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Petraeus / Broadwell scandal metastasizing at dizzying speed

This Petraeus scandal is mushrooming in different directions, now potentially tainting a top General in Afghanistan.

One wonders: Did David Petraeus - caught by the gravitational force of this other woman - pause to contemplate how such an affair could bring down his entire career - and good name - not to mention potentially the very cause he was serving in the southwest Asia?

Or, at some subliminal level, does the human mind rationalize that even if caught, one can be rehabilitated?

Exhibit A: William Jefferson Clinton, now overwhelmingly the most popular living former President. Or like Bill Clinton, Petraeus did it just because he could.

Or, do extraordinarily successful people make so many sacrifices, later in life they almost feel entitled to stray?

And when I say this scandal is metastasizing at dizzying speed in different directions:

Consider. Reports suggest U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder learned about the investigation into David Petraeus' affair over the summer but said nothing, at least not publicly.

The FBI agent who began investigating General Petraeus reportedly sent shirtless photos of himself to Jill Kelley, the woman who reported threatening e-mails.

The New York DAILY NEWS has more on that angle...


London's DAILY TELEGRAPH has more on Eric Holder...


See The NEW YORK TIMES for reporting on the other general...


Posted at 8:12am on November 13, 2012 by Allan Loudell

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Tue, Nov 13, 2012 8:29am

Married guys who try to get pootie tang on the side get exactly what they deserve: loss of job, loss of income, a sullied reputation, a divorce, and an alimony that puts them in the poor house. Guys like this shouldn't get married in the first place. They should just get hookers.

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 10:05am
Teatime: A sad fact of life in the military, government and corporate cultures. In order for a man to climb the ladder, he must be married. He can be divorced, have numerous affairs on the side, but he has to have been married. It shows stability! It would be funny if it were not so pathetic. What the General failed to notice was that this behavior is not acceptable when you head the CIA.

As to why they cheat, there is such a thing as male menopause. They (we) hit a certain age, fear for the future, then compensate with a sports car, some wild hobby and one or two wild women. Thus the 20th year of marriage usually sees a high divorce rate.

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 1:31pm
I disagree... I think personal relationships as long as they are not a security risk, should be off the political slate entirely.

In this case, I have extreme admiration for Petraeus who surveyed the happenings, and said, it is best for the CIA if I step down.

I don't think anyone here has that strength of character.

Any talk of what he did or didn't do, may be conversationally interesting just the same as Snooki would be, but just like the antics of Snooki, they should have just as much relevance on the official Government of the United States of America, which to be clear, is none.

Private is private. Period.

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 7:13pm
This could be a good story for a future episode of "Who the Bleep Did I Marry?" or "The Devil You Know".

Wed, Nov 14, 2012 6:16am
lol. I would venture that most men wish they hadn't married the person they did.... But, when given enough time for reflection, they then realize that not having done so, would have been much, much worse..... I would say that same thought process ... applies to women, even more...

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