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Bipartisan "Gang of 8" Senators craft immigration deal; can they sell it to G.O.P. House members?

This story had been overshadowed by many others, but a powerful group of U.S. senators had been negotiating behind closed doors a comprehensive immigration overhaul. Now they have reached a deal.

Considered crucial: Rising G.O.P. star Senator Marco Rubion has endorsed the framework.

But that doesn't necessarily mean "Tea Party" House Republicans will sign on to a deal that would create a pathway to citizenship for the nation's approximately 11 Million illegal immigrants.

However, Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential running mate - Congressman Paul Ryan - has signed on, and he COULD help win over hardline conservatives in the House. If Ryan can't persuade them, however, we will see in even more vivid detail the fault lines within U.S. House Republicans.

Here's POLITICO's account...


Posted at 7:00am on January 28, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Mon, Jan 28, 2013 1:36pm
So now, after all the anti-illegals stuff the GOP has been spouting for years, NOW because the Hispanic community is becoming the new majority, they are going to change their view??? So it isn't a matter of right or wrong, following the law or not, IT'S ABOUT TRYING TO INSURE ALL THOSE HISPANICS VOTE GOP AND NOT DEM. Yes, indeed, the GOP is the party of values. The GOP is just as corrupt as the DEM's.

Frankly, our government has done a lousy job with this issue going all the way back to the days of Reagan. He gave amnesty to about 1 million illegals back then, with the promise from Congress that the borders would be secured. THAT never happened, so now we've got at least 11 million more illegals, and the same issues 30 years later.

However, giving these hard-working Hispanics a pathway to citizenship could benefit our nation. Most of these folks are hard workers, doing jobs no one else will do. So what America ought to do is give those 11-million Hispanic workers green-cards -- they each pay a fine for breaking our law -- then they can start paying into the Social Security system, paying taxes, etc., etc. THEN the US should deport to Mexico all the Welfare folks who've been on the Welfare rolls prior to the Recession starting. Those folks, even when jobs were plentiful, didn't work, so yes those folks ARE the takers, to use a Romneyism.

I'm sure we could find 11-million deadbeats to give Mexico. Seems like a fair swap given that nation's lack of cooperation in helping the US stop the illegal flow of immigrants and the flow of drugs into our nation from their nation.

That would help cut the deficit in paying welfare benefits to deadbeats who have no intention of working, plus add taxpayers. Sounds like a plan to me.

Granted, Mexico would squeal like a stuck pig, but they've had a deaf ear to the US when we've wanted a more secure border. Maybe after they get 11-million deadbeats, they'll be more interested in working with the US than just sticking it to us all the time. How are they going to stop us from doing that?

OK, I realize this is never going to happen, but you've got to admit the idea does have its appeal.

So the best we can do is FIRST before any Dream Acts, amnesty, pathways to citizenship is granted is to round-up any criminals who are here illegally and deport them immediately back to Mexico. SECOND Secure the Borders, no games realliy secure them. THEN, Third work on amnesty, dream act, pathway to citizendship for those illegals who remain here.

Mon, Jan 28, 2013 5:46pm
I think Mike said it all. Can't think of anything to add to it of any substance.

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