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Federal Appeals Court rules in favor of Easton, PA girls wanting to wear "I love boobies" bracelets

This provoked much comment on our talk-shows and on this blog when the story first made the rounds three years ago:

Two middle-school students incensed by the administration's refusal to let them wear breast-cancer awareness bracelets proclaiming, "I love boobies".

The ACLU challenged the administration's decision in court on behalf of the girls.

Well now, a Federal Appeals court ruled in favor of the two Easton, Pennsylvania, girls -- now in high school.

At the time, people in Easton debated whether such bracelets were disruptive in a middle school environment, or whether the administration had denied these young ladies their 1st Amendment rights.

Some people were further incensed when the school administration spent money to defend itself in court, although the administration insisted insurance was covering the district's legal bills.

Here's an account from The EXPRESS-TIMES of Easton at lehighvalleylive.com... (Be sure to read readers' comments, if you're interested!)


You can hear my interview with the Editor of The EXPRESS-TIMES / lehighvalleylive.com

Audio Here

Posted at 7:20pm on August 6, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Wed, Aug 7, 2013 7:54am
I love boobies," too. I read a while back about a California plastic surgeon who had a bumper sticker that said small boobs are a disease. But then, I hate fake boobs.

What I find really sick about this miserable country is, in contrast to the more enlightened countries of the EU, US TV has no boobies, but is filled with gratuitous and graphic violence. European TV allows boobies but no violence. But the religious right considers boobies-free and violent TV to be "family friendly." That's sick. So, US TV is filled with scenes to people rolling around in bed and she keeps her bra on.

US newspapers, including Rupert Murdoch's, are too intimidated by the forces of prudery in this country to include pictures of boobies, like European and South American papers.

Now, idiotic school administrators (pardon the redundancy, all administrators are idiots) and uptight parents are getting their shorts in knots over these bracelets. And Allan Loudell, an advocate of universal celibacy (it worked so well for the Shakers), panders to such people.

The world is right to have contempt for the US.

Wed, Aug 7, 2013 7:28pm
Won't be long 'til they'll be suing for the right to run around naked.

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