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Mayan Apocalypse: We're still here! -- Christmas Week Forum

Going into this weekend before Christmas, I can't recall another time when so many things seem unresolved... in suspended animation... and indeed chaotic.

Consider: With the perfect storm of the supposed end of the Mayan calendar today - coupled with the one-week anniversary of the horrific carnage at that Connecticut elementary school - schools up & down Delaware and across the country have had to beat down rumors that "incidents" might happen in their schools. Schools in scattered places just shut-down Friday.

Police officers were assigned to every school in the Indian River school district this Friday.

Council Rock High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, closed. Authorities swept the school in response to a threat that triggered a student's arrest.

This is Exhibit 'A' of the negative side of modern social media. Paranoid people can fuel the paranoia.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in a growing number of states - including Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota, & Oregon - will consider legislation to allow teachers and school administrators to carry guns on campus.

In the tiny Texas community of Harrold, teachers have long armed themselves with concealed weapons.

Of course, in the Midwest, a crippling snowstorm has spared school administrators from considering closure just because of rumors.

In similar chaotic fashion, brace for our "Thelma & Louise" ride off the fiscal cliff: House Republicans have left Washington, after the House G.O.P. leadership ditched a vote on legislation to allow a hike in tax-rates for households earning one Million bucks and up.

Here's the start of an analysis from POLITICO:


"Things were so bad for Speaker John Boehner Thursday night, support for his Plan B tax bill so diminished, the limits of his power with his own party laid bare, that he stood in front of the House Republican Conference and recited the Serenity Prayer.

'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference'.

Boehner nearly cried.

The Ohio Republican accepted that he couldn't change the minds of his House Republican Conference. He tried to convince them that, facing tough negotiations with President Barack Obama over the fiscal cliff, he needed them on his side -- and he fell short. With that, Boehner - a man who clawed back from the political ledge to arrive at the top rung of power - saw perhaps the lowest moment in his speakership.

It was supposed to be a moment of strength, a way to drag Obama and the Democrats toward them in the high-stakes fiscal cliff negotiations that have Washington teetering on the brink. Instead, it showed the world that either Boehner couldn't bring 217 of his own members to his side, or they were unwilling to be led by him in this fight.."

Prediction: Forget a "Santa Claus" boost on Wall Street for the remainder of December.

Back to guns. Consider this, from The NEW YORK TIMES' Page One Friday:


CLARKSBURG, W.Va. - "Nearly two decades after lawmakers began requiring background checks for gun buyers, significant gaps in the F.B.I.'s database of criminal and mental health records allow thousands of people to buy firearms every year who should be barred from doing so.

The database is incomplete because many states have not provided federal authorities with comprehensive records of people involuntarily committed or otherwise ruled mentally ill. Records are also spotty for several other categories of prohibited buyers, including those who have tested positive for illegal drugs or have a history of domestic violence..."

By the way, if you're inclined to stereotype that mostly Southern states might account for these inconsistencies, think again. The NEW YORK TIMES says among the states submitting fewer than one hundred records: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maryland, and Maine. Rhode Island has submitted none. (By the way, Delaware ranks second only to Virginia in prompt submissions of these records, according to the graph in the NYT)

More reporting on the relationship between Adam Lanza and his mother.


EXCLUSIVE: Inside the mind of Newtown killer Adam Lanza; he 'was like a ghost'

"In the days before the massacre, the mother of Adam Lanza was pushing her loner son to leave the Newtown home that provided his refuge from reality, a family friend told The DAILY NEWS Wednesday.

'He sat in his room playing video games for hours and hours,' the friend said. 'She thought the best thing was for him to get out of the house and into the world. To interact with people a bit.'

But the 20-year-old rejected the idea and stopped speaking to his mother, the friend said. Nancy Lanza and her youngest son hadn't talked for three days before he fatally shot her Friday morning and then murdered 20 children and six staffers at Sandy Hook Elementary School..."

The CONNECTICUT POST reports Newtown gunman Adam Lanza once considered joining the Marines, but his mother nixed the idea, according to a family friend.

Outgoing Massachusetts U.S. Senator Scott Brown becomes the first Republican U.S. senator to embrace a Federal assault weapons ban. Brown previously said the individual states should decide their own gun laws. Hmmmm. Interesting change-of-heart considering Brown's name has rushed to the top of potential candidates in a now-looming special election for the Senate seat now occupied by John Kerry. (President Obama formally nominated John Kerry for Secretary of State by mid-Friday afternoon.)

Newark, New Jersey's bigger-than-life Democratic Mayor - Cory Booker - signals he will NOT run for New Jersey governor next year. So Democratic incumbent Governor (and University of Delaware grad) Chris Christie has a much less complicated path to re-election. Typical Booker M.O.: The mayor revealed his political intentions with a blast to his 1.3 Million Twitter followers.

Resistance seems to be building against plans to privatize the Port of Wilmington. Reduced benefits or loss of union jobs appears to be part of it. But proponents of privatization - such as Rich Heffron at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce - insist those jobs become a moot point, if the Port of Wilmington can't effectively compete with other Eastern ports.

Posted at 8:05am on December 21, 2012 by Allan Loudell

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Comments on this post:

Fri, Dec 21, 2012 8:38am
Brilliant, staggering genius, to give guns to the teachers in Oklahoma, Missouri, Montana.

Also give the teachers bazookas if they want to break-up a group of kids talking too long in the hallway.

Give the teachers hand-grenades to throw at students who are sleeping in class.

Giving teachers flame-throwers would be especially helpful to disperse the after-lunch crowd in the cafeteria.

These pro-gun legislators have stunning intellect, and should keep their genius ideas coming. Good job!!!!

Fri, Dec 21, 2012 11:34am
Arming teachers is about as scary as the thought of Adam Lanza being a Marine. And he did not follow through because his mommy said no? Oh yes, he was real Marine material.

The House speaker abdicated his power when he agreed to a tax increase while demanding nothing from Mr. Obama in the form of real spending cuts. Congress may as well leave town. The Obama family is leaving D.C. If he does not find this to be an emergency, why should anyone else?

Fri, Dec 21, 2012 2:27pm
Response to Mr. Heffron. Why exactly can't the port of Wilmington continue to compete with other ports? Isn't it the number one port on the East Coast for fresh produce?

Secondly, we have all crossed the bridge into Philly and seen the forest of storage tanks for offloading onto tankers. Why would we want Kinder Morgan to put that right next to Riverwalk Wilmington? We've made Wilmington a very attractive city. Why would we spoil it for a million new problems?

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Dec 21, 2012 2:32pm
Mr. Heffron probably doesn't live near the city or more importantly, downwind from the city as many of us do, so he'd not be bothered by the odor, which is very strong when driving by those places in Philly. Those are only working- class neighborhoods; who cares if it stinks with even more pollution?

Fri, Dec 21, 2012 4:16pm
Again, there's more evidence how the House Republicans are selfish, and focused on their own self-preservation.

Their own leader, speaker John Boehner, brought to them a plan to stave-off the fiscal cliff, while raising taxes only on those who earn more than $1-million per year. Yet, the House Republicans obstinately refused, claiming this would be a "tax increase"...even if this increase spares more than 99 percent of our wage-earners from tax-hikes.

The House Republicans would let our entire nation fall off the fiscal cliff, just to protect the small fraction of Americans who are millionaires. Disgusting.

Sat, Dec 22, 2012 8:56am
First off, this is NOT a criticism of Allan and/or WDEL news. It is simply an observation.

Friday of last week, news breaks about a horrible shooting incident in a school. Most of the news we heard that day was incorrect. CBS, NBC, Fox, all had their facts wrong.

Yesterday, a week later, we hear breaking news about a school bus crash near Aberdeen, which sent several Newark students to the hospital, one in serious condition. I heard that news on WDEL during the 6pm hour. The crash was shortly after 9am.

Saturday morning I hear there were no students aboard that bus. Just teachers. Some injuries, but not that serious. Why is it that when students are involved, we rush to get news out, not caring about accuracy? Being first is more important than being correct? After all, it's about "the children."

But why I am in such a bad mood about this also concerns the trip itself. Why were we sending teachers for a trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor? They deserved a nice day off before the Holiday Break? At taxpayers' expense? Hey, no one is going to find out about it! Oops. Next time, give the driver an expresso before he starts driving! Then you may keep the taxpayer-paid jaunt out of the news.

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Dec 22, 2012 9:44am
JimH: You ask some valid questions. It will be interesting to hear, via WDEL and WDEL.com if the station pursues the story of this taxpayer-funded holiday trip to Baltimore.

Allan Loudell
Sat, Dec 22, 2012 12:10pm
For the record, this story "broke" for us Friday afternoon while I was on-the-air.

I don't honestly know if we got first wind of the story from the Associated Press or independently. I can't exactly ask Frank Gerace because he was literally here all night into Saturday morning, as he had to pull Saturday sports anchor duty as well.

For the record, I'm not completely sure whether these teachers were from public or private schools, or some combination; who funded the trip; etc. That's not necessarily something the Maryland State Police would have. A search of all news accounts, not just ours, turns up absolutely nothing in that regard. The bus company is from downstate Delaware.

Merry Christmas! I return to WDEL Thursday, December 27th.

Allan Loudell

Sat, Dec 22, 2012 12:25pm
Merry Christmas back at you and as well as a hardy and heartfelt thank you to all of the staff at WDEL who will keep the station alive will "everyone" lol takes a vacation....

You do a great public service far more than you will ever know...

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Dec 22, 2012 2:50pm
Well said Kavips: Merry Christmas Allan, may you and your family have a blessed Christmas. Also, a thank you to all the folks who will be keeping WDEL up and running during the Christmas holidays.

As Kavips said, WDEL provides a real public service for the people of the Wilmington Metro Area. I really get my Delaware news from WDEL. Yesterday, I bought and read the News Journal paper for the first time in a couple of months. Wasn't anything in it, I hadn't already heard on WDEL or read on WDEL.com. It's just easier and at no cost to come to WDEL.com for Delaware news and also national/worldwide news via CBS radio with links to their news stories, other CBS radio programs, etc.

It is great that WDEL has been able to do what you do for the community and at the same time make money via local spots so that folks like us can come here and listen and read for free while your business is a profitable successful enterprise. Talk about a win/win. Thank YOU.

Sun, Dec 23, 2012 5:24am
Teatime: I gotta admit I sure did a great job of teaching you the art of sensationalism!

Sun, Dec 23, 2012 7:36pm
Syria just fired cannisters of nerve gas into the rebels...

Mon, Dec 24, 2012 1:53am
I do believe that Syria is now using the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein supposedly didn't have but actually did have and transferred them to Syria during the 10-month period that Bush was warning him to give them up.

Once again...sorry to say I told you so!

Mon, Dec 24, 2012 7:47am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Mr. Loudell, and all my brothers and sisters who post on this blog. Best wishes to all of you for 2013.

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Dec 24, 2012 10:41am
On one of the other threads here at Allan's blog, the discussion was dealing with gun control or how to prevent such tragic events. The last post was Mrpizza suggesting that we eliminate cars, because more people get killed due to automobile accidents than do from gun fire. Great hyperbolt Mrpizza, but obviously not a real solution.

Last Friday, the NRA proposed as THEIR solution to preventing what happened, at Sandy Hook, by asking Congress to put a police officer in every school in America. According to Slate magazine, this would cost us the taxpayers at least $5.4 billion.

So my question to the NRA is, as most of YOUR members generally are conservative Republicans who'd rather "shoot themselves in the foot" [pun intended] than raise taxes on those wealthy 2%, what part of the defense budget does the NRA recommend we cut to fund these cops at the doors of each school?

Please note that Columbine High School employed an armed guard, Neil Gardner, at the time of the 1999 school shootings. According to CNN, Gardner was eating lunch in his car when violence broke out in the school, and 13 people were killed.

In most schools, there are many door locations. Most schools have rules against students opening the doors to outsiders. So how often when someone bangs on the door has it been opened by for them by a student? It wouldn’t surprise me if sometimes students will put something in the door to keep it from latching so they can go out (have a smoke) and then reenter. Kids are creative and quite often don‘t follow the rules. So at which door should the armed police officer be posted? Based on this NRA proposal, it seems to me that we will also need armed cops at all workplaces, theaters, shopping centers, malls, and churches. Before you know it, we will be living in a police state.

A friend of mine (an advocate for everyone to be carrying a concealed gun) who lives in Georgia was telling me one of the ushers at their church has been packing heat for years - I'm serious. Somehow that doesn't go with Jesus' approach to life, based on my reading of the Gospels. I believe they go to a Southern Baptist Church. Of course being the "smart Alec" that I am I had to quip back, so if you don't put enough in the collect plate does he "encourage" you to dig a bit deeper. Everyone's a tither in that church, I'll bet. heh heh. They obviously are following the Gospel of Smith and Wesson.

The idea of teachers packing heat in the class room, as suggested by some, would be ineffective and dangerous. All of a sudden you hear a gun shot, quick, run to your filing cabinet or desk drawer and unlock it. Get your gun. Fine the correct key and take the trigger locking device off. Make sure it is loaded. As you're doing this your students are left to fend for themselves while you go hunting for the bad guys. What happens if you accidentally shoot a student during the panic and confusion. Yea this is a great idea. My understanding is, the police were at the school in a couple of minutes. They are trained and they are looking only for people with guns/rifles.

It seems to me that keeping the maniac from getting his/her hands on a gun/rifle/shotgun is the obvious solution (YES that means tougher rules for screening for gun ownership). This tragic killing of children and adults would have been prevented if this one paranoid mother and her nut job son had been confronted by the folks who knew them, with laws already in place so they could have legally been able to step in as both mother and son needed some serious help. Some see the mother too as a victim, I don't. She knew her son had issues and yet kept guns in the house that he apparently could get his hands on. She apparently was into the "survivalist" thing and is why I called her paranoid as so many of those folks are. My point is this is where the focus needs to be placed on keeping guns away from both the mentally challenged, the nut jobs, paranoid wackos, and yes the criminal element. That's my spin.

Mon, Dec 24, 2012 3:31pm

Brilliant idea by the NRA to put an armed guard in every school. Sheer genius. But why stop there?

Let's give all the STUDENTS weapons so they can defend themselves NRA style. Give the 6 year old a glock, so she can stop the bad guys who come to schools.

Merry Christmas, NRA, and keep those brilliant ideas coming!

Mon, Dec 24, 2012 9:16pm
This should be worthy of consideration: State Senator Dave Lawson (R-Marydel) has proposed installing emergency exits at the back of classrooms for quick escape in case of emergency. I find this to be an excellent idea and could save a lot more lives than any gun legislation. Of course, if you have multiple gunmen with accomplices waiting outside, there would still be no escape. However, there's only been one case (Columbine) where there was more than one shooter. Also, the exits would also serve as a fire escape. Presently, students are boxed in and I'm surprised that OSHA regulations didn't require this decades ago. Here's the full story:


Mon, Dec 24, 2012 9:31pm
MFD: There would be money for these armed guards if the government would stop buying $500 hammers and building bridges to nowhere. In fact, doing away with those overpriced contractors and shopping at Walmart like the rest of us would probably save the taxpayers trillions.

Teatime: You melodramatize about the NRA and arming children, but if things get much worse, you may really have to give the 6-year-old a glock. There really are countries around the world where this happens out of necessity, and if Obama continues with his "outreach" to Muslim extremists, we may be such a country in another 20 years.

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Dec 25, 2012 1:02am
Mrpizza: Most elementary schools here already have an exit with lavatories in between two classrooms. So Middle Schools and High Schools would be what he's talking about. OK, so where is THAT money coming from? Will the GOP now vote to increase taxes on the wealthiest 2% for this worthy cause? Probably not, their kids don't go to public schools, so they aren't concerned and won't want to have their taxes raised. So you and I will get to pay higher taxes, via a referendum (once the project is completed that tax won't go back to its prior level). So to me this is a bad idea. The problem with this idea is it only addresses this problem for schools, what about other public places?

To me keeping guns/rifles out of the hands of nut jobs and criminals is the better way to go, not just for school kids, but all of society. A normal legal American citizen should be able to own a gun/rifle, but those with mental issues or criminals should not, so why do you guys keep defending those people?

Tue, Dec 25, 2012 1:04am
There are no more $500 dollar hammers. There was only one bridge to nowhere, and it was paid for long ago.

Someone obviously doesn't know how much it costs to put exterior doors into every classroom. It cost $5000 to do it to a house, about 10 years ago. so maybe more now... So a school with 100 classrooms would cost $500,000. Cecil County has 29 schools so a rough estimate for that county, $14.5 million. Looks like that expense alone doubles the yearly cost of Cecil County's School district...


So we will need a new tax... Hmm, kids like pizza... it appears that there are exactly 40 pizza outfits in Cecil County,...


...so we could split the cost of putting in new doors among each pizza parlor, and then, each one could cough up...$362,000 as their fair share...

They could rationalize it that having a local mass shooting, means fewer pizza eating customers...

Of course, for much less of a cost, we could ban assault weapons, as well as clips holding large numbers of rounds. And make sure a paper trail is solid on every single gun, private owners included.

Tue, Dec 25, 2012 5:43am
MFD: You keep harping on the "wealthiest 2%". Do you know any of these people? If not, how do you know they even exist? Seems to me you and the rest of society are too dependent on them. "But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day."

If God chooses to use the so-called "wealthiest 2%" as a means of blessing to his people, then he will put it on THEIR hearts to give it, not through government stealing it from them by force of gunpoint.

Tue, Dec 25, 2012 5:49am
Kavips: In Nazi Germany, it was the REGISTERED gun owners who's guns were confiscated by the SS who went door-to-door. You remember what happened next, right?

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Dec 25, 2012 12:13pm
Mrpizza: So you'd rather protect those wealthy 2% from ever having to pay an extra dime in taxes, but have no problem stealing the Social Security money away from old people who actually need that money to survive??? Know, do I buy my prescription this week and literally have to eat dog food, or do I eat people food and skip my meds??? IS that what Jesus would do??

IF we have to take from someone to pay the bills, then wouldn't it be better to take it from the wealthy who it won't hurt at all rather than the elderly and the little guy like you and me. WHY is it OK for US to always have to be the one's hit? How come no charitableness in your heart then? We'll just have to agree to disagree on this topic.

Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Tue, Dec 25, 2012 2:01pm
I just have to comment on how we know the wealthiest 2% exist.. I'll probably never get such a chance anytime in my future, so forgive me for taking advantage of this opportunity.

The reason I know the wealthiest 2% exist, is because if you take 100% of anything, and remove 98% from it, the anything you have left, will be 2%...

Since I have now solved this classic conundrum for all mankind, here is hoping all can relax and enjoy the holidays....

Tue, Dec 25, 2012 10:34pm
MFD: I'm not trying to get you to agree or disagree with me, nor am I trying to protect a specific people group that I'm not even sure exists. I'm trying to get you to think outside the box. You limit God by thinking that people are your source. You say God is your source but you limit him as to the means. For me it's God and God alone and whether or not the so-called 2% pay more doesn't make a bit of difference and the truth is that Obama wants everybody's taxes to go up anyway because that gives him more control over the population.

I'm making a declaration right here and now that I'm not going to be under the thumb of this government and its birdbrained economic policies which have no biblical basis in the first place. The system of the last 100 years is Babylonian, which in simple terms is man trying to meet his own needs without God.

And regarding who's to blame, it's the politicians who as you've pointed out stolen our social security money and squandered it. Why should anybody, rich or poor, be asked to give up one more dime? You complain about the 2%, but they did nothing to cause the problem. The problem is the politicians prostituting our tax dollars to murderous thugs on other continents who torture and abuse their own citizens.

It's not a revenue problem. It's a SPENDING problem! If they want to know how to correctly spend money, there's plenty of advice in the book of Proverbs. If they won't take that advice, then make THEM eat dog food!

Tue, Dec 25, 2012 10:50pm
I heard John Watson sitting in for Al Mascitti last week and he touched on the subject of Bill Clinton's 1993 tax increase which was passed as the first order of business in his administration. John stated that the tax increase led to prosperity, and Kavips has also said the same thing here on this blog.

Previously, I had disagreed with that notion, however I've had to reconsider my position. I see now the error of my ways as I failed to follow the true logic, which goes as follows:

In 1993, Clinton and the Democrats pass what was at that time the largest tax increase in American history (wow, we've sure had a lot of those!). This in turn led to massive voter backlash in November 1994, sweeping Newt Gingrich and the first Republican-controlled House and senate in 40 years. This, of course, led to fiscal discipline and Clinton was forced to either cooperate or look like a fool. He chose the wiser road, and decided to work WITH Republicans rather than trying to intimidate them to work with him (guess he was kinda outnumbered!). Not only did we have the best of economic times, but they also passed welfare-reform and got people to a place where they no longer needed government assistance.

So, I must agree with both Kavips and Watson that tax increases result in prosperity. I'm also convinced that we need to just fall head-first off the fiscal cliff so we can have prosperity once again, because the more taxes EVERYBODY, not just the "2%" pays, the stronger economic growth we'll have.

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 8:31am

It's pretty comical that a guy delivering pizzas is trying to be an apologist for multi-millionaires. How does cutting taxes for those millionaires benefit the guys delivering pizzas?

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 9:59am
Hurting another person does not help me one bit. Increasing taxes on someone else, does not lower my taxes. No person should pay a higher percentage of tax than anyone else. We should all be in this together.

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 1:11pm

Good point, JimH. No person should pay a higher percentage of tax than anyone else.

That's why it's profoundly unfair for working and middle class taxpayers to be paying a HIGHER RATE on their taxes than the millionaires. As Warren Buffet himself noted, Buffet pays a LOWER rate than his administrative assistant which, Buffet noted is extremely unfair.

Hurting working class taxpayers is something the Republicans and the millionaires have no qualms about doing.

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 1:12pm

And, to my original question: How does cutting taxes for millionaires help the guy delivering pizza?

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Dec 26, 2012 3:01pm
The odd thing is the Republicans seem to want to protect those who have far more than anyone else while throwing the lesser than thee under the bus. Somehow that doesn't fit with scripture: Luke 12:48 "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked".

It is not unreasonable to ask those who've so greatly profited by the economy during the past 30+ years (that upper 2%) to pay more to help keep the boat (our nation) afloat. Everyone else (the 98%) has lost ground consistently during that same 30+ year period, NOT due to laziness or sloth on their most of those folks part, but due to those wealthiest 2% moving more and more jobs overseas and not raising their remaining American workers wages during that 30+ year period. So the upper 2% have played a major role in causing the economic problems faced by the middle class in America today.

Another way to say it, for the past 47 years, the US has given preferences to minorities to try to equalize the playing field due to the Europeans White's having had such a great advantage prior to 1965 when the Civil Rights Law was passed. OK, for the past 30+ years, the wealthiest 2% has had their cake and they got to eat it too as THEIR wages leaped upward in ways never seen before in the history of the world, while others dropped or became non-existent due to the actions in how the 2% ran their businesses, so just as we've been doing to equalize the playing field for minorities, so should the playing field be better equalized to help the middle class. So again it is NOT unreasonable to ask those who've benefited far more than any group ever in history, to pay more to help the rest.

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 7:23pm
I believe it was the Pope who said that being against Labor Unions was morally wrong. He said money rises to the top, and through interest alone, the wealthy can survive while producing nothing. This gives them an unfair advantage. They can close shop while the workers starve, and outlast them until the workers at the point of death, agree to work for a piece of bread. This of course would cost the Catholic Church considerable amounts. They would get loaves of bread, instead of gold coins. They get a far greater percentage from the tithing of all parishioners then they get from trying to get a wealthy person to pay his fair share. (The wealthy didn't get that way by giving away money)... so Labor Unions now have the blessing of the Church.... For by banding together, they can force all but the most wealthy, to come to the negotiation table....

I am intrigued by Mr. Pizza's giving Gingrich credit instead of Clinton for the longest growth of continuous prosperity in American history. I wonder how Mr. Pizza would discount all the growth signs beginning from the passage of that increase to Gingrich's taking over as sSeaker of the House in January of 05? I also wonder why Gingrich's party, if it was so instrumental, and if the high taxes were detrimental to the economy, chose to keep them? I would also point out that Clinton offered the budgets and that Gingrich usually passed them as they were written; not really the antics of a true engineer of an economic recovery. However, I would point out that Gingrich was good at taking credit for others' actions, as proven by Mr. Pizza's mis-recollection of that era....

I think until I hear Mr. Pizza's answer to that, I will continue to believe that high taxes are necessary to keep economies flowing efficiently.... provided there are opportunities divert tax monies into local investment in domestic capital projects free of charge....

Although I speak for raising the rates higher, I have never complained about those investing in America to cut down their tax bills. That in fact, is the sole purpose of raising the rate; to force more companies to build in America.

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 7:33pm
Teatime: Where's your brain at? I work for multimillionaires!
And for you and all the rest of you, it's time for you to get this through your thick heads. Multimillionaires CREATE JOBS!

Kavips: I don't know what you're fussing about regarding Clinton and taxes. I'm AGREEING with you!

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 8:12pm
MFD: Jesus also had a message in Matthew 13:12 to those who covet and resent their neighbor's property or are poor stewards with another man's wealth: "For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even what he has."

Not a good prognosis for politicians or the people they use as pawns to plunder the wealth of people who have rightfully earned it.

Wed, Dec 26, 2012 9:45pm
Following is everything we've been discussing for the last several months wrapped up in one great piece of comedy. Hopefully, it will get through to at least one of you:


Wed, Dec 26, 2012 10:18pm
Figures Reaganomics could only work in a cartoon... What about the real world? The Character representing Obama should have said, "now, let me show you how it really is..."

"In my story only one person get access to the study materials. That person is given the actual test to study before hand. The entire class takes the test, and there are 10 F's and one A+... class average, F...

That is how things are in the real world run by Republicans... Not funny enough for a cartoon...I guess.

It appears that conservatives who subscribe the this cartoon of an idea, have trouble thinking beyond whatever hypothesis they are given...

Our proposal, in context of this cartoon, is to let all students study, and grade them accordingly... Stop weighing the test so only the top 1% can win.

And, in a very simple way, raising the tax rates, does exactly that... it gives everyone an opportunity to improve.... that includes the wealthy too..

Just think, if only Bush W had lost Florida, how great and wonderful this nation would now be? One has to wonder, how could America have ever been so deluded and wrong?

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Dec 26, 2012 10:42pm
The cartoon was funny and well done. The "stereotypes" of each was good.

However, I agree with Kavips version of the cartoon better, but it wouldn't have been as funny.

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Dec 26, 2012 11:05pm
An interesting commentary from Pat Buchannan about Christmas in an Anti-Christian age. I believe all of the "regulars" here will find it of interest.


Mike from Delaware
Wed, Dec 26, 2012 11:22pm
An other interesting article, this time written by Tobias Roberts, "The Challenge of the Manger in Bethlehem. Very thought provoking.


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