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How Bodenweiser story is playing in the UK paper, DAILY MAIL

The Bodenweiser story is getting some attention overseas.

Here's the story from The British paper, DAILY MAIL.

Note this press account gets at least one thing wrong: Eric Bodenweiser is no longer the official Republican candidate, having withdrawn...


Posted at 7:23am on October 24, 2012 by Allan Loudell

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Wed, Oct 24, 2012 7:58am
Big as the Delaware story is, it got trumped by this one....


We will know today for sure it says..... If that is what Donald, a person rather well known for publicity stunts, is announcing, it is a big.... so what....

"Gee Donald, you ran for president. How many divorces have you had? Two, Three, Four, Five? These guys stayed together... btw, how much was it you had to give Ivana?" :)

Allan Loudell
Wed, Oct 24, 2012 10:02am
I saw that too. And that very same DAILY MAIL carries a story with the headline, "Will explosive details from divorce case of ex-Staples C.E.O. stop Romney becoming president? Allread 'heads to court to unseal Republican candidate's sworn testimony'".

Allan Loudell

Wed, Oct 24, 2012 7:35pm
Yep. Pretty laughable and irrelevant.

Sat, Oct 27, 2012 12:24am
I agree it is inconsequential, the Staples thing... But it brings up a fabulous point... And we all like fabulous points here.. lol...

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. But, if Romney also lied under oath.... what does a Republican do?

Does he admit publicly that his party was very wrong in the 1990's? That his party was only playing politics? That his party only made it important because they thought it might embarrass the President and use that to get a Republican in the next term? Does a Republican admit that lying under oath about a personal matter, is really no big deal at all, they they, as a party were telling terrible lies as to how they felt?

Or do they stick to that story, and abandon Romney on principal? He lied under oath, and therefore, even though he is of my party,.. he is "unfit" to be president.

I mean one can't morally have Donald Trump impute that Obama is lying about something that happened in college, and is therefore unfit to be a president, when you have documents paraded in front of all America, showing Romney to have actually lied, not just lied to the American people, but lied under oath....

My question for Earl Gray, Mike of Delaware, Mr. Pizza, and those who support high moral principals: what is a Romney supporter supposed to do when his morals are put into the spotlight and he has to answer which was right? To have impeached Bill Clinton and now fire Romney? Or continue ones support for Romney and have the National Party officially "apologize" publicly to William Jefferson Clinton? It truly is quite a dilemma for the Republican Party.

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