bowl win.

His main goal was to help the Birds win that Super Bowl and he was disappointed in the Eagles failure to even try to keep him...since then, Eagles safeties have been less than adequate.

He was always fun to watch. In an era of hard, yet sometime illegal hits by people like James Harrison of the Steelers, Dawkins approach was a breath of fresh air. I'll miss him.

Posted at 10:11am on April 25, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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