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DEDO Director Alan Levin defends Markell Administration's pursuit of Fisker & Bloom Energy

You may have seen The NEWS JOURNAL's extensive account this past weekend on how many automotive workers in Delaware now regard Fisker Automotive in the past tense. They don't think Fisker will EVER start manufacturing cars in Delaware, and they've psychologically moved past that dream. Furthermore, for those retraining for other fields and/or working in other areas, if Fisker miraculously started hiring, few would drop their new pursuits for a job at an unproven auto manufacturer.

The ill-fated Fisker and Bloom Energy start-ups represent the greatest Achilles Heel for the Markell Administration. Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Cragg keeps pointing to these as great boondoggles for the Markell Administration. Markell's people insist the Governor and Delaware HAD to take the chance.

I always find it interesting to interview DEDO (Delaware Economic Development Office) Director Alan Levin, former CEO of the Happy Harry's pharmaceutical chain before Walgreen's gobbled it up. After all, Republicans - particularly upstate Republicans - wanted Levin to run for Governor last time. Later than many expected, Levin decided against.

The incoming Markell Administration then plucked Levin to manage the economic development office, and basically he became the state's top ambassador (along with the Governor) for wooing companies - and the resulting jobs - to the First State.

Listen to my interview with Alan Levin. Listen for the part where I ask Levin to put himself in the shoes of a Republican candidate for Governor...

Audio Here

Posted at 2:56pm on September 25, 2012 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Tue, Sep 25, 2012 3:43pm
What I find interesting, is Markell and his folks had to take a CHANCE with OUR TAX DOLLARS. They gambled. They bought a "pig in a poke" using our money, no risk to them. If they believed in Bloom and Fisker so much why not use their own money? If it was such a good deal, wouldn't have banks, etc., loaned Fisker and Bloom the money? It's far easier to use the people's money for boondoggles and gambles, just as Obama and his folks did with Solyndra, etc. Now Markell continues to follow in Obama's footsteps in saying he's ready to sign into law gay marriage for Delaware. Markell campaigned as a moderate DEM who had done a great job a treasurer, but his truer colors are coming out, and he's as much of a lib/DEM as Obama. He's lost my vote.

Allan Loudell
Tue, Sep 25, 2012 3:51pm
But you miss the other point:

The man groomed by Republicans to be the candidate for Governor - the "dream" candidate - now on the Markell team, heralded for his business acumen, bought into this too.

And before you say a true "conservative" Republican would have done things differently, may I remind you of Republican governors in other states who have chased companies with tax dollars? If you don't do it, you'll be accused of ceding your state's competitive position to others. Potentially, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I covered some weeks ago in this blog the case of the Republican Governor of Indiana - Mitch Daniels, once highly coveted as a potentially heavyweight G.O.P. candidate for President - who showered dollars on a firm...

As for gay/lesbian marriage, that train may be far down the tracks. That issue may be settled before long for much of the country in a way that abortion isn't.

Allan Loudell

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Sep 25, 2012 5:38pm
Allan - Its one thing to invest tax dollars to bring a real company to our state (Astra Zeneca was a good bet, granted it didn't work out quite like we would have liked), but on these new untried things that are more pie-in-the-sky is my issue, a bigger gamble that more than likely won't work. Bloom had been in California prior to coming to Delaware, if I recall correctly. So what makes Markell thing that if Bloom couldn't make it in California that Bloom would be successful here in Delaware?

As far as the gay/lesbian marriage thing goes, I fully expect eventually for the nation (Caesar)to approve gay marriage. I can accept that our justice-of-the-peace would do state marriages; what worries me is there is so much hate towards Christians and their churches by the LGBT folks and libs/DEMS that I can also envision (Caesar) making laws that would require your church and my church to marry gays or be guilty of hate crimes, lose their tax-exempt status, etc. Trust me, there are folks out there just chafing at the bit to have that happen. So as the DEM party is now the party that cow-tows to all that, I cannot in good conscience vote for the DEMs. I voted for both Obama and Markell in 2008. I'll not be voting for either in 2012.

Tue, Sep 25, 2012 11:51pm
Way to go, Mike. I hope enough of America has awakened as you have. There's so much more at stake here than the economy.

Tue, Sep 25, 2012 11:59pm
Allan: I heard the Levin interview live on my car radio. I appreciate his honesty when you asked him whether he would use it against a Democrat opponent if he were running. Now had he refused to comment on it, then I would have to call him a hack for the Markell administration. Apparently, he's not worried about losing his job for not providing the "correct" answer. But then, what does he need a job for anyway? His dad left him quite a fortune!

By the way, I don't begrudge that. Harry Levin started out poor. Some have criticized his sons for selling out to Walgreen's, but sometimes you have to move on in life and do other things.

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