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UD athletics facing a crossroads

The University of Delaware athletic department...and university as a whole...is facing a crossroads...all because of the wanderlust of other schools in the CAA.

The conference could come apart in a real way in the next few months, if three schools, already linked to future conference moves, pull the trigger.

Georgia State has already announced its plans to move to the Sun Belt Conference...no one is weeping over that one.

However, if Old Dominion bolts to Conference USA, as rumors say might happen, and George Mason and VCU take their athletic programs to the A-10, as other rumors have speculated, the CAA becomes a shell of itself.

Those moves, while making the road easier for Delaware to win the CAA title in men's basketball, would also reduce the attractiveness of the CAA, now one of the top mid-majors in the country.

And if ODU leaves the football conference, and JMU and Villanova continue to make noise about possibly leaving, what does that leave fot football for Delaware? Not much.

None of the alternatives out there are good. There have been hopes by many for years that Delaware would move up to the FBS level in football, that would require 22 more scholarships...and a conference to join. Other than the Mid-American Conference, I don't see any other possibilities that would be halfway attractive.

And what about basketball and the other sports. No Mason, ODU and VCU leaves Drexel and who else as potential powers in the conference in men's hoops. While Delaware might win the conference, it would be little more than a slightly better America East at that point.

The point is, the ship might have already left for Delaware...a proud (maybe too proud) athletic program that is now suffering from a lack of fan support and financial donations to make it real attractive to a larger conference. And does anything really fit geographically other than where they are now?

There are way more questions than I can answer here but it would be a shame if Mason and VCU left for a conference that is already being depleted by the loss of Temple and, except for Xavier, is really no better than the CAA...except when the CAA escapees arrive. For Delaware's sake, they better hope those two Virginia schools...and ODU...stay put.

Posted at 11:22am on May 7, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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