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So what's on your mind this weekend?

Each day, it seems, we have tragically another story involving accusations of child pornography, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, sometimes by people who were highly regarded.

So the Tower Hill School community remains stunned as the school's now former headmaster, Christopher Wheeler, confronts multiple accusations of child pornography. He surrendered Friday. Police investigated allegations that Wheeler sexually abused two teen-aged brothers from about three decades ago, plus another young boy from more than ten years ago.

Then we have the Delaware Supreme Court placing prominent attorney Joe Gabay (whom I used to interview) on disability inactive status following accusations of sexual harassment. This was at his own request. His law license had already been suspended.

And Newark Police brought new sexual contact charges against Scott Bicking of Manuta, New Jersey -- co-owner of The Pond Ice Arena in Newark.

It never seems to end.

Friday's NEWS JOURNAL carries a Page One story about the exploding deer population and more deer/vehicle collisions. I certainly seem to be seeing deer in more places I didn't used to. For example, several times along School Bell Road in Bear. Just this week, I had to hit the brakes as I was coming up the long winding, WDEL/WSTW driveway.

I haven't blogged about the questions swirling around the Alaska excursion of state Treasurer Chip Flowers and (then) deputy Erika Benner, because, frankly, I don't know what to think. Flowers seems to have a ready answer for every question, accusation, and innuendo. But he seems too clever by half. I don't necessarily think any of this will get in the way of his re-election as state Treasurer. (Oddly, during this non-election cycle, he's been running radio commercials about the activities of the state Treasurer's office for months, almost as though he's trying to innoculate himself against any potential future opponents.) But if, as widely anticipated, Flowers seeks a higher office (Governor?), this stuff will come back to bite him. I can't help but think the knives are out for Flowers. Strangely, Flowers has something in common with Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher: Both see their offices with many more powers than the Delaware political establishment is prepared to give them, and both have alienated powerful interests.

According to a new book, DOUBLE DOWN: GAME CHANGE 2012, top campaign aides to President Obama considered dumping Joe Biden in favor of Hillary Rodham Clinton. They went as far as to test the impact of such a switch in polling and focus groups. Yup, Delaware's David Plouffe was one of those advisers. But the guy really spearheading the charge was then-White House chief of staff Bill Daley, now a CBS News contributor (who corroborates the story, but says it never got that serious). These advisers ultimately abandoned the effort when their polling showed the switch produced no significant advantage. (Even though a new book has come out about Bush--Cheney, I haven't come across a similar story about the Bush re-election campaign, about polling and focus-group testing the political impact of dumping Cheney. But President Bush reportedly considered the idea -- at the suggestion of Cheney himself -- to prove that he was not under the thumb of the Veep) Would President Obama have agreed to throw Biden under the bus? The authors of DOUBLE DOWN report sometimes difficult relations between the President and Vice President, with even then-candidate Obama getting frustrated with Joe Biden's gaffes. But inevitably, you'd have a different political calculation: Does a President replacing his Veep invite stories about the wisdom of having selecting that running mate in the first place?


"Already under fierce attack from Republicans over the new health-care law, President Obama now faces broad and mounting Democratic concerns that the troubled start of the insurance program will cut into the political benefit the party received from the government shutdown and cost Democratic candidates in next year's mid-term elections..."

Later in the article: "It appeared the White House would have to do more to reassure Democrats who emerged from the 16-day government shutdown confident in their political fortunes, only to see Republicans roar back on a wave of anger over the health-care law. 'People are anxious', said Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat..."

One story that directly affects millions of Americans (about 154,000 Delawareans; 48 million Americans): Food stamp reductions take effect today. The Federal stimulus money has simply dried up.

A juror in the trial of George Zimmerman - Juror B-29, identified only as Maddy - says having served on that jury has ruined her life. She says she's had to deal with death threats against her kids; lost friends; lost her job; and will soon lose her home. (I start to think whether it's asking too much for average citizens to serve as jurors in racially or ethnically charged, high-profile trials: Let the judges decide... so much for being tried by a jury of your "peers"! That said, this juror arguably brought some of the grief to herself by agreeing to show her face on "Good Morning America". But do such people have the mental sophistication to fully appreciate the downsides to granting such an interview about an explosive case?)

Israeli warplanes attacked a shipment of Russian missiles inside Syria, just adding to the volatility of the Syrian civil war. Israel has struck before. But Israel never officially acknowledges such airstrikes, lest the Assad regime feel the necessity of retaliating.

Now the Iraqis want us. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki faces heightened civil war. The Baghdad government has effectively lost control of crucial parts of Iraq to Al Qaeda affiliates. So he's appealing to the Obama Administration for military support, including F-16's and armed drones, just two years after the Iraqi government soundly rejected a continuing U.S. military presence. The Obama Administration seems inclined to offer SOME support, but obviously, no new U.S. boots on Iraqi soil.

The latest gauge of the tug-of-war between the Tea Party and regular business establishment Republicans will come in south Alabama. A special G.O.P. primary run-off is testing a Tea Party-backed candidate vs. an establishment candidate. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and companies ranging from Caterpillar to AT&T are pouring money and support on the establishment candidate. Of course, the Tea Party candidate is trying to capitalize on that very fact, proclaiming his affinity for Senator Ted Cruz, etc.

New research, published in the journal SAGE ONE: Left-handed people are more likely to be psychotic; they have a "strikingly higher" chance of suffering from schizophrenia. (Only about 10% of the general population is left-handed, but left-handers represent about 40% of those suffering from a mental illness!)

Late news: The LAX gunman is from Pennsville, New Jersey - his family still lives there - and an alum from Salesianum School, Class of 2008...

Posted at 7:20am on November 1, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Fri, Nov 1, 2013 9:11am
Allan said, "One story that directly affects millions of Americans (about 154,000 Delawareans; 48 million Americans): Food stamp reductions take effect today. The Federal stimulus money has simply dried up."

My wife volunteers at the Food Closet operated by Hope Lutheran Church near Hares Corner. Many of the folks coming in for food are the working poor, or elderly retired who only have their Social Security checks.

Most working poor get no employer health-care benefits, no IRA, no retirement benefits, and are making $9/hour or less, $360/week, $18,720/year, and that's before any taxes are taken out, including Medicare and Social Security. So they bring home less than $9/hour. Even with children, they don't qualify for very much in terms of Food Stamps. One lady gets $65/month in Food Stamps [I guess she'll now get less or none with the cutback in Food Stamps].

Many in the second group [elderly retired] were struggling to make ends meet, but now are supporting grandchildren, so now they are sinking.

Just to keep any assumptions from being made, my wife tells me that most of these folks are white. So it is NOT only blacks and Hispanics who are hurting and needing the social safety net that Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Social Security provide; it's ALL groups of people in America.

This is one area where I do not agree with the G.O.P./TEA folks. Things like Food Stamps, School Lunch Programs, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security are vitally important programs that help folks who really need the help. Granted, there will always be folks trying to game the system, but you don't punish the 99.99% of the good people for that small % of bad. When you find those bad folks, you prosecute them for fraud.

We don't shut-down Congress for the "bad apples" there, so why punish the working poor because of their "bad apples"?

Fri, Nov 1, 2013 10:25am
A couple of thoughts.

First, my wife is left-handed. I had better just leave it at that!

The Food Stamp cut is a difficult situation. Here is where the Obama failure to present a budget rears its ugly head. A formal budget is where you demonstrate your administration's priorities and overall agenda. Obama refuses to do so. First, the size of Federal government spending has exceeded the point that we can support. Where do we cut? Cuts are vital and leadership is needed from the White House. Second, as unemployment continues at horrible rates, what can we do to correct that? Creating jobs helps to address the Food Stamp and Medicare issues by increasing the tax base. We need smarter minds in the Administration who are focused on the economy. Instead we are focused on hot-button issues which constantly change. Focus folks! Develop a comprehensive plan that will address the economy as a whole.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Nov 1, 2013 10:47am
JimH: You realize that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, so those who are left-handed are the only people in their "right" minds.

I'm a bit of both, write with my left hand; throw/catch, swing a golf club, all right-handed.

I believe if the Congress is truly serious about cutting government spending, members of Congress should lead by example by immediately cutting their staffs [we in industry have done with fewer people for over 30+ years]; eliminate the free gym; free hair-cuts/beauty-shops, free meals, and any other perks such as those. They can pay full-fare [if not already doing so] on mass-transit [both bus/train-AMTRAK/air], like the rest of us. No limos... drive their own cars like us Plebians. They should have to serve for a minimum of 20 years in Congress to get any pension [as Armed Forces and other government employees do]. Their pay raises should be subject to a national referendum on election day, NOT them voting for their own pay raises at 3 a.m. in some special session of Congress. They should have to participate in Obamacare; what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Then, as Rick Perry suggested during the 2012 campaign, that each nation's foreign aid will be reviewed and voted on for renewal each year; it would no longer be automatic.

Close military bases where not needed for America's security. The remaining overseas bases would require the host nation to no longer charge any fees, etc., to the U.S. for the base being there, or we'd close that base and that country's local economy would lose the financial benefit of American military dollars being spent there.

Eliminate the N.E.A.; school decisions should be made in local districts. Eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts; we can't afford such a luxury today. No funding for NPR/PBS. You get the idea.

Close down NASA for the time being, at this point in time; we no longer can afford to spend Billions of dollars on space travel.

All of this and more should be done BEFORE we cut a dime of help for the little guy, such as Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, School Lunches, etc.

The tired argument is those other things are a drop in the bucket, but if you put enough drops in a bucket, before too long you've got a lot of water.

Then and only then, if there still needs to be more cuts, then make cuts to the social safety net. At least then it wouldn't need to be as deep, and folks will see all the other stuff that has been cut BEFORE sticking it to them.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Nov 1, 2013 3:18pm
A different story, with video, of the latest drug smuggling tunnel crossing the U.S./Mexican border. Had rail, electricity, lighting, ventilation, etc.


Sun, Nov 3, 2013 1:32am
MFD: I don't know about the GOP, but we in the TEA party do not consider ourselves part of them, and we're getting tired of hearing this misinformation about how we want to destroy the safety net, yada yada yada. What we are for is job creation so that fewer folks will need a safety net, so our agenda if you will is to get government out of the way so that entrepreneurs can once feel confident about investing in America. You speak evil of "big business", but where do you think jobs come from? Government doesn't create jobs. Even government jobs except for the post office take wealth from the taxpayers in order to create these agencies, many of which are a nuisance and over-regulate, resulting in less investment and fewer jobs for common people. The cold hard truth is that if government continues to borrow 42 cents of every dollar it spends, the economy will eventually totally collapse and there won't be a safety net even though 100% of the population will need one.

The late great Jack Kemp stated that we should not measure compassion by the number of people we have on public assistance, but instead by the number of people who no longer need it. If you want more and more people coming to the soup kitchen, then continue voting for the Democrats and John McCain/Lindsey Graham/John Boehner/Mitch McConnell Republicans. If you want more of these people instead to have jobs, then come over and join us at the TEA party.

The choice is yours, America.

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 8:33am
Sorry to change the thread, but I believe it is the first time it has been mentioned here.... even though it is a huge controversy in Newark, and your station sells advertising to one of the parties in the controversy....

That is the the Newark Power Plant. What once was a Data Center with an additional power source, is now deemed by FOIA'ing the DNREC applications, to be a Power Plant with an accompanying data center attached.

The details shocked Newark City Council which just the day before Halloween, voted not to change the zoning laws.

The power plant will be as huge as one of the four boilers at the NRG plant in Millsboro, or one of the boilers at Foxmoor on the Delaware River.

Furthermore, it appears from the dates that deals were made between the University of Delaware and members of the City of Newark, and DEDO planning committee, and the data center lobbying group, years before this issue became public.

The person rejecting the zoning confirmation, states that even thought she was at the planning meeting herself, and had been a supporter of the power plant, the new information received with the correct legal information, was so much different, that the confirmation was denied....

Apparently this is a dirty power plant. And everyone privately knew it.

Tom Ross, former head of the Republican Party is guiding the process through Delaware's political channels.


The concept being sold to investors, is that with a data center attached, they can have a power plant that operates at 100%. No grid power plant ever operates at 100%. Hence the quicker return on investment, using the Data Center as a cover for the power plant. by selling power with no down time, the investment has potential.

Newark residents need to worry about the yearly accumulation of 59 tons each of fine (PM2.5) and coarse (PM10) particulates that will be falling over their cars, pet, lawns and children every year for the next 75 years for which this contract will be cover if signed..... Withing a 5 mile radius that is an accumulated inch over the course of a year... These include rare earth, radioactive elements, as well as the regular contaminants of sulfer, nitrous oxides, and poisonous carbon monoxide....

The cancer level in Newark should skyrocket.

As one would naturally expect, the public version was cleaned up to present it as a job creator, which study of other data centers has shown, that just building another retail outlet in Newark would create more jobs than a data center.

Interesting, the University of Delaware was already working closely with The Data Centers LLC about the power plant at the time the STC Zoning was adopted in March 2012, though there is no evidence to suggest that Newark City Council was privy to that information...

Just wanted you to be aware of the gigantic controversy about to happen, before it happens. The mayoral candidate's debate in Newark should be quite a spectacle.

It will be the first time these two forces will go head to head through surrogates in public....

Most of Newark, like everyone here, was in the dark...

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 9:12am
More hysteria from the left, as usual. Besides, what's the point of clean air if we're going to have homosexual marriage and require health insurance to pay for sex change operations?
Let's clean up the moral sewer first.

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 9:15am
I hope some disclaimers have been issued to clarify that the Christopher Wheeler who was just arrested for kiddie porn is not the same person as the Phillies broadcast announcer.

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 9:17am
Strange irony: This parallels Jerry Sandusky the pervert being confused with Gerry Sandusky the Ravens broadcaster.

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 9:19am
For my final offering of the day, I present to you a cartoon of three presidents and their biggest lies:


Mike from Delaware
Sun, Nov 3, 2013 1:07pm
Mrpizza: Where did I say "evil corporations"? I looked in my posts and couldn't find it.

I agree that corporations create jobs, not the government. However, corporations also want to hire folks for slave wages, funny how illegals can find jobs in this country while legal Americans are having a far more difficult time. Could it be because those corporations will violate the law and hire illegals paying them below American wages, with no benefits, no healthcare insurance, no pensions, no 401K plans, etc, etc, BECAUSE they're far cheaper to hire?

Sadly, neither GOP nor DEM administrations ever seem to go after these corporate thieves, who are clearly violating the law.

So in that instant, THOSE companies ARE Evil Corporations, because they are KNOWINGLY breaking the law, which does hurt legal tax paying Americans like you and I. If a citizen was doing that as an individual, knowingly breaking the law in such a way that hurt people, wouldn't you call that evil? Or do only moral sins count as evil in your world? Cheating, lying, and stealing are sins too, last time I checked.

The OTHER corporations, also may need SOME regulations to keep them from polluting, etc. Sadly many of those corporations decide that they'd rather go overseas to nation's where they can pollute all they want and also get cheaper labor than legal American labor. Talk about gall, then these greedy companies expect tax breaks for moving jobs from America to Mexico, China, India, and the rest of the Third World???

I agree that it would be far better for folks to be employed paying taxes, etc, than on Welfare. We agree on that, BUT unlike when I was 20, there are far fewer "factory" type jobs for the blue collar high school graduates of the middle class now, because of what I've already mentioned above.

Your solution is let the corporations dictate government policy. In other words, let the "Robber Barron's" run the nation.

I say there is a balance, some regulation that actually serves a purpose such as environmental stuff, fair salary, safe working conditions, child labor laws, etc, come to mind immediately, that GOVERNMENT put in place to protect legal Americans from being abused by their employers.

The TEA/GOP folks want full employment, so do liberal DEMS, and moderate Independents. THAT's a no brainer. The difficult part is how do we achieve that in a world where America is no longer the only place to produce product, as it pretty much was in the 1950's. We kind of had an edge then, that is now gone away.

You want to blame someone for some of the deep sucking sound you hear of jobs leaving America for third world nations, look no further than the GOP. Remember Ross Perot? He rallied against the GOP plan of NAFTA just for that reason. Unfortunately neither GOP nor DEM listened to ole Ross and that big sucking sound he described has been quite loud for many years.

So given all of this, there is NOT an easy solution. How do you turn all that around? You don't. Those old style factory jobs ARE NOT coming back. So we've got to reinvent our labor force with NEW MODERN skills so they can get TODAY's jobs that American employers have.

You won't like this, but the government needs to offer training to folks so they can get those skills, which will help put many of the unemployed back to work. Like it or not, THAT will do far more to get folks off Welfare than all the corporate welfare the GOP/TEA folks want to give away to big businesses.

So yes, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this.

Sun, Nov 3, 2013 11:32pm
MFD: I don't think we disagree as you suppose. There's a difference between corporate welfare and tax incentives. They're two totally different animals. Corporate welfare is based on capital cronyism, whereas tax incentives are across-the-board, regardless of who you are, in order to spur investment in industry. The auto company bailouts are an example of corporate welfare. The reduction of tax rates is an example of incentives.

Of course, if we got rid of the Federal income tax or made it a flat tax, it would not only simplify it for everybody but also disable politicians from buying votes with public money.

Nah. It'll never happen. Too many hands in the cookie jar!

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Nov 4, 2013 8:17am
Mrpizza: I agree with much of what you just said. The auto company bailouts, I'd normally be against, if a company goes bankrupt it goes out of business. However, given that such a large part of the American economy is attached to the auto industry, having two of the three large auto companies go belly up would have pushed the nation over that financial cliff and we'd have entered a serious Depression, that's why both Bush Jr. and Obama were in favor of doing the auto bailouts.

Now, had I been Obama, I'd have gotten more concessions from the auto unions BEFORE loaning the money, but other than that, I believe he did the right thing in terms of the auto bailouts, which apparently both G.M./Chrysler have been paying back.

Now the bank bailouts, while also needed, but again because of their size and impact on the global economy, should have been handled differently. Strings should have been attached to the money BEFORE it was given out, not after. So no bonuses, etc. That money was to have been used to stimulate the economy, not pad their pockets. Obama and his band of "village idiots" apparently didn't think to place such restrictions on the banks prior to giving them the money [I don't believe they have to pay it back either, unlike the auto industry, talk about stupid].

I agree tax incentives are a good thing, but I'd attach a very big string to that, ONLY companies creating jobs IN America for Legal Americans get any sort of tax break. Any company moving jobs overseas, would face higher tariffs, etc., to sell their goods in America, same with foreign companies. You want to sell here, then make SOME of your products here.

The problem with the Flat Tax is the wealthy benefit; the poor get the shaft. That's why wealthy folks like Steve Forbes and Rush, etc., all love the Flat Tax. Study after study has shown this to be the problem with Forbes' idea. Do some research; you'll see what I mean.

A simply solution would be different tiers of a flat-tax depending on income level. The poorest pay no tax or say, $12/yr. So everyone would have some skin in the game and have contributed something, even if only a dollar a month.

Then say 3% next level, 5% next level, 10% next level, 15%, 25%, and yes, the wealthy should pay a larger percentage as they have soooooooo much more than anyone else who's ever walked the planet, so even 50% would be a bargain for these truly wealthy folks [Rush/Ophra/Vick/Cher/Myley Cyrus/Congress/Forbes, etc. That's still way less than they paid during WWII and the early 1950's.

But you see, the wealthy have the power in this nation, and they'd never vote for that, because they don't benefit. They'll only vote for something that benefits them, if we benefit too, that's OK, but ONLY if they benefit. The wealthy do not have YOUR best interest at heart. They look out for themselves, always been that way and always will be that way. It is what it is.

I'd switch pay checks with any of them and gladly pay the tax, because I'd still end up with so much money the mind can't comprehend all that cashola just for me to spend.

Don't say its not fair. It's not fair they make sooo much more than their employees. They aren't worth it, they aren't any more worthy than the rest of us, but have suckered others into believing they are [PT Barnum would have been proud of them]. It's still stealing or maybe fraud from where I sit.

So yes we do agree on a number of these issues, but we do disagree on other parts.

Mon, Nov 4, 2013 3:49pm
Actually, taxing the wealthy grows the economy with no ramifications whatsoever.

There is a reason the Clinton era was full of boom and the Bush era was full of gloom.

Taxes are a vital piece of economic machinery. Doing away with them gives you... well, just look at the countries that don't have taxes... Somalia, Chad, Yemen..... and look at those with the highest rates... Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Taxing seems to make things better. Something no Republican has ever been able to argue against.... They run the other way.

Mon, Nov 4, 2013 8:03pm
The evidence about the Obama health insurance fraud scam just continues to mount. If you think I've been exaggerating, just read this:


I'm sure Obama is privately gloating over this gross injustice.

Mon, Nov 4, 2013 8:14pm
In the following video link, Dick Morris provides an interesting perspective on how Obamafraud will be stopped. It won't be by the Republicans or the TEA party, but rather by Democrats who are up for reelection and running scared (and rightfully so):


Mon, Nov 4, 2013 8:34pm
Mr. Pizza. in your equation you totally forget the 47 million who are getting insurance for the first time.

You are also forgetting that these horror stories being propagated as news by non news people dependents on rabid conservatives for their finances, really have no basis in reality.

You remember discussing the CBS story of the woman last week? Well, in the follow up a reporter called her and went over all of Florida's plans, showing her how she could benefit, then ask her what she now thought of Obamacare...

Her answer: it's a blessing in disguise....

Forgive the rest of America who doesn't really care who or what calls in to complain about Obamacare. It appears that none, I repeat, none of the stories are true....

Mon, Nov 4, 2013 8:42pm
I am excited that tomorrow the Tea Party dies... Killed, buried and the earth gets salted so it can never grow again....

Christie will win big in New Jersey against a very popular Democrat... The Tea Party HATES HIM SO MUCH. he hugged Obama after Sandy... And the person who the Tea Party LOVES.... Cuccinelli will LOSE big in Va... against a pretty well hated Democrat....

Meaning if the Best of the Tea Party can't even win against the worst of the Democrats in a Red State, then ... really... what good is even discussing them? I guess you could discuss the old homeless woman who walks up and down 202 with plastic bags on her feet. It would have about the the same level of relevance...

And the RINO takes it away in New Jersey...

Goodbye Tea Party.... Too bad you stayed up so late you got caught in the sun's rays of first light....

Mon, Nov 4, 2013 9:16pm
Christie will indeed easily win tomorrow...in New Jersey. The only type of Republican that can realistically win that state is a RINO (just like Delaware).

From what I have read, the Virginia race might actually be close...but if McAuliffe loses it will be a huge loss for Democrats. The full Democratic machine and their money is backing that candidate...The Clintons, The Obamas, Biden, big Unions and Planned Parenthood to name but a few. And, Virginia is no longer a true Red state as too many from D.C. have moved there and changed the electorate from Red to Purple.

The TEA Party is far from gone...just look how fearful the elite are in this race and many more upcoming races around the country. BTW, it's the elite on both sides of the political arena that fear the TEA Party...the G.O.P. has brought out the "Long Knives" as well.

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Nov 5, 2013 7:54am
EarlGrey: Might it be better to refer to the Christie type of Republicans as Moderate Republicans [MR's] or Classic Republicans [CR's] rather than RINO's. They actually are closer to what the Republican Party has been during most of its history. The TEA movement is NOT true Republicanism. It is a more radical extreme version so it would be more correct to call the TEA folks the RINO's.

Tue, Nov 5, 2013 8:53am
Back to Allan's first story, it is now appearing that the Sandusky hearings with its graphic details and the fact that someone so prominent WAS made accountable for his sins... that more victims are finding the courage to allow their stories to come to light...

A silver lining to a dark cloud one could say.

Tue, Nov 5, 2013 9:09am
Mike: I have no problem calling Christie a Moderate Republican but he is no Classic Republican...a CR would be Ronald Reagan. I would also place both Bush presidents in the Moderate Republican category...and we see how much larger government grew under both Moderate Republicans.

I would rather vote for a JFK Democrat than a Chris Christie Republican...but it would be great to have a Reagan-type Republican to vote for.

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Nov 5, 2013 10:49am
EarlGrey: What about Eisenhower, Nixon, and Ford? Reagan was more to the right than these guys [the scale for conservativism seems to be sliding more and more to the right]. Granted, in today's G.O.P./TEA dominated party, Reagan probably really wouldn't be TEAish enough for many in the TEA party, but was probably the most conservative G.O.P. Prez in modern times. Even Hoover and Teddy Roosevelt [who was a Progressive] were less conservative than Reagan.

So I stick to my definition of CR as being a Republican that's more towards the middle, but leans to the right.

Tue, Nov 5, 2013 5:51pm
You may have heard the newest line of anti-Obamacare hits...

They are taking your doctors away... Rick Jensen's show featured that argument today, lifted out of the Wall Street Journal op-ed piece.

The company said in a press release last summer, that it had such a small portion of the market that it could not compete with the other insurers and was therefore bowing out, but ... might re-enter later when the hype had settled down...

Translation: people like Sudby (person featured on Rick's show) are way too expensive, so we're backing out of the market while people like her sign up with other insurers, and then maybe we'll come back in after all the sick people have signed up and see if we can scoop up the healthy people..

Just wanted to let Rick know we see though it....

Tue, Nov 5, 2013 10:47pm
As soundly predicted, The Tea Party killed Cuccinelli's chances to make Va a Republican state... The Tea Party killed Romney in 2012. The Tea Party lost the Senate in 2012. The Tea Party caused Republicans to get less votes than Democrats for the House. The Tea Party caused Delaware to have a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic governor. The Tea Party is even responsible for putting a Democrat on Sussex County Council.....

Now.. Lets look at how the RINO's did...

Whoa... Gov. Christie WALLOPS his Democratic opposition in a Democratic state....

The Tea Party is dead... They can still yell, but so can a mole under ground...

America has judged the Tea Party to be freaks, nothing more; like a goat with three heads one ganders a look, but never claims ownership.

RINO's rule.... Tea Partiers cry into their PBR's and drool....

Tue, Nov 5, 2013 11:11pm
Only hipsters drink PBR.

The better candidate in VA lost...by only by a miniscule number (I predicted a very close race) after being outspent 10:1 and backed by every Democrat of any influence. This race was won thanks to the faux Libertarian Sarvis pulling just enough voters from Cuccinelli...so let that be a lesson to any who want to run a Third Party candidate in 2016.

Ron Paul supported Cuccinelli and let it be known that Sarvis was NOT a Libertarian.

And as I also predicted...Christie easily won in NJ. In a state like NJ or DE, only MODERATE Republicans can win. However, recently polled citizens of NJ also said that they would choose Hillary over Christie in a presidential election.

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 8:27am
The Tea Party is dead. may it rest in peace.

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Nov 6, 2013 8:36am
EarlGrey: What I see from this election is a bit different. Cuccinelli being a TEA supporter lost. Granted it was a fairly close election. But the point must be made, that most voters are not happy with the TEA party. That last stunt of shutting down the government that cost tax payers about $2 Billions Dollars didn't sit well, and as a result made Cuccinelli's chances less likely.

Interesting differences in the NJ and VA results. Christie, who is a more centrist Republican, and not liked by the TEA party folks who consider him to be a RINO won with a comfortable margin. Christie captured female and minority votes, unlike Cuccinelli in VA.

I believe the reason for this was, Christie who calls himself a conservative, but who also understands he works for the people. So IF the people of NJ wanted gay/lesbian marriage, he fought it, but once he realized they truly wanted this, he backed off and didn't try to force HIS way on the state. He did this on other things as well. THAT's the TEA Party's Achilles Heel. THEY want to force THEIR way on the American public, even if a majority of that same American public doesn't want that. The Tea Party essentially is saying: WE KNOW BEST, SO WE'RE GOING TO MAKE YOU DO IT OUR WAY. That's why Christie won and Cuccinelli lost. Christie has worked for, governed for, and thus has earned and won the respect of all the people of NJ. THAT's true leadership.

We don't need to change "dictators", as the TEA folks like to call Presidend Obama, to some TEA wingnut "dictator". What we need a real leader who will represent the people's will for the nation, not his/her own personal agenda. THAT's what makes the TEA Party so UNappealing to voters. Do it our way or we'll shut down the government, because its our way or nothing.

So learn from this election, again, the TEA party has some good ideas, but are terrible at selling their ideas to the American public. Less bombastic name calling, and more thoughtful dialog, would go along way in helping the TEA party sell their vision for America to the voting public.

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 10:02am
Mike: I agree with you that the government shutdown did hurt Cuccinelli’s numbers; however, his stance against ObamaCare (also a very Tea Party-position) is what has been credited for his rapid rise in the polls over the past few weeks.

If Chris Christie ran in the state of Virginia (very different than NJ) and had 6% of his votes siphoned by a Third Party candidate, I seriously doubt he could have won. Especially if he faced the entire Democrat Machine (The Clintons, The Obamas, The Bidens, Bloomberg and Big Unions, to name a few), the big money given by the Dem Machine, and the Libertarian who happened to be funded by one of Obama’s “bundlers”, were hurdles too big to overcome.
(McAuliffe 46.8%/ Cuccinelli 46.5%/ Sarvis 6.7%) Not exactly an easy or decisive win…has anyone checked for missing ballots or “funny” voting machines?

Remember what happened when Ross Perot ran in 1992? He split the Republican vote and handed us Clinton.
Remember also Ralph Nader… he has been credited as giving us Bush in 2000. Nader took enough votes from Gore in Florida to hand the Sunshine State (and the election) to GW Bush.

Maybe Virginians should have looked at their state seal’s motto before voting yesterday, “Sic semper tyrannis”

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Nov 6, 2013 10:21am
EarlGrey: Good point, the election was very close in VA, but my bigger point is, if the G.O.P. wants to get rid of Obamacare, or at least cut it back, they need to win elections, not just come close, and most folks do not like the TEA party, as they see them as extremists, which is deserved as many in their ranks ARE extremists. If women feel their "choices" are going to be limited by the G.O.P., they'll vote DEM. Same with minorities. So a centrist like Christie can offer both conservative fiscal stuff [he lowered taxes in NJ considerably from what I've read], but be more of social liberal, not forcing his will on folks in those arenas like a Santorum would want to do, making Christie a candidate both libs and conservatives could support.

Problem is that's not good enough for the TEA folks; they want totally "purity" of philosphy [has that Hitlerian ring to it] and that just isn't going to happen, so they end up losing and rather than get some of their way, they get none of their way. THAT's my point.

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 10:46am
kavips: Sorry but the Tea Party is still alive and kicking...unlike your O.W.S. (rip)

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 1:19pm
Mike: I don't believe the old guard G.O.P. really wants to get rid of the ACA... They want whatever makes them more powerful, whatever keeps them in their places of power, and whatever creates more perks for them.

The biggest problem for the Tea Party candidates is that they have been branded as wacko-birds; if more people could apply "critical thinking" when they view the Tea Party candidates and remove assumptions, pre-concieved opinions and unfounded bias towards anyone labelled with TEA and you just might be surprised.

My best example of anti-TEA branding would be Sarah Palin. She has been mocked, demonized, stalked, and marginalized by the Left even more than Cruz of Texas. The lady is not an idiot and yet even the mention of her name drives moderate Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and progressives insane. If people were able to look at her with an "open mind" they would see that she is neither an idiot nor insane. But, that is probably too much to expect from people who believe they know who Palin is from S.N.L. skits and the "news".

And please don't mention Christine O'Donnell as an equal comparison to Palin... Christine should have never,never, never run for office and hopefully never, never, never will again.

Also, what I'm saying about Christie and Cuccinelli is this.. .IF Christie had received the same amount of "competition" in his race, I don't think he would have won. Christie had no real opponent; he received no pressure from the "Democrat Machine"; he received no negative stories in the press and he had the old guard G.O.P. and moderates pouring money at him. That is not what it will look like if he is running against Hillary in 2016.

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Nov 6, 2013 3:22pm
EarlGrey: The biggest problem the TEA party has isn't that they've been branded as wacko birds. Trust me, I've tried to have dialogs with other TEA people, both in person, and online via other blogs, emails, and even TEA web sites. You and Mrpizza are the saneist of any of them. If the person discussing with you gets an idea you don't totally agree with them, you'll get the name calling quite fast. They've got no tolerance for those who do not agree with EVERYTHING they believe, just as the extreme left [think Bill Maher types]. I've got no use for them either. As a moderate I get called by the Bill Maher types that I'm a narrow minded bigoted fanatical Christian facist. By the TEA folks I get called a bleeding heart liberal communist. I'm not making this up.

So I understand that you're not that way EarlGrey, but unfortunately the majority of the TEA party people I've met are, and folks like that are the last I want to put in power, same for those Bill Maher types. So a Chris Christie or an Eisenhower type of Republican, or the JFK or Harry Truman type DEM are the folks that attract my interest.

Sarah Palin had no business running for VP. She's had 5 years to learn her talking points. So yes she sounds much better in 2013 than she did in 2008. My guess is she can now tell you which newspapers, magazines, and books she reads. That was such a "hardball question". She's not some intellectual giant. That's not a shot, she's probably a nice person, probably would make a great neighbor, but the leader of the free world, NO, it just is what it is. Granted she's way smarter than Christine O'Donnell on that we can both agree.

By the way, the Jim Bohannan Show had someone on there saying that the Libertarian took a bunch of liberal voters too, who wanted POT legalized, as the younger voters voted for the Libertarian in that VA race.

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 8:50pm
If the Communist Party has a presidential candidate running in 2016, and Christie is the Republican nominee, then I'm voting for the communist.

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Nov 6, 2013 10:07pm
Mrpizza: So are we to conclude that you'd prefer a communist over a Dem or a moderate Republican??? So as many TEA folks consider Obama to be a commie, that seems to imply that you'd vote for Obama over Christie???

Would you care to offer some insight on this?

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 10:28pm
Gladly, Mike. First of all, I consider Christie to be an Obama
kissup, which in my mind, makes him worse than Obama.

My other reason is that if the TEA Party loses and the establishment stays in power, the end result will be communism anyway. I figure why let the country die a slow and painful death? Why not just elect communists, swallow the cyanide pill, and get it over with?

Wed, Nov 6, 2013 10:44pm
mrpizza: I'm not sure I see your logic on that last post?

Mike: Maybe the Tea blogosphere is weird...I must admit the only Tea-related sitesI check out with any regularity are FreedomWorks and The Heritage Foundation...have you looked at either of those sites? I, of course, check out Breitbart but you already knew that...I spend quite a bit of time visiting the "other side" as well to see how "they" see news and events unfolding through a very different view from my own...and I also listen to "evil" NPR on my drive into work every morning...

The most judgmental and mean-spirited sites I've visited or commented on have been the Progressive (pretty much Communist) sites...they just seem like a bunch of cyber-bullies who use the internet to bully and destroy all who think differently from them. Bullies suck.

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 1:56am
If Mr. Pizza is the sanest of Tea Party bloggers, and he is spouting off stuff that not even Earl Gray can comprehend, I dare think it is safe to say that those other Tea Party Bloggers Mike has come across, must be really wacko, almost Funny-Farm material.

Earl says the Tea Party is still kicking. Looks like he is still in denial over the results the Tea Party got dealt Tuesday night...

Remember too,... there was a Reform Party until 2004. Wouldn't call that either alive or kicking after Perot gave up on it after '92....

The fact you have Tea Partiers right now, does not mean they will be a force to worry over in just a few months...
Unless, of course, they split off from the Republican Party.

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 2:02am
Mr. Pizza. If Christie is a kissup of Obama as you suggest, since Obama WHOOPED THE PANTS OFF OF smarty pants Mitt Romney, Christie should WHOOP THE PANTS OFF whomever he runs against as well. You said he was like Obama!

What are you going to do, pull Romney back to run again for the third time? lol...

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 2:04am
And Allan will probably have this up tomorrow, but Rand Paul is switching his column to Breitbart. It is the kiss of death. He will no longer be a contender.

No one can be taken seriously if on Breitbart. Aren't they still publishing those fake photos of alien beings found on earth?

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 7:09am
EarlGrey: My post about Christie has nothing to do with anything I read on TEA party sites. Even though I only support the TEA party and its candidates, I'm still my own person and think for myself. I consider Christie to have learned everything he knows from Arlen Specter, who at least came clean and became a Democrat. The deal breaker for me was the "change therapy" law. Talk about government sticking their noses into our bedrooms.

As far as I know, real communists such as those in Eastern Europe and Central America still consider homosexuality to at least be unnatural if not wrong.

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 7:32am
To further explain my position, if Christie is running against Hillary, then it doesn't matter to me which one gets elected as I consider them both the same, so my vote wouldn't be needed. That would enable me to cast a protest vote. So, if I could vote communist and then go on TV and tell the world why, it would serve as a stinging rebuke to the Washington establishment.

Mike from Delaware
Thu, Nov 7, 2013 8:00am
Mrpizza: Thank you for your clarification. As you probabaly guessed, I don't agree with your assessment of Christie, being a kissup to Obama.

Christie is smart enough that even though he may not agree with the "oppositions" positions on many things, he can be gracious and appreciative when they can agree on something, especially an important thing like the Fed's financially helping NJ with disaster relief after Sandy. I know many of the TEA folks, you probably are in this group, who were upset that Christie gave Obama a hug after providing NJ that help. I see that as being gracious and having an attitude of gratitude for a helping hand in a real time of need. I believe Christie is acted more as Jesus would than the TEA party would have had one of them been in that spot.

Just another reason why I support Chris Christie and not the TEA folks as a general rule.

EarlGrey said: "The most judgmental and mean-spirited sites I've visited or commented on have been the Progressive (pretty much Communist) sites...they just seem like a bunch of cyber-bullies who use the internet to bully and destroy all who think differently from them. Bullies suck."

THAT is exactlly what my experience has been in dealing with TEA folks other than you two TEA guys here. I agree that both extremes are bullies, both trying to force their will on the American public, Bullies do suck no matter they be liberals or conservatives, bullying is bullying.

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 9:31am
"To further explain my position, if Christie is running against Hillary, then it doesn't matter to me which one gets elected as I consider them both the same, so my vote wouldn't be needed. That would enable me to cast a protest vote. So, if I could vote communist and then go on TV and tell the world why, it would serve as a stinging rebuke to the Washington establishment."-mrpizza

Thank you for clarifying your point mrpizza.
I happen to agree with you on the issue of Hillary vs. Christie.
I refuse to "hold my nose" for the 2016 election and will not vote for the "lesser evil"...so I will either stay home, if it's Christie, or cast my vote for the Libertarian on the ticket.

That is why the Left sooo badly wants Christie to run...he will destroy the Republican base, chase away the Tea Party (the Tea Party did not like Romney but voted FOR him because he was seen as better than "0"), and hand us to the mercy of Hillary.

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 9:34am
"Bullies do suck no matter they be liberals or conservatives, bullying is bullying."~Mike from Delaware

Amen on that!

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 6:17pm
MFD: I'd like to believe the best as you do about Christie, but I believe what people are upset about is that he may have single-handedly put Obama in office for a second term. It sure looks more like a photo-op than gratitude, although I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that it may be both.

What's at issue with me even more is the "change therapy" law he signed, which infringes on the rights of parents whose teenagers struggle with homosexual feelings but know in their hearts it's wrong. It prohibits psychologists from
helping them overcome that temptation. That's just one step away from arresting pastors for teaching that homosexuality is wrong.

Then, he waster boo-coo millions of tax dollars to call a special election for Lautenberg's seat so he wouldn't have to run parallel with Corey Booker on the same day fearing it may hurt his numbers.

So for me, that's three strikes against Christie, and as you know, it's "One, two, three strikes you're out at the old ballgame".

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 6:21pm
EarlGrey: I'm with you. Voting for the lesser evil has gotten us nowhere. I will still vote no matter what, because I want to continue exercising that freedom, but if the TEA party is thrown out to pasture, I'm going to start using my vote as a means of protest. If there's no communist on the ballot, maybe I'll do a write-in for Grandpa Munster.

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 10:12pm
Mr. Pizza. Since the Tea Party is gone and you are now voting Communist, try saying "hail Komrade" when you deliver pizza's and let me know if the tips go higher. I'm thinking in Chester that they would...

If they retort: "what you a communist", and you reply, "no, I'm a gymnast", ... well it couldn't hurt....

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 10:18pm
Time for a musical interlude.....


Thu, Nov 7, 2013 11:38pm
Kavips: How about this one:


Mike from Delaware
Fri, Nov 8, 2013 8:10am
Mrpizza: I believe Chris Christie is a native born New Jerseayan, just as I'm a native Delawarean, and native Wilmingtonian.

I know how much I love Delaware as my home and don't like it being short-shrifted or left out and applaude when it gets some good thing [I'm really excited about Frontier Airlines bringing Commercial Air Travel back to the New Castle Airport, thus ending another one of those Delaware oddities, of being the only state without air service. I enjoyed hearing on WDEL this week how Frontier is expanding its service by adding new cities [Atlanta and Detroit] in the Spring 2014, and hope to add more. Now, if we could get our own commercial TV station that is a real station, with real programming, real Delaware news and sports, and yes, even real Delaware commercials and our own National Park..... but I digress.

My guess is Christie is cut from a similar cloth as I in this regard. His heart is in NJ and anything that's good for NJ is his friend. Obama came through when the TEA folks were saying NO to helping that "evil blue state" after Sandy. So who was being partisan? Obama, Christie, or the TEA party?

So yes I can totally understand why he was so grateful that Obama didn't allow the TEA folks to keep HIS home state from getting the needed help that real people needed. Diaster Relief, feeding the hungry, etc, should NOT be a partisan game, politics has no place in such situations. Obama and Christie know that, unfortunately some in the TEA party don't.

Fri, Nov 8, 2013 8:34am
"So yes I can totally understand why he was so grateful that Obama didn't allow the TEA folks to keep HIS home state from getting the needed help that real people needed. Diaster Relief, feeding the hungry, etc, should NOT be a partisan game, politics has no place in such situations. Obama and Christie know that, unfortunately some in the TEA party don't.

So then, what is your opinion on Christie turning back all the non-UNION volunteers who came from all parts of the country to help out Sandy victims? Christie is not a non-partisan.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Nov 8, 2013 1:12pm
EarlGrey: I don't remember this, did he offer an explanation? Ciaos, folks working at cross-purposes, lack of direction? Wanting to limit the out-of-state traffic so as to not use up what gasoline was available for local residents? Legal issues?

It isn't obvious to me why he'd turn away volunteers, but my guess is there was a good reason. I'd want to hear it first, before deciding if he made a poor decision or not.

Sun, Nov 10, 2013 11:00am
Mike, if I were you I would demand a link. The Tea Party is in such disarray they are just simply making stuff up...

As someone scouring the news every day, this is the first I've heard that outlandish story. Like all other outrages Earl brings up, there is little likelihood it ever occurred....

Sun, Nov 10, 2013 11:10am
Pizza... Great tune. I saw Ted Cruz's picture down in the corner as Eddie Munster, Sarah Palin is of course Lily, Mitch McConnell is Grandpa... Paul Ryan being of course Herman.

Of course there is no one normal in the Tea Party, so no real association comes up for Marylin...

In real life, what a bunch of losers the republicans are. Now here is a tune for the Democrats....


Mike from Delaware
Sun, Nov 10, 2013 12:51pm
As a Registered Independent who likes to poke fun at BOTH parties I've got a song that does this.

So in fairness to bash both sides of the isle in one fell swoop. I have a song for President Obama and MSNBC; as well as Ted Cruz, Fox News, Right Wing Talk Radio's Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity/and Jensen too. Depending on your point of view, both sides of the isle can listen to and enjoy this song:

Joe Jones hit from 1960, "You Talk Too Much". My favorite line from this song is: You talk too much you even worry my pet.


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