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Early test for Wilmington's Mayor Williams: The shooting of a city police officer

Wilmington's new mayor - Dennis Williams - addressed Wilmington's spate of shootings frequently during the campaign, and some observers thought perhaps Williams was overselling what he could reasonably achieve as Mayor Baker's successor.

And granted this new Administration has been in office a few scant weeks, and consequently, has barely had the time to address the crime issue.

Still, despite the cold temperatures, the shootings have continued.

And as if to put a punctuation mark on the entire situation, a three-year veteran of the Wilmington Police Department was rushed to Christiana Hospital Sunday, after a suspect shot him in the face after a traffic stop and police chase on Wilmington's southeast side, Southbridge.

It's the first time in recent memory a city cop has been shot in the line of duty.

Mayor Dennis Williams and his new police of chief held a news conference this morning. Full coverage upstate on WDEL.

I happened to be at the McDonald's along Route 13 south of the County Airport yesterday when a DART bus driver recognized my voice and began talking about the shooting, which he had heard on the radio. He shook his head and commented that it was really beyond the ability of any mayor to contain that kind of violence -- not that a city administration shouldn't make every effort.

He mentioned violent crime in Philadelphia, and then we talked about the spate of shootings in Chicago, under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former chief-of-staff.

Posted at 7:04am on February 4, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Mon, Feb 4, 2013 9:15am
Really, what can he do? Even if there were more police on the streets, that shooting would have happened. It's the inner-city society and mind-set. Until there is real change in homes, and in families, this will only continue and will continue to escalate. Schools can't fix it. Churches can't fix it. Police can't fix it. Individuals have to fix it.

Mon, Feb 4, 2013 6:39pm
What can one do?

A) Enforce all petty laws on the books that pertain to not being great outstanding citizens. Enforce jaywalking, Enforce loitering, enforce obscenity laws... 5 guys on the street, pull up, arrest then all; take them to holding. drop them off, then go back round up some more. Anyone standing in groups on the street gets picked up. The processing area gets backlogged. Then it gets overcrowded. Then it gets so overcrowded the sweat from the next person is running down your arm. It takes eventually takes 36 hours to get processed, the entire time spent in jail. People miss work, people don't like it, councilman's phone rings off the hook,25/7. .. but very soon, people don't stand on street corners.... Chances are some of those arrested will have contraband. They get processed for much longer crimes. You interview every single person arrested. Who do you know who has a gun.? Who do you know who might shoot you? Who do you know who has threatened you to be quiet? Who do you know that sells drugs? You then go get them. Arrest them and process them...

Bottom-line, most of these will not stick. But while everyone is in jail, those people who are good citizens, suddenly outnumber the bad ones on the street and the whole embattled hunker-down atmosphere changes....

I learned this from Rudy Guiliani, who I thought was the reincarnation of Himmler. But what he did worked, and he forever has my admiration for doing something that made progress against something everyone in New York thought was out-of-control...

If one can clean up New York, Wilmington will be easy. Just got to arrest, arrest, arrest, arrest, and hold, hold, hold, until you can process, process, process....

The same streets of Queens I use to speed down afraid someone would run up to my car, bust my window, and pull me out ..had outdoor cafes lined up on both sides, full of patrons at 11 P.M. .... It works.

Mon, Feb 4, 2013 10:33pm
Arthur and Kavips are both right here. Family values and very strict law enforcement must be done.

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Feb 4, 2013 11:37pm
Kavips, Authur, and Mrpizza have said it well.

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