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Reid, Keeler facing same pressure

Eagles coach Andy Reid probably won't be back next season after his 14th year at the helm of the Eagles spirals out of control.

University of Delaware football K.C. Keeler almost certainly will be back for 2013, even after his 2012 season was far less than he expected it to be.

The seasons of the two teams are somewhat similar, with large numbers of injuries decimating key parts of both teams. For Delaware, it's the linebacking corps, running backs and, to a lesser extent, the defensive line. For the Eagles, its the offensive line.

As a result, the Eagles are 3-6 while Delaware is 5-5. It's generally believed that Jeffrey Lurie will pull the plug on Reid at the end of the season while Keeler will continue to coach Delaware....and that's as it should be.

Reid's teams have gotten progressively worse over the last several seasons, once Donovan McNabb's skills began to decline and with the death of longtime defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. A number of bad off-season signings (read Michael Vick, Nnamdi Asomugha and others) and bad coaching hires, has left the Eagles a shell of what they once were. Reid has gotten stale and remains stubborn with his offense...giving lip-service to running the football while continuing to throw a disproportionate amount.

Keeler's team has been wracked by injuries this year, and at the FCS level, that means depth problems. But Keeler keeps saying how much talent remains but it is inexperienced, hence the inability to win close games.

A number of fans on the UD message board are all for Keeler's sacking...which is ill-advised, in my opinion. They cite the fact that Delaware has made the post-season just 4 of 11 years under Keeler...and that is true. Three of those four times, the Blue Hens did make it to the championship game, winning once.

And while all of that points up the inconsistency of Keeler's teams, and by extension, coaching, it is not necessarily reason enough to replace him. Keeler's program has been like Tubby's...clean with quality kids. They play hard. They do community service. They are a credit to the university.

If winning was the end-all and be-all of football at Delaware's level, maybe there is a point to getting rid of Keeler. But it is not. K.C. is not the greatest game-day coach in the world. His offense is not very exciting. It needs a big-time quarterback to function at its best, and he has not shown an ability to groom a quarterback out of high school so that he can get multiple quality years out of him. But while fans may not always like the results, they have been good enough for him to stay at Delaware. Fans need to realize that other schools have caught up to Delaware, partly because the university has dragged its feet on improvements to facilities and the program itself. That's not something Keeler is responsible for. Unless K.C. gets the top players every year coming out of high school, it's unrealistic for fans to think the Blue Hens should be competing for a national title every year.

So KC stays...Reid goes...as it should be.

Posted at 11:43am on November 13, 2012 by Big Don Voltz

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Mon, Nov 26, 2012 12:51pm

He's been a long time NFC East Coach, and now he's under fire for his team underperforming. Many talk show hosts, columnists and fans are calling for his firing.

We're talking about....Tom Coughlin, head coach of the Super Bowl champion Giants.

A lot of people forget that in late November and early December of 2011, many fans were calling for Coughlin to go because his team was struggling and under .500. But then the Giants won three straight games to get into the playoffs at 9-7, and ran the table to the Super Bowl.

So for all those calling for Coach Andy Reid's firing, you can just ask yourself whether the Giants would've won the SuperBowl had Coach Coughlin been fired mid-season.

Food for thought.

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