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Blue Hens flame out

While it is still possible Delaware will get a spot in the post-season, a win against Villanova is a must if that is to happen.

It seems like a long time ago that the Blue Hens pulled off a stunning comeback to beat Towson 32-31. But the last two weeks have seen Delaware lose to William and Mary because its offense couldn't get into the end zone against the league's best defense and last Saturday to Richmond, after the Spiders pulled off a similar comeback, scoring with 4 seconds left as the Blue Hen defense suffered a total meltdown.

The problems are too numerous to list. But one thing is certain. The talent level at Delaware is down...down from K.C. Keeler's earlier teams at Delaware and down from many of Tubby Raymond's teams of the 90's. That is fixable by the coaching staff with better recruiting.

But fans who want Delaware to return to the glory days (whenever they were) of Delaware football will probably find that the train has left the station. The football landscape has changed. Delaware hasn't kept pace in the facilities race (even if you don't think it is appropriate to be involved in that, it is a fact of life...recruits love fancy digs) and many schools have passed them...as a result, the playing field has evened out. In addition, Delaware's academic standards are higher than many of their athletic peers, making it more difficult to compete.

It is a long time since the Blue Hens were a major player in the small college (or D-II) landscape. As one former Blue Hen assistant told me recently, there's no going back to the "good old days". Delaware football has been changed forever....for good or bad.

Posted at 8:41am on November 18, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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