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Vick looks like he's not the answer

Michael Vick is a very talented football player. There's no question about that. He has the speed of a wide receiver, the arm of a Hall of Fame quarterback, the nerve of a cat burglar...and sometimes, the brains (and stubbornness) of a 10 year old.

Vick has been injured twice in the two games in the pre-season and his penchant for getting hurt is, at least, indirectly tied to his lack of interest in getting out of harm's way in favor of extending, and possibly making, a great play.

Coach Andy Reid has implored him to slide in favor of taking hits...or throw the ball away soon enough to avoid unnecessary hits. Even President Obama has chimed in with the same advice.

Sadly, Vick continues to get injured, partly because of his small stature, making it imperative he change his game if he wants to continue to play.

But no matter how talented he is, he can't help the Eagles if he is on the sideline with an injury. And if the injuries continue, the Eagles' chances of the playoffs will vanish.

There is one positive side....rookie Nick Foles has looked very good in the first two pre-season games. If I'm Andy Reid, I'd give him the bulk of the snaps against the Browns to see if he can duplicate his work against an NFL team's first unit. If so, he seems a very good backup to have around, even if he is a rookie.

Posted at 8:34am on August 22, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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Wed, Aug 22, 2012 1:17pm
Sorry, but I've pretty much written off any worthwhile playoff run by the Eagles while Vick is the starter. As you say, too easily and too often injured. No doubt he's a good player. But he just can't stay healthy long enough to build a good run. Once the Eagles move on, then I'll believe we have a shot into the playoffs again. Until then... how 'bout them Ravens?!

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