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Will VCU find happiness in the A-10?

My answer to that is a qualified yes. The CAA's darling and top team over the last few years is heading to the Atlantic 10, a conference that has received multiple bids to the NCAA tournament most years.

Temple is leaving the A-10 and they are responsible for one of those multiple bids every year...the good news is Butler has already committed to the A-10 so its likely they will simply replace Temple's power in the league.

The A-10, of course, is also home to Xavier, a school that is always penciled in for an NCAA tournament berth. The rest of the schools come and go in the tourney, depending on their seasons.

So let's take stock here...Xavier and Butler will likely get NCAA bids more years than not....VCU could be the 3rd best team in the league, year in and year out...or the team could drop from the lofty perch it had carved for itself in the CAA.

VCU had a built-in advantage in the CAA...the tournament was played in the Richmond Coliseum, one mile from the VCU campus, giving it a tremendous home court advantage. The Rams had capitalized that in recent years. VCU also has had a run of outstanding coaches from Jeff Capel to Anthony Grant to Shaka Smart...and its run to the Final Four a year ago made it a hot commodity.

So its not surprising it would be attractive to the A-10. The question is, will VCU be as successful there, playing its league tournament in New York, as it is in Richmond. It certainly hasn't helped the Richmond program much, which moved to the A-10 about ten years ago.

One thing we do know is that it severely weakens the CAA...along with the likely departure of ODU for Conference USA in the near future and the possible defection of George Mason at some point...maybe to the A-10.

If those things happen, Delaware may have a good shot at winning the CAA title in basketball...but it would probably be good for no better than a 14 seed in a much weaker CAA.

And at this point, it looks like the powers that be at Delaware have no plan for the future...they're simply sitting back and waiting to see what happens as re-alignment continues all around them.

Posted at 9:07am on May 16, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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