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So what's on your mind as we enter this weekend?

A Republican congressman from Colorado created a stir when he read aloud from what he said was an unclassified paragraph from a secret Defense Intelligence Agency report given to some members of Congress. In a nutshell, North Korea has advanced its nuclear capability to the point that Pyongyang could arm a ballistic missile with a nuke. However, such a weapon would be unreliable. The Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Martin Dempsey - seemed to have been caught by surprise by the public revelation, and declined to comment on it. Left unanswered from that unclassified nugget: What the Defense Intelligence Agency believes to be the range of any missile Pyongyang could arm with a nuclear warhead. Obviously South Korea and presumably Japan, but the regime has threatened to attack U.S. territory as well.

Most of the Korea experts I interview still think North Korea is bluffing; it might send up a missile or two, but that's it. One South Korean professor I consult who has regular contacts with the South Korean government and intelligence is much more worried.

I recall all the Middle-East experts I once consulted when Iraq's Saddam Hussein first threatened Kuwait -- and who said Saddam's rhetoric was strictly for internal consumption.

Most everyone agrees, however, that the present climate increases the chances of an "incident" that could lead to rapid escalation.

The findings from a sweeping new survey of teachers released by the Delaware Department of Education: The state's teachers profess satisfaction with their work environments, but don't like all the paperwork. 88% of the teachers said they work in safe environments; 80% indicated their schools were a "good place to work and learn"; 77% planned to stay at their current schools. Time management represented another area. 61% said they were doing too much paperwork. Under half said they had sufficient time outside class to prepare for their lessons.

As reported extensively on our stations, officials and lawmakers supporting marriage equality unveiled legislation to make Delaware the 10th state to legalize gay/lesbian marriage. State Representative Michael Ramone (R-Middle Run Valley), one of the co-sponsors of House bill 75, is the only GOP'er to publicly support the effort so far. To be sure, his district is socially moderate. The Delaware Family Policy Council vows to fight. According to the legislation, houses of worship and clergy could NOT be compelled to preside over a same-sex marriage ceremony.

By the way, Uruguay is likely to become the second country in South America to have an "equal marriage law" on the books. Uruguayan President Jose Mujica will sign the marriage equity law. The new law would remove references to "husband & wife" in marital contracts, putting in place a gender-neutral term. It would also allow gay/lesbian couples to adopt kids. Of course, Uruguay's Roman Catholic bishops came out against the legislation.

Sixteen G.O.P. senators ignored their party's leaders, voting to end the Republican filibuster of gun control legislation, and allow what everyone expects to be an emotional Senate debate. Who were the 16 G.O.P. senators?

Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)
Kelly Ayotte (New Hamsphire)
Richard Burr (North Carolina)
Saxby Chambliss (Georgia)
Tom Coburn (Oklahoma)
Susan Collins (Maine)
Bob Corker (Tennessee)
Jeff Flake (Arizona)
Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
John Hoeven (North Dakota)
Johnny Isakson (Georgia)
Dean Heller (Nevada)
Mark Kirk (Illinois)
John McCain (Arizona)
Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)
Roger Wicker (Mississippi)

I suppose I'm most surprised to see a senator like Coburn on this list. Of course, a vote to allow debate to proceed is not the same as voting for the legislation itself.

Conversely, two Democratic senators split from their party:

Mark Begich (Alaska)
Mark Pryor (Arkansas)

The conservative commentariat has been livid at Pennsylvania's Republican Senator Pat Toomey, once a Tea Party favorite. It was Toomey who crafted a secret compromise with West Virginia's Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. At least on some issues, Toomey has become quite a different cup of tea from that other Keystone State onetime Republican Senator, Rick Santorum. But to some conservative talk-show hosts, Toomey has become a sell-out, a quisling.

The conservative NATIONAL REVIEW carried an analysis entitled, "Toomey & Manchin's Slippery Slope".

Guns also figure in the continuing political gender gap:

A new poll from NBC News & The WALL STREET JOURNAL found 65% of women favoring stronger gun laws, compared to 44% of men. A recent Quinnipiac University poll found 61% of women, and 45% of men, favoring stricter gun laws. Of course, more men own guns. So we ultimately have a chicken-or-the-egg riddle: Do people inclined to purchase guns naturally oppose more stringent gun laws, or does owning a gun change a person's views? (Or is it that a gun owner is more likely to join a 2nd Amendment-type organization, and so is increasingly exposed only to one-sided, pro-gun, views?) Or at some subliminal level, do many women just instinctively recoil at the notion of guns? Certainly, in a political context, the fault lines are clear. NATIONAL JOURNAL's Ron Brownstein recently observed: "Gun control is now overwhelmingly unpopular among the portions of the white electorate Obama is LEAST likely to win anyway---and maintains solid majority support among the Americans most likely to actually vote for him..."

FOREIGN POLICY on line offers an interesting take on the backlash to Jay-Z & Beyonce's trip to Cuba:

The CUBA LOBBY: The most powerful lobby in Washington isn't the NRA. It's the Castro-hating right wing that has Obama's bureaucrats terrified and inert

"Jay-Z and Beyonce are discovering that fame provides no immunity from the Cuba Lobby's animus for anyone who has the audacity to act as if Cuba is a normal country rather than the heart of darkness. After the pop icons' recent trip to the island to celebrate their wedding anniversary, the Cuba Lobby's Congressional contingent -- Senator Marco Rubio, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Representative Mario Diaz-Balart -- castigated the couple, demanding that they be investigated for violating the half-century-old U.S. embargo. (As it turned out, the trip had been authorized by the U.S. Treasury Department as a cultural exchange.) Still, celebrity trips to Cuba make headlines, and condemnation by the Cuba Lobby is always quick to follow..."

The author of this piece, William M. Leogrande, argues further that the Cuba Lobby has prevented a rational debate about U.S. policy towards Cuba. However, others (or many) would argue AIPAC - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee - is the most powerful lobby in Washington, at least, when it comes to foreign policy.


"As school districts across the country consider placing more police officers in schools, youth advocates and judges are raising the alarm about what they have seen in the schools where officers are already stationed: A surge in criminal charges against children for misbehavior that many believe is better handled in the principal's office..."



"The city's mayoral hopefuls are sharpening their knives -- and Anthony Weiner better be ready to answer the hard questions about his sexting scandal.

Sources in the camps of several campaigns said they have been in dirt-digging overdrive ever since the shamed former congressman hinted he was eyeing a mayoral run that would pit him against an already-crowded field, including Christine Quinn, Joe Lhota, Bill de Blasio, and Bill Thompson..."

The WALL STREET JOURNAL this week reported on a McDonald's crackdown on "rude and unfriendly" staff after receiving numerous complaints from customers. The WSJ received slides from a webcast involving McDonald's brass and franchise owners. Customers also complained about speed and "chaotic" service. McDonald's recorded better-than-average sales during the recession, but has experienced a decline in recent months.

From the German newsmagazine, Der SPIEGEL on line:


"The world has been without passenger pigeons since 1914. Now, scientists want to bring them back. Geneticist Ben Novak has embarked on the project and has begun collecting passenger pigeon DNA from natural history museums. His 'de-extinction' efforts are not without critics..."

Novak is a researcher with the Long Now Foundation, a California think tank.

The NEW YORK POST and The DAILY MAIL this week reported on the rise of "Lotus Births".

From The DAILY MAIL (U.K.):

"An increasing number of women are choosing to leave their newborn baby's umbilical cord attached, in an all-natural trend called Lotus Birth.

Lotus Birth, or umbilical nonseverance, means the mother waits for the cord to detach from her baby naturally -- rather than cutting it off near the stomach after childbirth.

It can take up to 10 days for the placenta and umbilical cord to fall away -- and mothers must carry around the matter with their baby as they wait for nature to take its course..."

Lotus birth proponents argue that retaining the umbilical cord lessens the chances of infection, and permits a complete transfer of placental/cord blood into the baby at that early time when the baby needs that nourishment. Proponents also argue that letting the umbilical cord fall off naturally creates the perfect belly button and results in a completely healed navel skin area.

New social trend?

Posted at 9:10am on April 12, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Fri, Apr 12, 2013 9:46am
Just curious why no one is covering the HUGE abortion case in Philly?

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 10:16am

The Obama administration shows an absence of leadership in this North Korean crisis. With our countries on the brink of war, there is no direct dialogue on this, except for threats reported through the news media.

Secretary of State John Kerry should be in Pyongyang negotiating a settlement directly. It makes no sense for Kerry to visit South Korea and Japan, which are already allies. Kerry should be in North Korea engaged in direct dialogue with the North Korean leadership.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 10:16am
EarlGrey: No one? You found three links. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News have run over 700 stories. The Philly TV stations also have multiple stories. The media were all over this when charges were first made and now during the trial, even the News Journal. All you have to do is a simple search. Of course, the right wing blogs, running true to form, are saying the MSM are ignoring this and you believe them. It would have been so each to check. That's why god created Google.

Also notice this guy is on trial. He is charged with violating current abortion laws. This is not about legal abortion; it is about illegal abortions.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 10:22am
teatime: How do you know there is no direct dialog? How do you know, if there is no direct dialog, that it has not been attempted? Sensitive diplomatic moves are kept secret for good reason. And Kerry cannot just waltz in to North Korea. First, there has to be direct dialog. Then maybe Kerry gets invited. If there were to be serious talks, they would most likely be in a neutral location with a neutral mediator. Read up on how diplomacy works before you criticize.

Besides, there is no real grievance or dispute here. So, there's nothing to talk about and in all probability, Kim is Un-interested in talking.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Apr 12, 2013 10:28am
Allan showed, for me, the important part of the upcoming legislation in Delaware for legalizing same sex marriage:
"According to the legislation, houses of worship and clergy could NOT be compelled to preside over a same-sex marriage ceremony."

Works for me. The State [secular society] can do as it wants, while The Church can do as it believes is correct with no hassle from the state.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 10:57am
Just want to say I have no interest in the abortion case in Philly. I skip the headlines and never look at anything on line with the word abortion in it. Time is too short to worry about something forever decided in 1973.

On a brighter note, I think Friday's open threads are the best of the week. They are so invigorating. I feel like a Union ship sailing into Mobile Bay...

As for the leak in Congress over North Korea, my first thought based on the reaction of the General, is that this is a leak by right-wingers and is orchestrated just as was the Reichstag and the Maine, to achieve a certain result. If I am correct in memory, the NK's have only had one single successful missile launch? And that was without an unbalanced warhead attached. So will they risk a new launch that goes into the ocean, making them bigger fools than they are now? The biggest threat is a ground war. Estimates are that would be as effective as it was the last time, in NK's favor until reinforcements were able to make another Inchon landing to cut them off...

As for the Republicans' and Democrats' shifts on gun-control, that goes to show we often make too much over party alignments. In fact, most elections are decided upon who is the better candidate for the people. Even in Republican Oklahoma, if the better person running is a Democrat, he gets elected. It is silly to expect him, though carrying the same party name, to act like a progressive liberal from the Bronx. He still has to run his office as those back home would wish.

There are many Republicans who don't come from Buckwild type of districts. They have to answer to their constituents just as do those Democrats who do have Buckwild types in their backyards. Each congressperson has to answer to his/her constituents.

Major news organizations miss this, and lump all Republicans together. And for a while, all Republicans did act lockstep with each other, all voting one way; all of the other side, voting the other. However, historically, it was always the Democrats who tended to vote their conscience, and Republicans who strictly voted their radical party line....

One minor point directed towards the conservative talk shows booing Toomey. Conservative talk-show hosts are hired to find anything wrong which can then be used against progressives. They are hired to also bully politicians.

In the days before television, these conservative talk-show hosts would be that loser behind a card-table on the street corner, handing out pamphlets to walkers-by supporting Lyndon LaRouche. Most would walk by and say, "No thank you"... It was never reported on the daily news that some joker on the street-corner would be handing out pamphlets that day. He was nobody: Just some joker. But, take that same man, and put him behind a desk and give him a daily show, and society actually now argues over what he is proposing... It really is ridiculous how being on television gives credence to the craziest of ideas, including those of Lyndon LaRouche, whose ideas are no-go under the name of Tea Party Conservatism. It is true. As soon as you turn off your TV, you become 20 times smarter it seems.

As for the split between men and women on guns, one aspect that occurred from my experience with both males and females, is that when fantasizing on what to do with a breach of security, a male will first think of how to acquire a weapon to completely kill and take out the opponent, and a woman will first think of how she would talk and negotiate her way out of being hurt. I think at our core, it is genetic and not environmental.

If you have zero social skills, you are going to need a gun. Men feel they need guns, and that could be why.

The Cuban lobby is a joke. "Forget about 'em" The trip was a wonderful cultural exchange, and the only negative arising from it is America's realization that this nation has still not come to its senses and voted the obsolete Republican Party out-of-existence. As each bitter old white guy kicks the bucket, so does the Republican Party, one by one.

Weiner gave us such mirth the first time. If the voters love him, and he seemed pretty cool in how he handled the questions yesterday, they will vote him in no matter what any of the bitter old white men say about him...

As for lotus birth, it appears to be a luxury only the rich can afford. Most of us have to get back into life immediately right after the birth occurs.... Whatever, it should be a personal choice. I suppose having a nice navel to show off, might be worth it...

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:22am
Earl Gray & others: Re: Gosnell, read the column I posted at Cagle for newspapers around the country:


Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:32am
Thanks Rick (good job!)...so I'm not the only one to notice the mainstream media ignoring this mass murderer in Philly and only their choice to instead continue fixation on a mass murderer in Newton...because only one advances their agenda.

kavips: if this evil man had done the same thing with a gun...it would be covered 24/7...this story has NOTHING to do with Roe v. Wade. The doc killed babies born at full term, healthy and crying!

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:36am
billsmith: notice two of the three links are not "mainstream" media...the mainstream is too busy pushing gun control, immigration and gay marriage rights.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:42am
(edit)and only their choice to instead continue fixation on a mass murderer in Newton...because only one advances their agenda....typed before re-reading.

Thanks Rick (good job!)...so I'm not the only one to notice the mainstream media ignoring this mass murderer in Philly
and instead they continue to fixate on the Newtown mass murderer...because only Newtown advances their agenda.

kavips: if this evil man had done the same thing with a gun...it would be covered 24/7...this story has NOTHING to do with Roe vs. Wade. The doc killed babies born at full term, healthy and crying!

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:45am
Earl. Thanks for the clarification.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:57am
EarlGrey and PsychoJensen: You are both liars. Talk about fixating only on what advances your political agenda.

For anyone interested in actual facts, go to the following link and see how many stories about this have been published in just the last 24 hours.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 12:17pm
billsmith: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means"...we are not lying.
I don't care what you find with google, that is not what is playing 24/7 on the "news media"...

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 12:34pm
Earl Gray & others: Re: Gosnell, read the column I posted at Cagle for newspapers around the country:


Fri, Apr 12, 2013 12:36pm
lol. if they don't hear you the first time, say it again a second time!... I've had that problem on this site as well and figured it came from back-clicking and then when on that page again in trying to get out, hitting enter in the process... Since the last key pressed on that page was the submit button, hitting enter anywhere on that page, sends it off again...

On a different note, the News Journal had some news from Belarus, and here is the link...


Apparently Indonesians rank above citizens of Belerus when it comes to survival skills....

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 12:47pm
billsmith: If you take a breath and actually read my column re: ABC, CBS and NBC plus "as of April 9, 2013," you'll see that your posting with the Google search string is a nonsequitor. April 9 is significant because that's the day after the most heinous testimony occured and it's the date I posted the column. Such uninformed accusations of "liar" will serve you as well as they did Keith Olbermann.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 1:24pm

Kavips, I'm in agreement with you. Anytime I see the word 'abortion,' my eyes glaze over and I move immediately to the next story.

Abortion as a topic is boring, cliche, and worthless. Everybody spouts the same tired arguments on both sides. Who cares?

If any topic is underreported in the media, it is the pending war against North Korea. Sure the story gets some coverage, but it should be 24/7 coverage like the runup to the Iraq war.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Apr 12, 2013 1:30pm
How about that 14-year-old from China playing in the Master's Tourny in Augusta, Georgia? A change of pace, something light and fun.


Fri, Apr 12, 2013 3:04pm
Jensen: My accusations are not uninformed. You acknowledge that this story has been covered by local media, which would include Philadelphia TV stations. Three TV stations, which you acknowledge are covering this, are part of the same news organizations you accuse of "liberal bias."

Had your blog focused the nature of this story and how it compared to stories receiving greater coverage on the network evening newscasts, that would be fair criticism. But you immediately state as premise and fact that the TV networks' decisions are driven by "liberal bias." Even the historian you cite questions your premise.

Clearly you have an agenda and you are willing to twist and alter facts, and to state as true things you do not know (and cannot demonstrate) to be true. Look to your own bias and to your lack of intellectual integrity, sir. You incendiaries on the Right make careers out of being pots calling kettles black. Or to put it a one-syllable word, you lie.

News stories compete for limited time on the network evening newscasts. This may be a compelling story within the region, but why is it more compelling than stories which these newscasts did cover and compelling to people on the other side of the country? Further, while a local newscast might provide details of each day's testimony in a major trial, the national news will often provide less frequent summaries. Did you check to see whether any of these news programs (or the prime time news magazines) have summarized this case? Or do you just want to inflame and preach to the choir of the right?

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 6:34pm
I noticed no mention of the News Journal's error of pouncing on the Christina School District for trying to salvage the broken program of RTTT and still do what is necessary for their students.

For those not following, it is rather interesting. The state wants $20,000 bonuses for teachers in inner-city schools who get an "excellent" rating... The Board recognizes that will pit teacher against teacher, and cause mis-communication, backstabbing, setting others up to fail, and all the normal corporate behaviors in every office in downtown Wilmington. Some people think that breeds character.

Instead, the Board wants to use that money to pay every teacher $1000 if they reach the level just under, as effective. This will continue to foster the cooperation necessary for the functioning of any team.

In a metaphor, the Christina board is opting for keeping the Philadelphia Eagles team of 2004-2005 when McNabb and TO went all the way to the Super Bowl and lost the championship by a field goal, and Markell, Department of Education Secretary Mark Murphy, and the Corporate Sponsors - including Eli Broad, the Gate's Foundation, Pearson, Rupurt Murdock, Michelle Rhee, Arne Duncun, the National Secretary of Education - think antagonism, disruption, and chaos is better, and hope to pit McNabb and TO against each other.

The moral, TO quit mid-season and the Eagles had a losing record. Losing 10 games after winning the first six....

This is a game. The loser in education is our children.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 7:59pm
"God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board." - Mark Twain

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:25pm
Bill. I laugh because I used to think the same thing...

Then, the daughter of a friend, said... "I really hate English" and I knew she was in Common Core....

I looked into her cirriculum, and was shocked. shocked... Let me see if I can find the piece this student was given for which there is NO literature AT ALL in her year of 10th Grade English... I'm interested in your reaction...


"Inventory" was almost here. Miguel had to count all the product on his shelves. He didn't have time. In the morning deliveries came and had to be stocked and rotated. Once he opened his doors, he had to handle customers, and never was a time that no one was in the building. Then in the evening, he had to stay to make sure his evening shift was running smoothly. His assistant came in at five, and Miguel would wait to make sure all staff was present and accounted for, that no manpower shortages would occur, and that all equipment was working properly, before he could leave. He started every day at 5 am..."










From Shakespeare to this..... This is Common Core, ladies and gentlemen.

This is what we are "actually" teaching and what Governor Markell and Murphy and Corporate America are foisting upon our schools....

This is what the Christina School Board and the Indian River School Board I should add, is desperately trying to modify inside our schools....

Interested in your reactions....

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 11:29pm
"and never was a time that no one was in the building" should have been

"and never was there a time that no one was in the building".. that was my fault it got missed.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 12:11am
And to change the subject, it my turn to play Mr. Pizza....

Here is some beautiful inspirational music fitting with the times.... Please listen and enjoy.... (Mike, next Friday it is your turn.. lol).... :)


Sat, Apr 13, 2013 4:53am
To my good friend Rick Jensen: Never mind these boneheads. Mr. Pizza is here to defend you to the death. It's you and me against the world, my friend.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 7:12am

Key point of this paragraph: Pay attention in class and do your homework, Dummy, or you'll spend your life in a job like this.

Write a 5 paragraph text: This is how kids learn to pad; never use one word when five will do. "Text" is redundant. "Five" should be spelled out. Whoever wrote this shouldn't pass high school English, let alone teach it.

"When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder
I can think at all
And though my lack of edu---cation
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall"
- Paul Simon

Ode to a teacher:
Don't worry if you job is small
And the rewards are few
Remember that the mighty oak
was once a nut like you.

"The vilest abortionist is he who attempts to mould a
child's character. ...

He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. ...

Every fool believes what his teachers tell him, and
calls his credulity science or morality as confidently as his father called it divine revelation."
- George Bernard Shaw, "Man and Superman"

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Apr 13, 2013 11:00am
Kavips: The schools aren't teaching Literature?? They don't have required reading any longer?? No wonder the kids don't know what a book is, or the pleasure of holding one and sitting in a comfortable chair and magically being transported via those words to places far away, exotic, exciting, scary, or beautiful, thoughtful, or that may challenge their beliefs and ideas, etc, etc.

No wonder the kids don't know who George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, William Shakespeare, Taylor Caldwell, and a host of other great authors [too many to mention here] are. We indeed may be entering in to the 21st century version of the "Dark Ages".

Very nice music, but a very scary video. Many of the film clips in the first part of the video I remember seeing on TV as a child. They were scary then, still scary today. The rest of the video only added to the scariness, but demonstrates very clearly why the world is upset with both nut jobs in Iran and N.Korea getting and possibly using nukes.

Since I'll probably forget by next Friday, and after seeing that video, I know I could use some inspiring music, my guess, others might need it now too after viewing your video, check out this video.


Sat, Apr 13, 2013 11:18am
"...or that may challenge their beliefs and ideas, ..."

MikeFromDelaware: You should know better than anyone, the last thing parents want is to have their kids' ideas and beliefs challenged.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 12:10pm
Hey, Jensen! How come the biased right-wing media aren't covering this?

Anti-gay Christian lawyer found guilty of abducting girl, 14, to Canada and videotaping her having sex

- Lisa Biron took teenager across border while on bail
for child porn charges
- New Hampshire jury took less than an hour to convict
- Biron was previously arrested after police allegedly
found porn material on her computer
- She is associated with the anti-gay group Alliance
Defending Freedom

Lisa Biron is facing at least 25 years in jail after she was convicted in a New Hampshire court. The jury took less than an hour to reach its verdict on child pornography charges.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 12:20pm
Or this?

'If babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted': Republican Congressman prompts immediate outrage after selling controversial bumper sticker

- Campaign staff of Texas Congressman Steve Stockman selling the bumper stickers to raise money for his 2014 re-election bid
- Stockman brands himself as 'the most conservative' member of Congress
- Known for bringing Ted Nugent as his guest to the State of the Union

Campaign staffers working on the re-election team for Texas Congressman Steve Stockman released the bumper sticker today prompting an immediate backlash.

Republicans can't stop saying something stupid. They just can't help themselves. Remember "legitimate rape?" I guess Republicans figure voters who listen to right-wing talk radio won't notice how stupid they sound.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 2:24pm
TeaTime sez:
"The Obama administration shows an absence of leadership in this North Korean crisis. With our countries on the brink of war, there is no direct dialogue on this, except for threats reported through the news media.

Secretary of State John Kerry should be in Pyongyang negotiating a settlement directly. It makes no sense for Kerry to visit South Korea and Japan, which are already allies. Kerry should be in North Korea engaged in direct dialogue with the North Korean leadership."

Turns out Kerry is in China, talking to the only country that has influence on North Korea, the only country North Korea is willing to listen to, the only country that cut off trade, oil and hard currency from North Korea. If Kerry made a move for direct talks with North Korea, they'd probably blow him off in the most humiliating way they can imagine. China is the only friend they've got. China has come to depend on trade with US. I know Tea Party people will look for any excuse to bash the administration but Kerry is making the smart play, the only smart play.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 5:54pm
Tea Time... Sorry I'm late getting back, but you said this Korean crises was like Iraq.

Since I'm not getting it, I was wondering how so?

The "kid" is playing this up for domestic consumption, that is a given. He's in domestic danger of being disposed and this is his stall for time...

However I remember a statement someone one on this thread pulled up... During the buildup against Kuwait, all the president's advisors said, it was for internal consumption, he'd never risk an invasion.....

So, I say, since that is what I just said... , better get ready for war.....

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 5:58pm
BillSmith. The bumper sticker has an obvious reason. One one bumper sticker, he can advertise TWO causes. It is called economizing and with only poor white dirt farmers left to fill the Tea Party's rosters, not much contribution is to be expected. One has to do what one has to do...

It's brilliant, really. Fetuses holding guns... Genius. both anti-abortion and pro 2nd Amendment on one 33 cent piece of sticky paper...

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 6:07pm
Mike, it is a complicated issue. This class was not getting any literature, period. But the Federal Guidelines call for some good literature to be involved.

When we looked, the private corporation, Pearson, was the one who made the curriculum and was responsible for deleting all literature from the class.

So, whereas Federal Guidelines called for literature to be read, the Corporation that is actually helping the government write the standards, is selling something that doesn't follow them. It is all so new, it is being created on the spot, it took parents to raise the alarm halfway through the year.

But if one thinks. Why would a corporation want a future employee to think for themselves? Why would a corporation want a future employee to have ethics?

The entire educational push from the Obama adminsistration is entirely being corporately driven. Delaware is the same. I'm not sure if you were aware, but Murdoch just bought out and now owns the biggest educational corporation in America....

Murdoch always buys for profit.... If one looks across the spectrum since the past recession, public education was the last public trough available....

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 6:13pm
Get ready for war? After all, the last war in Korea went so well. Stand by for cheer leading and rah rah coverage from the right wing media (present company included).

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Apr 13, 2013 6:54pm
Billsmith: I may not have been as clear as I should, I didn't mean religious beliefs, because that would be bringing church and state issues and having teacher or teachers pushing THEIR religious views or anti-religious views on the students.

I remember a Social Studies teacher, who I had in high school who was a Socialist, possibly even a Communist [at least we all thought he was]. We had interesting discussions in his class, because of his views that were very different from mine and most of the class. He was liked by most of the kids in spite of his anti-American anti-capitalistic, very pro-socialistic type comments. Back then kids didn't go whining to their parents every time a teacher looked at them cross eyed or said something they didn't like, so he was free to broaden our outlooks and challenge us to think about some of the issues of our day in a different way.

I remember asking him years later[as an adult], when I ran into him in a grocery store, if he really believed the stuff he said in class or was just trying to get us all to think and discuss stuff, and he said, those were and still are his beliefs. He called himself a Socialist. I told him that I didn't agree with many of his points of view, then and now [around 1980ish], but really enjoyed his class, because he helped me to see things from more than one perspective. Also he helped all of us to realize Socialists weren't the "boogie man", they just had a different way of running their nation that we as Americans don't agree with for the most part.

I am not an advocate of book banning for adults and even for students in a broad general way [all books in the school library should be available to all students including the libraries copy of the Bible, if they haven't been purged from the school libraries years ago.

But I do believe parents of young children should have veto power for THEIR child ONLY of saying that THEIR child isn't ready for such books as: Heather Has Two Moms or Dad's New Room mate who's name is Fred" or This is How Mommy and Daddy Made You, or whatever other books that have upset parents of those younger kids that aren't Math, Science, History, Social Studies[ ie "regular traditional school subjects that are grade appropriate"].

The other thing that should NOT happen in schools is teacher's showing movies to their class that are rated above the kids ages. "R" rated movies should not be shown to kids below the proper age, without parental approval BEFORE the movie is shown. Again, that is NOT the teacher's place to decide what values like those your kid needs or at what age they should be exposed to viewing the sex act, violence, etc.

Actually I don't believe they should show entertainment movies at all in school. Have them view PBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Scientific American, etc, type documentaries, cultural films, Literature like Romeo and Juliet, etc.

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 9:28pm
MikeFromDelaware: Your "socialist" teacher was lucky none of his students ratted him out to their parents. Some would have objected. There are parents who don't want evolution included in the curriculum. There are parents who object to suggestions that comparative religion be included in the curriculum. Maybe you saw the news story today about the teacher who was suspended after assigning his class to write an essay from the Nazi viewpoint. There are parents who want to ban Huckleberry Finn or Catcher In The Rye. How do you feel about the Qur'an in school libraries? Hindu scriptures? Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet was rated PG but has a nude scene. But I'd agree that plays need to be seen, not read like novels (which is how they are usually presented in school). Still there's a fine line between entertainment and culture.
"The world is a stage; the stage is a world of entertainment!
It might be a fight like you see on the screen
A swain getting slain for the love of a queen
Some great Shakespearean scene
Where a ghost and a prince meet, and everyone ends in mincemeat." - Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Apr 13, 2013 11:08pm
Billsmith: I don't have a problem with an English version of the Qur'an, Hindu scriptures, or the Torah along with the Bible being in school libraries.

I don't believe Huck Finn or Catcher in the Rye should be banned from school libraries.

I could understand why parents might chaff at their kids writing positive stuff about the Nazi's, just as parents would be upset with a positive spin being given to the KKK. However, the kids do need to study the history of what went on during those groups days of power, including the Soviet/Chinese Communists, and the Arab issues, etc.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 12:11am
Mike reminiscence of his socialist teacher brings up a good point. I had one too, and I think almost every one from the late sixties through the nineties was exposed to someone who espoused a world view, if not that of socialism.

I would venture that is why there is little socialism today, because we were exposed to it a little in high school or college, and most of America said, no thanks.

It has stopped being part of the curriculum and as we saw with the Occupy movement, its popularity among people who never learned its pros and cons, is higher than ever....

Shows that banning something from being taught, has the opposite consequence...

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 2:14am
billsmith: Still waiting for you to come clean about your homogenous relationship with Mr. Rice. Hey, this may be a good example for Laura Ingraham's "Separated at Birth" segment.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 6:31am
MikeFromDelaware: There's the old saying not to criticize someone until you've walked a mile in his moccasins. Winners write history and it's almost always from the perspective of we are the good guys; they are the bad guys. The result is people come away with little or no understanding of a different political philosophy and even less understanding of how and why people - regular people, even good people - might be drawn to it. People in this country look at dictators and like to think "it can't happen here." Well, it can. Maybe it's valuable for students to understand how it can (not just why it shouldn't). So, think like a Nazi might be a valuable experience.

kavips: Related to what I just said, people in this country come away with an overly-simplistic and generally inaccurate understanding of different political philosophies. The problem is they think they know it and they don't. Even with a teacher who considers himself an advocate, people don't get socialism. Just like people don't get libertarianism. For the record, socialism does not mean government ownership. And the preferred term is "social democracy." It has not been rejected everywhere. Social democrats are the governing parties in much of Europe. They are Her Majesty's loyal opposition in Canada.

Most of what you learn in high school is crap. And everything you learn in so-called "social studies" class. Part of the problem is teaching seems to attract brain dead people who want a "secure" job (with lots of time off and good benefits). In college, they spend most of their time taking "pedagogy" courses and way too little studying the subjects they are supposed to teach. Then they work for administrators and school board members who live down to the worst stereotypes of bureaucrats. This is why we don't have universal public education. We have universal baby sitting. And a few kids who manage to educate themselves despite the dweebs in front of their classrooms.

Mike from Delaware
Sun, Apr 14, 2013 8:26am
Kavips: Thanks for the deeper analysis of the education system in you post further above.

In your post directly above you're saying that the Socialist comparison study [I and apparently you and others from our time had] was actually part of the curriculum and he and those other teachers weren't being cutting edge and going out on their own?

Hadn't considered that, interesting point. Yep in today's world I could see a teacher losing tenure and possibly their job over saying anything positive about socialism given how some folks foam at the mouth out there in "the Talk Radio World" as they call Obama an "evil Socialist who's trying to destroy America".

Billsmith: Oh I could see a course given in the ways the Nazi's used propaganda to create the hatred of the Jews and others who weren't Ayrians. But it shouldn't be used as a tool to re-teach that hatred, so depending on who the teacher was [pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli] might make a major difference.

Mike from Delaware
Sun, Apr 14, 2013 8:30am
I guess what both Kavips on Socialism and Billsmith on Nazism are saying is that having those studies may help to prevent ever having such stuff happen here.

Kavips' point about how Socialism didn't take hold here and possibly those "radical" teachers we had back in the 60's might have contributed to that affect.

There are those out there who say the Holocaust didn't happen. So possibly the lack of teaching this stuff in schools today could be part of that misguided view.

Good point gentlemen.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 9:28am
MikeFromDelaware: You raise a point of major contention. Germany banned Mein Kampf because they didn't want to "re-teach hatred" (not their words but it describes their thinking). Should we hide from ideas we don't like or confront them? Is hatred so appealing we can't let people know about it?

There are two major schools of thought: One comes from Aristotle and is held by the Catholic Church and the former Soviet Communist Party. People need to be protected from "error" or "falsehood." So special people, who can handle this, decide what people should hear, read or know. The other comes from Plato and Thomas Jefferson. They said ideas can compete and people can decide for themselves. Social scientists also have found that not knowing an idea makes people more susceptible; that if you know opposing views, this creates what's called an "inoculation effect."

Maybe if people had studied Nazi ideas more, they'd notice the similarities between what Hitler and Mussolini said (and their appeal to voters) and what the Tea Party and certain talk show hosts say (and their appeal to voters).

It's funny how historical interpretations change. When I was a kid, I used to go up in my grandparents' attic and read my grandfather's books from when he was kid (late 19th century). Today, Hitler is the ultimate bad guy. In my grandfather's books, Napoleon was. Today, Napoleon isn't so bad. I wonder what they'll be saying in another 50 years and who their super-villain will be?

History comes from Greek words meaning to inquire, to narrate and to judge. History is interpretation. That's why it's arts and letters, not social science.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 10:35am
It's been almost two days since "Rick Jensen" showed up here and then got strangely quiet.

Since that time, I've seen this same story about the "abortionist" in Philly and how the "left wing media" aren't covering it pop up around the Internet with almost identical wording.

Here's how it works in right-wing world:

One of them posts something in his blog. He lies.

Then the other wing-nut bloggers lift and copy from the first blog. They don't have enough originality to make up their own lies like the first one. Neither do they have enough integrity to check things out for themselves or think for themselves. Jensen is a small-time right-wing talk show host and clearly in this latter category.

Then the wing-nut, Tea Party masses pick it up and start posting on message boards. This group is gullible enough to believe anybody who says what they like hearing.

If anybody bothers to do a Google News search, they will get an idea on how much this story has been covered (and how much certain bloggers complain it isn't being covered enough).

It's interesting how many of the bloggers make a point of saying that this defendant is African American. That makes it clear where they are coming from.

It's also interesting how many of them make a point of calling this defendant an "abortionist." He is not being tried for performing abortions or for violating Pennsylvania's limits on abortions. He is being tried for murdering new born babies after a live birth at late or full term.

Typical for the fans of the "slippery slope" on the right, they want to link murder of new borns to legal abortion - just like they want to link gay marriage to pedophilia.

What they fail to grasp is this guy is a throw-back to the kinds of things done by back alley butchers born abortion was legal. If you read the descriptions of this guy's "clinic" (he had a general medical practice), "butcher" is an apt description of him. Overturn Roe v Wade and we will see a lot like him once again. Of course, those on the religious right seem to think that women seeking abortions deserve that kind of treatment.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 12:50pm
mrpizza: Here are this week's GLBT birthdays. Please send flowers (if you can find a florist who will deliver them).

Today: Sir John Gielgud (Pope Pius XIII)
Monday: Leonardo DiVinci
Tuesday: Dusty Springfield
Wednesday: Thorton Wilder
Friday: Dick Sargent (Darrin II)
Saturday: George Takei (Mister Sulu)

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 3:23pm
I've been waiting for AllanLoudell or somebody else to mention this. He did mention the passing of Roger Ebert. Surprisingly, nothing about Margaret Thatcher.

But also, "as it must to all men, death came this week to"...

Annette Funicello
Jonathan Winters
Frank Bank (Lumpy Rutherford)

Mike from Delaware
Sun, Apr 14, 2013 7:10pm
Billsmith said, "
It's funny how historical interpretations change. When I was a kid, I used to go up in my grandparents' attic and read my grandfather's books from when he was kid (late 19th century). Today, Hitler is the ultimate bad guy. In my grandfather's books, Napoleon was. Today, Napoleon isn't so bad. I wonder what they'll be saying in another 50 years and who their super-villain will be?

History comes from Greek words meaning to inquire, to narrate and to judge. History is interpretation. That's why it's arts and letters, not social science."

Good points.

I had read about all those deaths, other than Frank Bank [Lumpy Rutherford]. I'll have to go and look to see more about Frank Bank.

A lot of "icons" from my childhood seem to passing away, ah time marches on and waits for no man.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 9:00pm
Mr. Pizza. let me set the record straight for you... Billsmith, is someone who creates bills, you know those things that show up in your mailbox... ? They craft them like a gunsmith crafts guns, a silversmith crafts pewter, and so on...He's a billsmith. The other person is one who sorts out the grains of rice as they are processed on the assembly line, and marks each grain as small, medium, and large; that is a markrice... Two different occupations; two different people. (I hope no one was offended during the explanation.... I've been sitting on that for weeks waiting for just the right moment...)

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 9:04pm

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 9:07pm
This weekend while driving along delivering pizza and listening to my car radio, I learned the greatest news since the Republicans took Congress back in 2010.

Dick Morris is launching a new weekday afternoon radio program from 2 to 6 eastern time, and locally it's going to be on WPHT 1210 (that's the old WCAU for us members of the fossil club).

After a short hiatus, sanity and common sense prevail once again. Man, it sure is a great day to be a Republican!

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 9:11pm
Just a quick comment on the notion that people need to be protected from error and falsehood...

That took place in Sussex County this past four years. All outlets were anti Obama and pro Tea Party. The huge loss in the last election has really shaken Sussex County up. Those who were the predominate "controllers" are now desparately trying to hold on to a handful of followers. The cult behind their version of Mike Protack, the person who keeps running against sanity and promoting a sheriff as the elected official answerable to no one, who like Sheriff Arapao is legally endowed by his handful of voters to investigate even the President's own Birth Certificate, ... is now down to a handful of supporters.

Since no one is really listening to their craziness, the think it is because it is not crazy enough, and they ramp it up further...

Point was, the citizens up until the election, thought everyone was solidly behind this craziness, until a very pathetic performance in the polls...

I think that had both sides been able to be addressed, Sussex County would not be so far behind the rest of the planet.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 10:00pm
mrpizza: Doing a talk show can't be that hard if any political hack can just walk in and do it. I thought you'd be a Hannity fan; how quickly you turn. I guess this means you won't listen to AllanLoudell any more either. We will miss you.

Glad you're happy about the 2010 election. Maybe you didn't hear about 2012.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 10:34pm
billsmith: Of course, I'm a Hannity fan. In fact, Hannity and Dick Morris are very good friends. I'm trying to figure out how Hannity is going to interview Morris when both shows are on at the same time. I guess they can simulcast the interviews on both shows or prerecord it.

I'll still be listening to Loudell as I always have. The national talk shows take long commercial breaks, so I miss very little if any of the local news.

What's going to be difficult is bouncing between Morris and Hannity, but I'll probably favor Morris as Hannity, while I agree with him, has become redundant for the most part.

Of course, there's Rick Jensen and Andy Dean that I have to juggle as well.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013 10:41pm
Here's a song to ponder:


Sun, Apr 14, 2013 11:11pm
Oops! I forgot to mention the greatest talk show host of all: RUSH LIMBAUGH!

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 5:52am
Great: adj 1. unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions: A great fire destroyed nearly half the city.

Total immersion in right-wing diatribe for so many hours a day? That explains a lot. Maybe you should contact the university. They could do CAT scans while you listen and see if that much angry, hate-filled ranting damages your brain.

I guess this doesn't leave you much time for Bible study. That explains a lot, too.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 6:03am
billsmith writes:

"Had your blog focused the nature of this story and how it compared to stories receiving greater coverage on the network evening newscasts, that would be fair criticism. But you immediately state as premise and fact that the TV networks' decisions are driven by "liberal bias." Even the historian you cite questions your premise."

Bill, there was comparison in the column and, yes, Bill, the column was written as a query. Mr. Edwards & I had a good conversation re: the networks' censorship of a story with mjaor potential impact that was available to the major press via the AP. The Lisa Biron story you claim was not covered by any network WAS on CBS news. You consider the snarky bumper-sticker to be a big story? No, billsmith, it's a "d" block story at best. Have a lovely.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 7:27am
Hey, has anybody noticed what Bill Smith's initials are?

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 7:31am
"...networks' censorship of a story with major potential impact..."
rjensen: The impact of this story is debatable. But your use of the word "censorship" is telling. These half-hour newscasts (actually 20 minutes and change) can't do stories on everything, every evening. So, they pick and choose. You call that "censorship." Should I start looking for what's missing on your newscasts and call that "censorship," too? Or is it only "censorship" when someone else makes selection judgements? Just like "bias" only exists in others.

Questions are one of the sneaky devices media types use to sneak in a comment without taking responsibility for it. Sort of like how lawyers ask a question they know the jury can't disregard. Like asking how much you were paid to to emphasize this trial story on your program.

I never said the idiot from Texas and his bumper-sticker were of "major impact" I just like rattling the cages of you tea party types. And showing you all up for what you are.

I repeat: This trial is not about abortions. It's about murder of live babies. But you people want to twist it to meet your own ends. Common right-wing trick. Dick Morris has a job because Michael Smerconish realized you people have no integrity and he refused to be associated with your kind any more.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 7:34am
mrpizza: "Hey, has anybody noticed what Bill Smith's initials are?"


And people wonder why I think wing-nuts like you are dumb!

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 12:30pm
billsmith: In the news this weekend and today from the Washington Post to Bloomberg, columnists are noting that it IS true that the mainstream media ignored the story and are trying to explain "why." Read liberal Jeffrey Goldberg , Bloomberg and Atlantic (very left wing) writer, "Why is the Press Ignoring the Kermit Gosnell Story?" Kirsten Powers of USA Today is being quoted by those who would like to pretend there's no blackout as well as those who ackowledge the blackout of the story. Her column appeared 2 days after mine hit Cagle.com syndicate. I mention that to point out that as of April 9, as mentioned in my column, the major networks had ignored that story and use that as a metric to see how long they would hold out. Even liberals like Goldberg are noting the networks are "shamed." I simply noticed it a bit earlier than most.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 2:39pm
rjensen: Maybe the better question should be: Why should out-of-the-region media pay attention to a local murder trial in Philly? "Blackout" is an interesting choice of words. As interesting as "censorship" and "bias" used earlier.

I did read Goldberg. Maybe you hoped I wouldn't. Unlike you, Goldberg doesn't claim the media should have covered this trial more. In fact, he cites a number of examples of media coverage. His piece is mostly about all the theories being floated on why the media didn't cover it more (and based on the implicit assumption that they should have covered it more). And he didn't say the networks were shamed. He quoted someone quoting a column in the right-wing Moonie paper that used the word "shameful."

This case is a useful case study of how the right lies, distorts, and spins to get its way. And how the media cave when they do it. You all have been studying Alinsky again. Nixon, McCarthy and Atwater must be so proud of you all.

I'm curious. Your station makes a point of ignoring everything across the state line not involving a professional sports team. Now, why this all of a sudden? An agenda perhaps? Did the anti-abortion groups come up with a bag of payola cash?

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 3:36pm
billsmith: You have attacked all who expressed huge disappointment in the media blatantly ignoring this case in Philly...did you happen to actually read any of the news stories that have covered the case?...or just busy g00gling? Yes, the media started to cover this case (which has been going on for weeks) after their hypocrisy of not covering a serial killer/mass murderer/psycho was reported by the NEWmedia...they were shamed into reporting.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 5:38pm
EarlGrey: I don't watch local news. My stomach is too delicate. However, I do watch scripted prime-time shows and it seems like lately it's impossible to get away from pompous twit on channel 3 promoting this story during commercial breaks (it's replaced scary weather stories as why they don't want you turning TV off at 11).

I use Google Reader to check out various newspaper and aggregation sites and saw this story most every day on Philly.com. The News Urinal is behind a pay wall, so I don't know what they have been doing with it.

Once I started reading here and elsewhere about the media are ignoring this story, then I Googled to check it out for myself. And I got lots of hits. So, to say the media are ignoring, censoring, or blacking-out this story is just not credible. It seems like it's all over the place. Maybe I just notice it more because I find that puffed up dweeb on channel 3 so annoying (and CBS has a lot of shows I like these days).

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 7:02pm
billsmith: I was referring to the thing you're full of.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 8:00pm
mrpizza: Your taunts barely rise to middle-school level, probably because you barely made it to middle-school level. I bet you were a real hoot on the playground at recess.

Tue, Apr 16, 2013 8:46am
billsmith: again I ask did you actually read any of the news stories covering this case?...not g00gle results to find how much media is finally covering the case...did you actually read the story about what this doctor did?

Tue, Apr 16, 2013 9:14am
EarlGrey: I believe I already answered that but to make it clear, yes, I did. And in those stories, it was clear this trial is not about abortion (partial birth or otherwise), it's about murder of new born, live, and near or full-term.

I should ask if you read any actual news stories about the trial, about the charges presented to the grand jury or about the original arrest? Or did you just read right-wing bloggers moaning and groaning about how the "liberal media" are "ignoring" this "abortionists'" trial?

Tue, Apr 16, 2013 12:03pm
Actually bill, your last post was the first time you admitted to reading the article...all your previous posts complained about "right wingers" or you posted g00gle results for the media who finally started reporting.

And to answer your question... yes, I have read the actual news stories and the charges filed against this doctor over the years culminating finally in his arrest...and yes, it is also about 3rd-term abortions (abortions after 24 weeks are illegal)

Tue, Apr 16, 2013 12:17pm
The grand jury report summarizes a more typical late-term abortion, as conducted at the clinic, concluding with the following passage:

"When you perform late-term "abortions" by inducing labor, you get babies. Live, breathing, squirming babies. By 24 weeks, most babies born prematurely will survive if they receive appropriate medical care. But that was not what the Women's Medical Society was about. Gosnell had a simple solution for the unwanted babies he delivered: he killed them. He didn't call it that. He called it "ensuring fetal demise." The way he ensured fetal demise was by sticking scissors into the back of the baby's neck and cutting the spinal cord. He called that "snipping."
Over the years, there were hundreds of "snippings." Sometimes, if Gosnell was unavailable, the "snipping" was done by one of his fake doctors, or even by one of the administrative staff.

But all the employees of the Women's Medical Society knew. Everyone there acted as if it wasn't murder at all. Most of these acts cannot be prosecuted, because Gosnell destroyed the files. Among the relatively few cases that could be specifically documented, one was Baby Boy A. His 17-year-old mother was almost 30 weeks pregnant -- seven and a half months -- when labor was induced. An employee estimated his birth weight as approaching six pounds. He was breathing and moving when Gosnell severed his spine and put the body in a plastic shoebox for disposal. The doctor joked that this baby was so big he could "walk me to the bus stop." Another, Baby Boy B, whose body was found at the clinic frozen in a one-gallon spring-water bottle, was at least 28 weeks of gestational age when he was killed. Baby C was moving and breathing for 20 minutes before an assistant came in and cut the spinal cord, just the way she had seen Gosnell do it so many times. And these were not even the worst cases.


Thu, Apr 18, 2013 6:08pm
Hey, Jensen and the rest of you: Of the three cable "news" networks, who gave the least coverage to Gosnell's trial?

Wrong! It was Fox. MSNBC and CNN covered it more. That's according to a new Media Matters content analysis study. So, stick that in your "liberal bias."

Meanwhile, right-wing talk radio's favorite investment continues to drop. The price of gold is falling faster than Rush can swallow Oxy. Funny, right-wing talk stations haven't said much about that in their so-called "news" coverage. Guess they are ignoring, censoring, and blacking this out.

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