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Time for Andy Reid to fall on his sword

The phrase to "fall on his sword" is a figurative phrase meaning to take personal responsibility for a group action. It dates back as far as biblical times. It apparently is not something Eagles coach Andy Reid is considering.

Reid on Tuesday fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after consecutive 4th quarter defensive collapses that led to back-to-back losses. Castillo had been defensive coordinator for less than a year and a half and Reid had made him the DC after Castillo had coached the offensive line for 13 years and had no defensive coaching experience.

The move was roundly questioned and criticized, but Reid maintained he knew best.

In announcing the firing, Reid took "responsibility". No he did not!!!! All he did was acknowledge he made a mistake in selecting Castillo for a position he was not capable of filling.

Reid said he was responsible for putting Castillo in that position...yes he was. So is the right response to fire the guy you put in a no-win situation? Andy Reid is working under an ultimatum....8-8 is not acceptable and his job likely depends on an improvement over last year.

Reid's team is falling apart. It has an offense that is 31st in scoring out of 32 teams...its quarterback is a turnover waiting to happen...the offense doesn't run the football, even though it has one of the NFL's best running backs. All of these problems go back to Andy Reid. Why was the offensive coordinator spared? Because offense is Reid's baby and that would be an even worse indictment of his coaching ability.

Reid owes Juan Castillo more than a pink slip. After 14 years of saying he takes responsibility for losses, of needing to put players in position to make plays and win, of saying he needs to do a better job, there's one more thing to say. If all those things he said were true, then he should say "I hereby tender my resignation as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles."

Taking responsibility doesn't mean passing off the blame to someone else. It sometimes means "falling on your sword." It's time Andy Reid, who has NO chance of getting this team, or probably any other team, to the Super Bowl, should do the right thing and resign. It will be interesting to see if Jeffrey Lurie indeed pulls the plug on his long-time coach when this season ends...because I highly doubt if it will end very well.

Posted at 8:20am on October 17, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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Thu, Oct 25, 2012 9:02pm
Fire the walrus!

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