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Is UD's decision to forego a post-season offer a message?

The News-Journal quoted Delaware athletic director Eric Ziady as saying the Blue Hens men's team would not accept an invitation to either the CBI or CIT basketball tournaments if offered.

Ziady says he discussed the idea with coach Monte Ross and they decided there would be no value in it, since the goal was the NCAA or NIT tournaments.

Last year Delaware played in the CBI tournament and lost in the first round to Butler, 75-58. Interestingly, the Bulldogs were coming off back-to-back Final Four appearances and most certainly were not expecting to settle for a CBI invite...but they felt it would be worthwhile.

It is a universal sentiment among coaches that any post-season play is worthwhile, in football or in basketball. It gives a team more practices when they would normally hand in their uniforms. It gives them at least one more game to play against a good opponent. But Delaware decided it wasn't for them. Why?

Forgive my skepticism, but when I read the article I immediately thought it's because they plan to fire Ross. The article also quoted Ziady as saying "Monte Ross is our coach"...but that seems to be the way an AD says it if he means at that moment only.

I think the reason they're not going to accept a lower level tournament bid is because they don't want to have Ross coach in a tournament where it is possible they could go on a little bit of a run...but that makes no sense, since whether you fire him or not doesn't depend on what happens in those games. If that's what they're concerned about, they can always relieve him of his duties and let one of the assistants coach through the tournament, as frequently happens in football and bowl games.

I have a hard time believing that if Ziady had no qualms about firing football coach K.C. Keeler, he would be hesitant to fire Monte Ross. Besides, it gives him a good opportunity to hire another coach with Boston College ties.

Posted at 11:22am on March 18, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Thu, Mar 21, 2013 9:24am
How fast will Tina Martin be out next year when Delladonne is no longer carrying the team?

Thu, Mar 28, 2013 3:17pm
How would anyone know what's going on South College? The UD AD has no apparent desire to keep the public informed and the media, including WDEL, hasn't exactly pressed them for hard answers, whether it's the fate of the basketball coach or the future of the AD department.

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