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NFL replacement refs causing a ruckus

The uproar over replacement refs in the NFL is growing louder. In case you weren't aware, the NFL is using replacement refs because the regular officials are locked out, since the league and the referee's union haven't agreed to a new labor agreement.

As a result, the league has used replacement refs throughout the pre-season and the first two weeks of the regular season...with no end in sight.

The replacements aren't from the upper levels of Division 1 football...they're not even from Delaware's level, the FCS. No, they are from Divisions 2 and 3 and other leagues, such as the Lingerie League! Sounds like quality stuff to me.

At any rate, the clamor is coming from all directions...from retired refs like Jerry Markbreit to NFL writers like Peter King, that the current situation is making a mockery of the games, not to mention, putting the players in danger physically. The outrage is directed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who seems to think the replacement refs, while not great, are adequate.

It's hard to see Goodell's point...it's pretty easy to see these refs don't have a good handle on NFL rules (which are different from college rules) and can't keep up with the speed and intensity of the game.

Additionally, NFL refs make less than officials in any of the other major sports. But the sticking point appears to be a pension plan for the refs. No matter...the NFL has way more money than any other of the professional sports leagues and this would be a drop in the bucket, financially, for the NFL.

It's time for Goodell to admit he screwed up here and get an agreement signed and get the real NFL officials back onto the field.

Posted at 10:29am on September 20, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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