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The first G.O.P. "Primary" contest for 2016: Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul responding to the President's State of the Union

We're going to see some curious political theater tonighht.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) - rising star of the G.O.P. establishment AND some conservative activists - will deliver the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union.

But, not to be overlooked, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) - son of Ron Paul - will deliver the "Tea Party" response.

Some already see this as an early test of Rubio vs. Paul for 2016.

And note New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be nowhere to been seen. He may be a darling of the Northeastern G.O.P. establishment - and New York media - but conservative Republican primary voters & caucus-goers may be in no mood to nominate another Northeastern Republican governor, whose conservative bonafides are suspect.

Unless Christie can take advantage of a split conservative activist vote for Rubio and Paul, just as Mitt Romney and John McCain could exploit a split among the "true believers".

See this piece from NATIONAL JOURNAL about the Paul vs. Rubio rivalry...


Posted at 8:01am on February 12, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Tue, Feb 12, 2013 8:33am
Both Rubio and Paul (Rand) are conservatives, so they'll be targeting the same audiences, with Rubio possibly having the advantage of being able to also target Hispanic voters that the GOP has a difficult time in attracting.

If I understood the article Allan linked, Rubio and others from the GOP, plus some TEA party folks, are going to make comments after the President's speech. If Obama goes longer than an hour, he'll be pushing the GOP's parade of speakers into the later hours and much smaller audiences.

What I found to be interesting is the State of the Union doesn't start until 9 P.M., just after NCIS. No one, not even Obama messes with Gibbs - heh heh.

I found another story that might also be of interest to Allan and the others here. Its about a new rising star in the GOP, Dr. Ben Carson. He gave an excellent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast that the Prez and Mrs. Obama attended. The link has the C-SPAN coverage of his speech with the news story about Dr. Carson. This man might be the surprise candidate for 2016. Listen to his speech. It's great and well said. Kind of like a breath of fresh air.


Tue, Feb 12, 2013 8:32pm
Go Republicans!

Tue, Feb 12, 2013 8:45pm
Hey Mike, did you ever check out that NCIS link that I sent about a month ago? I've been enjoying the series starting from season 1, episode 1, totally commercial free!

I guess it must be due to my age, but I like Sasha Alexander better than Cote' dePablo. Sasha is less flashy and more ordinary than Cote'.

Wed, Feb 13, 2013 12:24am
Rubio was a failure. I haven't seen Rand Paul yet, but based on Rubio's performance, Rand Paul will be the next Republican nominee for the president of the United States.

(Someone needs to get water off the stage whenever a Republican steps on. Ryan drowned because of water too.)

Wed, Feb 13, 2013 12:25am
That horrible crashing sound at the end of his speech, was his presidential aspirations collapsing all around his feet....

Wed, Feb 13, 2013 12:48am
I feel sorry for Rubio here...


Mike from Delaware
Wed, Feb 13, 2013 8:20am
Mrpizza: I've been watching NCIS on Netflix. To answer your question: I guess it must be due to my age, but I like Sasha Alexander better than Cote' dePablo. Sasha is less flashy and more ordinary than Cote'.

I like them both, but yes Sasha Alexander has that "classy" thing going for her, more in the line of ladies like Jane Seymore (Dr. Quinn), or Sophia Loren.

I'll have to get back later to comment on last night, because so far I only watched Obama's speech. Frankly I couldn't disagree with anything he said (these types of speeches are "wish lists" so pie in the sky stuff). I liked that he has some vision for doing this stuff without adding to the deficit. Of course the details are where the rubber meets the road.

Bohner looked very uncomfortable up there last night. Poor guy's nose started to run, he had to whip out his handkerchef and blow his nose on camera.

The 102-year-old woman was quite an inspiration in a citizen taking voting seriously. She stood in line for a number of hours. How many of us would have done that? The policeman who had 12 bullet wounds. Some interesting guests last night.

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