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Is Governor Markell in trouble with his own party in the Delaware General Assembly?

The NEWS JOURNAL has another very interesting Page One story today:


I confess I've been thinking along similar lines.

But an even more poignant analysis appears on the DELAWARE LIBERAL blog. Even though the writer is obviously partisan (Left, progressive) (Al Mascitti's frequent guest upstate), this isn't a standard political rant, particularly when the writer discusses the rush to gay marriage.

Love to get your feedback on the points listed here...


Posted at 7:41am on January 31, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Thu, Jan 31, 2013 8:25am

Here you have a governor who isn't very honest. In one breath, he says he "only" wants civil unions for gays.

Then, just one year later, he comes back and pushes for gay marriage. Disingenuous and dishonest.

Thu, Jan 31, 2013 11:06am
The fact that we are down to one political party in Delaware is bound to create infighting for the Democrats. While the party rank-and-file still includes members of many political stripes, the leadership has taken a decided left turn.

I do not fault the Governor on the gay marriage issue. Last year, the commander-in-chief of his party was trying to remain silent about his own views. Civil unions were allowed. Now that Obama is saying full speed ahead on everything gays desire, Markell has his orders. As far as actual powers are concerned, states have little, if any. Obama says let gays marry. Markell has to follow that order and the General Assembly must rubber-stamp it. Mr. Markell’s future in the party will be determined by how well he follows orders. “Delaware Liberal” is on the mark with this one.

The relationship between the governor’s office and the General Assembly does not appear to concern Mr. Markell. It should. He has two years to fill between the end of his own term and the end of Senator Tom Carper’s term. This leads me to believe there is something going on at the national level that we have yet to learn.

Thu, Jan 31, 2013 1:34pm
I agree with Jim. You will always have different opinions. If there is only one party, it happens within that party. Having two parties means the same jostling occurs, but it has two separate names.

The reason I prefer the first option, because in today's world, the second option is broken. Compromise is out because it makes the other side look good too. With one-party rule, that doesn't happen, we do get compromise, and we move one.

Thu, Jan 31, 2013 4:27pm
Brief addition to Jim's comment on why the Democratic Party is taking a left turn.

These were the guys campaigning. Their constituents were bombarded by both Romney and Obama ads and came up solidly for Obama. The Tea Party at least in Delaware damaged the brand previously known as Republican. All anyone heard on the campaign trail, was this: You've got to do something about those Conservatives....

Normal Republicans - and there are many - were completely unable to get any message past the crazies out into the current of mainstream America. I mean seriously. Romney until the campaign began, would have easily passed as a "normal" businessman who incidentally, happened to be Republican.

All anyone heard from the national race down, was how dumb Republicans were.

This immigration deal could have changed that. We actually have Republicans who care about the country over party and are trying to do something. But now the crazies are ramping it up, and once again, Republicans are cast as that party of weirdos. Most aren't. But they really need to split the party so they are no longer lumped in with people who believe that being crazy is cool..... personally, there are lots of independents, far more in line with the old Republican Party, than they would lose by ditching the insane column....

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