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Post-Inauguration... political media full of stories about Joe Biden's 2016 ambitions

Many of us here in Delaware are probably tired of the talk about Joe Biden's future political plans.

That Joe Biden may very well seek the Presidency in 2016 has a "Groundhog Day"-type resonance.

Still, this Presidential Inaugural week has seen plenty of stories weighing the odds of a Biden Presidential bid... and the chances of success.

Surely the Vice President has played a big role in all the great political intrigue of late: Fiscal cliff negotiations; gun constraints; etc. But that may very well be his Achilles Heel. The consummate insider who can get stuff done can't very well run against Washington an outsider.

But as the Inaugural festivities vividly displayed, Delaware's former senior Senator still absolutely enjoys schmoozing with people; he has that Clintonian quality minus the Clinton baggage.

Perhaps some of us here in Delaware have an inclination to underestimate the Vice President's political gifts. (Even gaffes don't seem to hurt the Veep that much; they almost make him more endearing!)

Of course, at this point, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the presumptive favorite for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 -- assuming she runs. Yet it was the outgoing Secretary of State, not the older Veep, who suffered a health scare of late.

This article from USA TODAY reflects the Biden buzz...


But, the "Dean" of White House correspondents - Kenneth T. Walsh at U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT - reflects on the Vice President's contradictory position as the seasoned political pro...


Posted at 8:37am on January 22, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Comments on this post:

Tue, Jan 22, 2013 9:04am
Seriously Allan, how much of that is copy writers just trying to find the topic that rises to the top of the 'hit' list?

Both Biden and Clinton will have passed the age where their effectiveness has peaked. The rigors of the presidency are far more physically demanding than they were 30 years ago.

Tue, Jan 22, 2013 9:48am

No doubt about it: Joe and Hillary will wage a fierce primary in 2016, but Hillary will prevail because of vast support by female Democrats. While neither is a 'spring chicken', Biden's age is getting up there and even his son is too old to campaign for the young Democratic vote.

So watch for a Hillary--Jeb Bush showdown in 2016.

Tue, Jan 22, 2013 3:50pm
No one thought Obama would be president just after the 2005 swearing-in.

No one thought John Kerry would be the 2004 nominee just after the 2001 swearing-in.

No one thought George W. Bush would be the next sitting president just after Clinton was sworn-in January 1997.

No one thought Bob Dole would wind up winning the Republican nomination just after Clinton was sworn-in in 2003...

No one dreamed Bill Clinton would be the following president back when George H.W. Bush was swearing-in for his first term.

No one thought a diminutive governor from Massachusetts would grab the nomination for the Democrats, back when Reagan was swearing in his second term....

Prior to that, we did have anointed ones... as Ted Kennedy found out when the tried to take the microphone from Carter, and George H.W. Bush, found out when he was informed it was Ronald Reagan who "paid" for that microphone... lol.

Mondale was anointed when Carter lost. Reagan was anointed when Ford lost. But Carter was a surprise, the first they said, and that was blamed on Watergate, after which voters said "anyone but a previous beltway politician"....

Point it, if you are talking about Biden and Clinton now, that guarantees neither will be in the running after the first couple of primaries.

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Jan 22, 2013 10:33pm
Kavips: I totally agree. Biden and Hillary are old news and in 2016 they will be OLD.

Their time in the sun will have past. There are new upcoming stars in both DEM and GOP parties. Someone in that lesser-known group will become the nominee in the DEM and GOP respectively. Time marches on. Gingrich and Buchanan - the wise, respected thinkers of the GOP - just as Clinton, both Bill and Hillary, etc., are the DEM equivalent.

Folks like Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, etc., in the GOP and Andrew Cuomo, etc., of the DEMS and folks like these are the ones to keep your eye on for 2016.

Tue, Jan 22, 2013 11:38pm
The two eventual winners will probably be someone not even on the list yet....

Just a couple of things I wanted to add about the Presidential Inauguration that haven't made it to print anywhere. James Taylor's guitar was so out of tune, I think for security reasons it was checked and left on the veranda and the cold distorted all the strings. Poor James made a go of it anyway. I heard people say they liked it so I guess a lot of people are tone-deaf, but it was grating on one's nerves throughout the whole song, and I felt so bad for him....

The camera really picked up some horrible grimaces on our own Attorney-General while Beyonce was singing. Judging from her awesome popularity, any future opponent of Beau is going to be seriously tempted to use that footage to drive a wedge between Beau and his base. If you get a chance, it is funny to watch. One has to wonder what Beau is thinking.

I didn't know until I read Joe Biden's autobiography, and it came out in 2008 as well, but Biden as a boy was a stutterer. Still, every time he takes an oath, if you watch his eyes, you can see how much work it is for him to repeat something verbatim, and there was a catch this time and a microsecond of panic was visible across his face. However, when Biden is engaged with people, the hype of the moment keeps that nervous tic totally at bay. It could very well be that the handicap is what forms his personality and makes Biden, Biden,.... that avuncular jolly old soul that he is, who if you meet him in person, wraps you up with two big arms in the goodwill of the moment...

Likewise Obama also tripped up in his speech for a millisecond, and I bet it was because he was worried about getting past the mix-up he made four years ago. Chief Justice Roberts, who was also part of the mix-up last time, was worried as well. With both worried, both tried really hard to get it right, and Obama was the one who jumped, caught himself, but muddled on through. One could see it was an inside joke with the girls, particularly Sasha, because she let out a big smile after it was done as if to say: "you did it Dad!"....

And the committee that chose the luncheon menu was made up of spouses of the Congressional Inaugural Committee, and ironically unlike their elected spouses, Boehner, Cantor, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, and Alexander, the spouses were able to compromise and come to an agreement over the menu fairly simply...

And too much is made of Michelle's head roll. I saw the clip several times without even noticing it. It has to be isolated and completely blown-up to 5x its original size to be seen. You can tell that Boehner makes a bad joke, she has her mouth full so she shakes her head to acknowledge the punch line as if to say, "oh,my," and you see Obama crack up right beside her. It apparently was no big deal to anyone actually there, which brings up an interesting point. Do public figures have to confine themselves to being stiff like Queen Elizabeth used to be for example, just so a random moment won't be captured and used by someone like Rush Limbaugh in a context unrelated to its original intent?

I think Americans are smart enough to laugh at it, and as long as they don't live within the Beltway, they certainly don't hold such human expressions against anyone.

But..... People are really crazy within the Beltway.

Wed, Jan 23, 2013 12:01am
Well, at least they don't hold such human expressions against Democrats.

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