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Let the fire sale begin

The Phillies are out of it...and maybe for several years. The Washington Nationals appear to be the new Phillies.

With no apparent recovery on the horizon, the Phils are destined to be sellers in just a few weeks...and that could include Cole Hamels. Should it?

It depends on what they can get for him. Because let's face it...Chase Utley is constantly injured and aging...Ryan Howard is injured and aging....Jimmy Rollins is aging...Shane Victorino is aging...Roy Halladay is aging...Cliff Lee is aging...Placido Polance is aged.

And the Phillies have few if any suitable replacements ready for the major leagues in their farm system. Scary picture we're looking at? Absolutely. Very few people saw this at the start of the year. Many pundits had the Phils penciled in at least for one of the two wild card slots.

So when the trade deadline comes around, look for the Phillies to be sellers for the first time in many years. That could include Cliff Lee, if anyone wants to take on his $21 million salary, and Cole Hamels, who could get some good return but might not sit well with the fan base.

Shane Victorino will likely be dealt as well. But even with all that change, the Phillies appear to be headed for another dry period that could last for a number of years. But look on the positive side...if the Phils stumble through the desert long enough, maybe they can get enough high or even number one draft picks to be like the Nationals, who really benefited from being a hideous franchise for all those years...and magically Stephen Stasburg and Bryce Harper appear (talk about getting lucky...picking first in back-to-back years when guaranteed stars of the future were the obvious number one picks).

But at least Phillies fans know what its like to be bringing up the rear...its just that its been a few years since we've been there.

Posted at 10:13am on July 2, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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Thu, Jul 12, 2012 7:51pm
I might also add that the Phillies have become the new Orioles, who haven't had a decent season since Ripken retired.

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