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CAA loses another one

The reason the University of Delaware left America East more than 10 years ago to join the CAA was for better competition....especially for the money sport of basketball, both men and women.

A league that included UNC Wilmington, VCU, Old Dominion and George Mason in men's basketball was a very good mid-major. And in the past several years, Mason and VCU went to the Final Four, cementing the league as one of the two or three best mid-majors.

But in just two years, that has all collapsed and now the league looks much like the America East Delaware left years ago.

Old Dominion will be off to Conference USA after this year. VCU is already gone to the A-10. And George Mason now will join VCU in the A-10 as of July 1st. In addition, Georgia State, an improving basketball school is heading to the Sun Belt.

So what does that leave Delaware with? A league that looks a lot like America East with Drexel, Hofstra, Northeastern and Towson remaining along with William and Mary, JMU, UNC Wilmington and College of Charleston joining in the fall. (Albany and Stony Brook will become football-only members next season).

It's no wonder CAA champ JMU was a 16 seed in this year's tournament. There is not one school left in the CAA that has accomplished anything in men's basketball...in fact, it is a much better women's basketball conference now, even though Old Dominion is on the way out.

This isn't what Delaware signed up for....as of now, the CAA is looking up at the Patriot League and even America East. The only positive...if Delaware can't win a league championship against this motley crew, there's something wrong.

Posted at 9:17am on March 26, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Tue, Mar 26, 2013 3:28pm
FCS football also looks a whole lot less desirable with App State & Georgia Southern on the way out.

Don, have you checked in with the UD braintrust to get them to comment on the future of UD athletics? It would be good to know if they at least were making contingency plans.

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