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Lancaster Brewing Company Visits Thirsty Thursday!

Mike "Drinkwell" of Premiere Wine & Spirits Limestone Road location joined us on the show today, and brought in Brewmaster from Lancaster Brewing Company Bill Moore.

Since we are knocking on October's door, (sung in your best Axl Rose) Bill brought a limited edition Oktoberfest, a beer that is simply brewed with water, barley, hops and yeast. Bill explains that the roasting of grains give it color and flavor and the lack of overbearing hops give it a toasty sweetness. Rick commented that you taste this sweetness on the front and back end, and Laurie and Bill agree that the Lancaster Brewing Company Oktoberfest is drinkable and "sessionable". Oktoberfest is only available in Delaware right now by growler. Set an alarm to pick some up tonight at 6pm at Premiere Wine & Spirits Limestone Road Location.
Oktoberfest Rating (out of a "Six Pack")
- Gene - 5 out of 6
- Rick and Laurie - 6 out of 6

Hop heads, get ready, this next brew is for you. Coming in at 7.9% and 55 IBUs (International Bitterness Unit)"Hop Hog IPA" not only provides hop heads with the bitterness they've been waiting for, but malt provides balance to this brew so that it's not overly dry, which pleased Rick. Gene recommends pairing this with any rich food, more specifically pork belly, which sounds delicious. Rick voted for anything wrapped in bacon.

We saved the crowd favorite for last. Lancaster's Milk Stout contains lactose, which is milk sugar if you didn't know. This begins as a sweet stout and lactose is added at the end of the boil. On the nose,notes of chocolate and coffee slap you in the face, even though there is no coffee at all. The finish is a fine, bittersweet chocolate. The fermentation process give this stout a dry finish, which Laurie pointed out right away. Rick said this was his favorite stout to use for ice cream floats. Gene wanted to take a picture of it because it was so pretty... and because he drank all of his.

Somewhere along this show, the debate on Amish drinking was up for discussion. Rick decided that he has no problem with the Amish drinking and driving, as long as the horse is sober. (insert rim shot).

Greg brought in a seasonally appropriate beverage. Pumpkin Pie Soda from Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages. The crew agree that they taste the allspice flavors used in pumpkin pie, but the pumpkin in the Pumpkin Pie Soda was lacking. Gene, who is forever preparing for blind taste tests, said he would have thought this was a cinnamon flavored beverage had he not seen the bottle.

If you missed the trivia question: John Lubbock was an 18th century naturalist. He studied the effect of beer on what insect? The answer is, the ant. We learned that we are not the only creatures that can't walk in a straight line after drinking too much.

Be sure to stop by and attend Beer Club tonight at Premiere Wine & Spirits Limestone Road Location to meet Bill Moore, taste some of these delicious brews, and fill up a growler, tonight from 6 -7pm!




Posted at 3:56pm on September 19, 2013 by Sabrina Sabia

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