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Riley Coopers' needs go beyond sensitivity training

Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper will undergo sensitivity training, courtesy of the team, so that he can see the seriousness of his "crime" as depicted on an internet video when he used the "N" word at a Kenny Chesney concert.

I phrase it by not actually using the "N" word, like all media, so as to continue the double standard that exists.

And while I am sure Riley Copper has some racist tendencies (don't we all, black and white), I am sure I am in the minority when I say that may not be his biggest problem. When it was acknowledged that he had been drinking to excess that night, it became apparent what likely caused his outburst.

Now one of the major problems with this country is we don't concern ourselves with drunkenness unless it includes driving and the actual or potential for physical harm. Other than that, isn't this a pretty common occurence? Don't we see ads that say use a designated driver...which in essence is saying, get drunk out of your monds...it's OK...as long as you don't drive after doing so? And how many times have we seen events like Cooper's whereby someone had too much (sometimes WAY too much) to drink and it ended up like this?

So my thinking is if the Eagles really care about his well-being they would, in addition to sensitivity training, give him assistance in what apparently is an alcohol problem...like so many pro athletes...and the population in general. Let's acknowledge the alcohol problem we have in this country and do something about it.

Posted at 9:08am on August 2, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Fri, Aug 2, 2013 12:41pm
What are we going to do about young African-American people who use the N-word? This includes rappers who make millions of dollars by using the N-word. Will they have to undergo sensitivity training?

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Aug 2, 2013 1:37pm
Teatime: You know the drill. There is a double-standard. It's OK for Blacks to say the "N" word and to apparently call white people "crackers" [or any other deogatory name they want], as that witness did in the Zimmerman case when she described what Martin said to her in that phone conversation. Name-calling of whites by others is allowed in Political Correctness. Name-calling by whites of others is not. Get with the program.

Big Don makes a good point, beyond political correctness, about the alcohol problem in America. Sure drink up, have fun, do what you want, just don't drive is the slogan du jour. Many people, not just men any longer either, are consuming way too much liquor. I'm not advocating becoming tea totalers, but balance, which is missing today. Big Don is also correct that the excessive liquor probably did cause Riley Cooper to use the "N" word.

The races will never come together better until this "one-sided" treatment is stopped. IF the "N" word is a bad evil word, then NO ONE of any color should use it. MAKE that the poltically-correct way to do things and I'd be backing them with political correctness, but this hypocrisy I'm against and that's what we've got with today's version of political correctness. One group can do and say anything they want and the other group has to walk on egg shells lest they offend someone, and they see this as a way to bring the two groups closer together???

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